August 25, 2012

The Expendables 2

There were sooooo many stars in this movie, you will lose count how many famous actors you know there!

I loved the first movie. But then the second movie blew my mind!! It was really good!! It was hilariously funny, full of action and you will never feel bored watching it! In fact, I didn't even keep track of how long it was. I was enjoying it till the end!

I cannot believe all these oldies can still act, kick ass, run and fight! I've known most of them since young and they are still as fit as ever! They can still crack good jokes as well LOL. Oh, but some of the killings were really violent! Definitely not for children! I covered my eyes a few times due to the violence -.-

The only person that was wrongly casted in this movie was the girl, in my opinion.

She's the only girl among all those old men and she was not a good actress, sorry to say. It should have been Maggie Q!! She would have been soo much better. I mean all the veterans there and you casted someone quite disappointing -.-

However, all the men were rightly casted! Sylvester Stallone did a fantastic job! He was the lead and he was one of the screenplay writers as well. Jet Li's appearance somehow was more of a cameo. Chuck Norris has more lines than him I guess.

And I cannot believe I'm saying this, but it was a bimbo moment when Chuck Norris appeared and everyone in the cinema were laughing and gasping and I was like a bimbo asking my friend, who the hell is he? -.-

He is Chuck Norris!!

I cannot for the life of me, explain how did I miss all these hoo-ha about Chuck Norris! I don't know him, don't know what he looks like, his jokes and the internet frenzy about him XD

Only after the movie I found out about Chuck Norris and his jokes!! I'm sooo outdated, forgive me. But it was so clever to add him in the already awesome cast line up. It made the movie funnier and made him all the more famous.

Really great movie to watch. You should not miss it!
My rating: 4 stars

I will leave you guys with a Chuck Norris joke. Fans will understand. If you're not a fan, go google him and his jokes =p You'll be a fan in no time hehe

Have a great weekend, readers!

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