August 5, 2012

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal whaaaatttt??

Well, some of you might know that I am on my study break which is blissful right now(wait till I enter my final year and I'll start bitching about countless hours of weekend classes and studies!) Hence, you can see I update my blog almost every day. This is by far my best record these past few months *pats back* I am also so much happier I get to just write, which is my passion and constantly upkeeping my blog.

But, there's also a bad side to it. Since I do spend quite a number(actually A LOT) of hours on the computer if I'm not out, I kinda develop wrist pain, shoulder pain and numb arm =(( and it's always on my right hand.

So, I found out people who excessively use computer will normally develop this syndrome called 'Carpal Tunnel'. You will experience pain and tingling in the hand and wrist that performs those repetitive motions like constant typing and excessive use of mouse which places strains on the muscle joints.

See how my wrist is dangling like that for all day??!!

Actually it is no wonder I developed all those pain. I mean seriously, not only construction workers, movers, sportsmen and those who do heavy duty stuffs experience pain. People who just bum in their room experience pain as well!! *smacks head*

Also, I think I have weak shoulders. I had this on and off shoulder pain since high school where I consulted a physiotherapist and he taught me some pressure point massage(which I obviously fail to do religiously!) and then due to my studies, I have to write A LOT! Like literally 5-6 pages of just one essay and I have to write four in an exam in a span of 3 hours. That's around 22 pages of crap you have to write so fast you don't even know what you're writing with 45 minutes for each essay! How not to develop any pain on my arm? 

Aaannd look where my big box bag is hanging on?

Poor arm...Kena tortured by my own self. Not my fault, ok that I love surfing the net for hours(don't lie you all do that as well!) and I took a degree that requires a lot of writing and because I love bringing so many things out, I require a huge bag to dump all that stuffs in. So, yes, I am so sorry arm that you got tortured. I really have no idea how to reduce the pain unless I stop blogging, facebooking and everything social media, drop out from my degree and stop going out altogether. By then, I would rather just die XD

But anyway, I have to take care of my arms or else I would suffer serious consequences when I get old XD How now? My arm is numb as I write but I just cannot stop blogging...sheesh...Fine, I'll find some other things to do instead..

Have a great weekend, readers!


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