October 3, 2012

Beauty 12 Expo at KL Convention Centre

Southeast Asia's largest Exposition and Trade Platform for Beauty and Therapeutic Professional just ended!

Now, in its 12th year, it's going from strength to strength with outstanding participation from highly acclaimed experts of the industry! Beauty 12 Expo was held from 28th September to 1st October 2012 at KL Convention Centre.

Hall 1 to 5 were occupied with 5 product-based zones covering the entire spectrum of the beauty industry, namely:

-Beauty Salon Spa & Wellness
-Hair Products & Equipment
-Nail Products & Tools
-Packaging, Contract Manufacturing & Private Labeling
-Makeup & Education

The Convention Centre was filled with so many people on the first day. Further, the first day was not even open to public and only people like media, traders, models, etc yet there were quite many people!

My pass.

Booths were giving out pamphlets, samples and some were selling their products at a much cheaper rate just for this expo. It was a ladies' heaven in there- really!!

 Some of the booths:

There were so many exhibitors with exciting promotions. I couldn't help but buy some of the value buy beauty products there =) Some even went back with boxes of products!!

I also got a lashes demo by Shizens eye makeup. The beauty promoter used the Shizens eye charm which is an eyelash extender that enhances the texture of the lashes and coat it with their mascara.

The end result:

I'm NOT wearing falsies. That's the magic of the eye charm =)

See how long my lashes are! *madlove*

I was also there for Office's Bird of Paradise make up competition.

Starting of the competition with makeup-less models.

Makeup artists working their magic on their models.

The judging by the judges.

Those competitors were really creative!! Some models were really transformed! With the white gowns, feather hair accessories and the beautiful makeup, it was definitely a work of beauty! Everyone was a winner that day!

The beauty expo was opened to public on weekends with a fee of RM15. I guess weekends must be even more packed!

I had a great time there in beauty heaven =)

My huge bag with my hauls, samples and pamphlets LOL I carried it around till my hand was going to break =p

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