October 17, 2012

Bobbi Brown "Beauty Evolution"

I think most people would know who Bobbi Brown is. You must have heard of that makeup brand somewhere right? She's an internationally renowned makeup artist and CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. She came up with this Beauty Evolution book as a guide to a lifetime of beauty.

The makeup guru herself

This book is useful from now till the day you die- I'm serious!! She covers all decades from your twenties, to your fifties until seventies and above. One thing I love about this book is that all the models are multiracial and multinational, comes in all shapes and sizes and ranges from young to very old! She even has tips of makeup for Asians to African American. This book covers a really wide range. Hence, some tips that do not apply to certain readers, it may not be so useful. However, I find this book really informative.

Bobbi really emphasizes on natural beauty. Her makeup regime is simple and it shows you really do not have to cake on layers of makeup on your face. She doesn't ever spend more than twenty minutes doing her makeup. If it takes you longer than that, she said, either you are doing too much or your colours aren't right and you're wasting time trying to blend or fix problems. There are many skincare tips, makeup tips and even advicing on the right hair colour for your skintone.

One really good advice which I think most ladies forget is the expiration date of our makeup products.

Hence, I'm going to list down the general timetable for a makeup's life span I've got from the book:

Foundation-            12 to 18 months
Concealer-              1 year
Powder-                  2 years
Mascara-                 3 to 6 months
Lipstick-                  12 to 18 months
Lip or eye pencil-    1 year
Eye shadow-           1 year
Powder blush-         2 years
Cream blush-           6 months to 1 year
Moisturiser-             12 to 18 months
Eye cream-             1 year
SPF lotion-              1 year

So, have your products passed the expiration date? =p I think I've got to rummage through my makeup sets and purge some stuffs *laughs*

This is more like a flip through book which is good for a coffee table read. It's an interesting read with inspirational messages.

Throughout, Bobbi's message is simple: True beauty isn't something you're blessed with-- "it comes from having confidence and feeling good about who you are."

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