August 31, 2012

Crackle nails

I'm using the China Glaze black crackle polish.

Want to add a shine to it? Add a top coat and it'll be much nicer looking =)

August 30, 2012

Malaysia's 55th Independence Day

Tomorrow, 31st August, our country will be celebrating our 55th Independence Day. It used to be quite a celebration when I was in school where we will have colouring the country's flag competition, the decorations, all those Merdeka songs being played during recess time etc. But as I grow older, it's just another holiday for me hehe

Anyway, surely many people will be in KL tonight and tomorrow. It's going to be crowded! So be careful if you're going out. Party safe!

It's going to be another long weekend. Enjoy!!

August 29, 2012

Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control Makeup setting spray

I've been wanting to get my hands on this Urban Decay makeup setting spray since forever! I've heard rave reviews about it and I really wanted to try it!

I have oily skin and have a major battle against oil and shine. This spray is just perfect as it is an oil control spray! Malaysia is humid and whenever I go out, my makeup starts to melt and I'll have to keep blotting my face. At the end of the day, my eye shadow, liner, blusher, and powder have all melted =((

The claim: This spray absorbs excess sebum and controls surface shine. This problem-solving formula mists on, feels weightless, and sets makeup so it lasts all day. Imagine makeup that always looks like you just put it on. It also contain ingredients that chills makeup so skin feels fresh, deflect shine and deliver a matte look for up to 16 hours!

Sounds so convincing, right? So I put it to try.

First, you'll have to shake well. Then position the bottle 8"-10" away and mist face.

Mist once before makeup. It is best advised to mist in an 'x' and 't' formation so that your whole face will be covered. It serves as a face primer.

It'll be a bit wet on the face so give around 30 seconds to let it dry. Then go on putting your makeup routine like foundation/BB cream, powder, eye liner, blush and lip gloss.

After that, mist another time after makeup...

It will then set your makeup for the whole day. 

After that, I went out. So happen that day was scorching hot! I was sweating so much and I thought even this makeup spray is not going to help me. My makeup will surely melt by the end of the day. But surprisingly, after 7 hours, my makeup still stayed and didn't melt.

Here's the result:

Before going out, just after applying makeup.

After 7 hours, my makeup still stayed on. Forgive my messy hair(forgot to comb when I came back lol)

Looking at the pictures, I cannot actually see much difference. Yeah, ok excuse the tired eyes and lack of lipgloss in the second pic XD But it's like I've just put my makeup on in the second pic! I'm not going to lie, I blotted once during that 7 hours. But just once and no touch up at all. I was really happy with the results! No shiny oily face like always whenever I come back from long hours outside.

I even used it for 18 hours(partying!) and guess what? No shiny oily face. I was soo happy! I also used it when I was outdoors for 8 whole hours straight and even when I was sweating buckets, there were no traces of oily sticky face. I just wiped my sweat and my sunblock and powder stayed on. It's really quite effective for me.

-Good oil and shine control!
-Sets makeup well
-Not sticky on face and absorbs well
-No pungent smell
-No breakouts
-Refreshes face and feels cooling after application

-I still have to blot but less frequent with this spray
-Need quite long to dry. It'll not be handy when you're in a hurry
-It's on the pricey side. So use wisely!
-So far, I found can only be bought in Sephora 

I really am quite impressed with this makeup setting spray. It's quite a good product for me especially if I'm going out for long hours.

It is very well recommended for people with oily skin!

August 26, 2012

Kids say the darndest things

Baby cousin sees my phone's display picture..

Cousin: *out of randomness* Che Che, you look so buutifull!!

Me: *surprised and absolutely swooned* wah boy boy!! Thank youu *gives him a huge smack kiss on his fat cheeks*

But boy, these are all makeup.. No make up che che still beautiful?

Cousin: *ignores me and starts playing cut the rope*


Cis, potong stim betul!! -.-

August 25, 2012

The Expendables 2

There were sooooo many stars in this movie, you will lose count how many famous actors you know there!

I loved the first movie. But then the second movie blew my mind!! It was really good!! It was hilariously funny, full of action and you will never feel bored watching it! In fact, I didn't even keep track of how long it was. I was enjoying it till the end!

I cannot believe all these oldies can still act, kick ass, run and fight! I've known most of them since young and they are still as fit as ever! They can still crack good jokes as well LOL. Oh, but some of the killings were really violent! Definitely not for children! I covered my eyes a few times due to the violence -.-

The only person that was wrongly casted in this movie was the girl, in my opinion.

She's the only girl among all those old men and she was not a good actress, sorry to say. It should have been Maggie Q!! She would have been soo much better. I mean all the veterans there and you casted someone quite disappointing -.-

However, all the men were rightly casted! Sylvester Stallone did a fantastic job! He was the lead and he was one of the screenplay writers as well. Jet Li's appearance somehow was more of a cameo. Chuck Norris has more lines than him I guess.

And I cannot believe I'm saying this, but it was a bimbo moment when Chuck Norris appeared and everyone in the cinema were laughing and gasping and I was like a bimbo asking my friend, who the hell is he? -.-

He is Chuck Norris!!

I cannot for the life of me, explain how did I miss all these hoo-ha about Chuck Norris! I don't know him, don't know what he looks like, his jokes and the internet frenzy about him XD

Only after the movie I found out about Chuck Norris and his jokes!! I'm sooo outdated, forgive me. But it was so clever to add him in the already awesome cast line up. It made the movie funnier and made him all the more famous.

Really great movie to watch. You should not miss it!
My rating: 4 stars

I will leave you guys with a Chuck Norris joke. Fans will understand. If you're not a fan, go google him and his jokes =p You'll be a fan in no time hehe

Have a great weekend, readers!

August 23, 2012

Dip dye hair

Dip dyeing hair is quite a popular trend right now!! It's actually quite a cool way to express yourself! If you are a colourful person and would love to show it on your hair, by all means, dip dye it!

Here are some awesome colours for dip dyeing your hair:

Demi Lovato in pink dip dye

Pastel blue


Jessie J did hers in dark purple

Yellowish orange; Not so popular but still a nice colour nonetheless.

I would love to dip dye my hair, but since I have dark coloured hair, that means, I must bleach it for the colour to be noticeable. I am not prepared to damage my hair to that extend-yet!! *laughs* My hair is already dyed a dark red colour and I do re-dye my roots so to bleach it and dye it with vibrant colours, would really damage my hair! So for now, I'm just sticking to my dark red hair colour LOL 

Also, there are temporary dip dyes but it will wash out once you wash your hair, so that's quite wasting XD

However, if I were to try, I want a three tone dip dye with three of my favourite pastel colours;blue, purple and pink =)

Like this!!

August 22, 2012

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

I think I should stop reading books about 'torture'. After Daddy's Little Secret, I thought I would not buy books that would make me sad/ depressed. And then after reading 'Chains', now I'm making sure, I'm never touching/buying books about torturing children -.-

I get too emotionally involved and books are supposed to be a hobby to read in my leisure time. I want to read books that will make me happy and feel good after! So anyway, 'Chains' was named the 2009 winner of the Scott O' Dell Award for Historical Fiction and was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal 2010. I thought I've never read an award winning book, so why not pick it up.

It is about a 13 year old girl, Isabel who is in a fight for her and her sister's freedom after being sold to a horrible couple in New York, the Locktons. This book was set in 1783, during the American war of Independence between America and Britain. I must say, this book was very well researched by the author as it depicted in detail about the American Revolution. However, I must also mention, I'm not impressed with the detailed information about the history at that time. It was too much and I was bored.

But aside from the history, the story about how the Locktons treat Isabel and her sister, Ruth was heart breaking. Madam Lockton especially is heartless! She beats Isabel, sells Ruth separating the sisters and even got to a point of branding Isabel's FACE with a letter 'I' for Insolence!!

Luckily for readers, Isabel is a fictional character, meaning she does not really exist. However, due to the research Laurie, the author made, she found out about stories of slavery, their hardships, their fight for freedom and their stories are similar to this fictional character or it might be even worst!! So in reality, something like that happened years ago and it's so heartbreaking that people actually go through such phase in life! Worst, it's a norm at that point in time!

Slavery should never have happened! People are NOT to be sold for money like things, work worst than an animal in their bosses' homes or to be tortured just because the boss feels like it!! Hopefully, all these have been abolished today.

If you are into historical fiction, a good story of a fight for freedom, courage, then you should read this award winning book!

August 21, 2012

Freshlook Colorblends in Honey

I did my previous full review on the Freshlook Colorblends in True Sapphire.
This time, I'm going to review the contacts in Honey colour! These are all thanks to MrLens!!

Honey colour!

Again, if you're not sure, which colours to choose under the Freshlook Colorblends range, you can go to this website: You can try on the colours and here's my experiment:

I loved how natural I looked online so I decided to choose this colour ^^

Here are the comparisons:

No contacts

Honey contacts without flash

Honey contacts with flash

Here are more camwhore pictures without flash *laughs* 
If you notice, it's actually quite natural looking, yet very beautiful nonetheless. Something like 'mat salleh' eyes  LOL

With flash, the colour is more prominent. The honey colour really pops! If you are in a room with bright lighting, people can really spot how hazel your eyes are! So many have complimented me on my eyes. Love coloured contacts =))

I'm loving this colour so much! It's really beautiful =))

This can be used as an everyday wear. The colour is not so extravagant and you can even wear it to work! I also realised this Honey colour is bright looking so it makes your eyes bright. If you didn't have enough sleep or your eyes are tired, this contacts can transform your eyes to look bigger and brighter. Not to mention, Freshlook contacts are comfortable as well!

Comfy, beautiful and affordable! What more can a girl ask for??

I'm going leave you guys to feast on some photoshopped pics hehe Focus on the eyes' colour...

Pic without flash

Pic with flash

Loving this colour? You can order yours HERE


August 20, 2012

Fashion TV

I am addicted to a newfound channel on TV. If you have HyppTV, you might have noticed that there's a channel specifically dedicated to fashion, runway, models and designers *loves* It's Fashion TV.

Then, I found out you can watch from Youtube as well. So, nowadays you can just see me you-tubing Fashion TV. It's so addictive especially if you love fashion and runways. They have it all- from backstage footage, interview with designers and models to the latest runway collections.

I mean normally you don't see a dedicated channel featuring all of these under one roof. But this one is different. So happy when I found this channel! There's even a live footage and all runway videos are the latest 2012/2013 collections. So, it's not outdated. And, best part is that it's free!!

Search for Fashion TV on Youtube and see for yourself!

August 19, 2012

Fine dining at Sheraton Imperial

While most of you 'tengah balik kampung', I had some fine dining with close family and relatives at Sheraton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur. My first time there actually and the place was gorgeous!! The five star hotel served the best, was a good host and the waiters were very well trained! 

Best smile but stomach was growling *laughs*

Menu of the night

Scallop with fresh greens and asparagus!

Greedy look! *shameless*

Yummy Lobster soup.

Best of both worlds; Cod fish AND Rib eye~ Delicious!

Desserts *dies* nuff said! I will always be a dessert girl haha

Fantastic place for fine dining! The food was very well presented, not to mention cooked to perfection! If you ever want to enjoy some fine dining, this is a recommended place!