October 16, 2012

Kanebo Lunasol 2012

Kanebo Lunasol just released its newest 2012 collection and boy, are they beautifull!!!
They had roadshows to promote this newest collection and I'm in love with the Spring eye pallette!!

4 palletes to choose from (sorry, it's blur >.<)

The colours are all very feminine and definitely suit someone like me =) I was spoilt for choices actually. One thing is that it's not dramatic with too many vibrant colours but all are mostly earthy and natural tones which is a plus point! There's a lot of pink as well which is just lovely.

I finally chose my favourite pallete coz of that dark shadow which can have a smokey effect.

I was given an eye demo and the makeup was just very natural and simple. The makeup artist did a little smokey effect at the outer circle of my eyes.

The final effect. Again less is always more =)

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