October 9, 2012

Rene Furterer Scalp & Hair Beauty Workshop

Have you heard of this hair brand? Rene Furterer is a high end hair brand and I first saw it being sold at SaSa. I have tried their products before and I love that their products contain essential oils and plant extracts. It's all from nature. Hence, when I was invited to join this workshop, I was elated =)

This workshop is all about introducing Rene Furterer and its wide range of products and ingredients for scalp and hair.

The emcee

The very knowledgeable Mr.Damien who gave the talk.

Rene Furterer is actually the founder's name and is from Paris, France. The philosophy of this brand is that 'Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp, as a plant on a fertile soil'. Therefore everything starts from the scalp.

This brand is formulated with natural essential oils like lemon, mint, sweet orange, rosemary and many others. Plant extracts like safflower, hazelnut, avocado are also selected specifically by Rene Furterer. The products are developed in a laboratory and not in factories.

Then we had some scalp exercising sessions *laughs* They showed us how to comb our hair and massage our scalp properly.


Everyone's invited to join in the fun for the session =)

Testing the Complexe 5 for scalp treatment. It has a really nice lemon-y smell!

We're also allowed to test the dry shampoo.

We're each given a massage comb to test as well. 

Beauty consultant testing the dry shampoo on a participant.

They have a really wide range of products which covers all kind of hair types! They have products for oily scalp and hair, dry scalp and hair, colour treated hair, dandruff concerns, hair loss, sensitive scalp and many more. You can combine ranges as well for combination hair as it has been tried and tested and all ranges are compatible with each other.

Products on display.

Products for sale.

If you noticed, everything about the brand is green. Hence, the theme is green and everyone were encouraged to wear something green =)

My green outfit for the day!

If you wore something green, you'll get an aromatherapy candle =)

Further, I guess it was my lucky day that day. There were a few lucky draws and I was one of them. I heard my name being called out and received a small gift from Rene Furterer.

My lucky draw prize!

Travel size shampoo and conditioner.

Some refreshments were served. 

Then everyone can get a hair analysis from the Capilliscope examination.

Met Lisa there and other bloggers!

My goodie bag!! Rene Furterer was really generous! Thank you =)

They have their very own institute in Malaysia at Pavilion, KL. For more info: Rene Furterer

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