August 3, 2012

Total Recall movie

I'm not much of a fan of sci fi movies and this movie didn't change my perception towards science fiction genre as well. This movie has the stars like Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessical Biel. However, it's just too confusing and too many loopholes

I don't like stories which I cannot understand after watching it *laughs* It's just frustrating. Then, I'll start asking questions, 'Why like this?' 'How he became like this?' 'How he knew?' and no one could answer me -.-

But anyway, the logic of the story should not be questioned because from the start I know it's not logical. It's about a company, Rekall which can turn your dreams into real memories. But it will only remain as memories and reality will still be the same. So Colin Farell was interested in the procedure and it all went downhill from there onwards. 

The only saving grace about this movie is the 3 eye candies above. Jessical Biel(left) and Kate Beckinsale are two hotties who can kick ass! Girls like these are so much fun to watch! Besides, Colin Farrell with that muscles and abs is definitely one to look out for. Other than the actors, the movie's actually quite bad and forgettable.

My rating: 3 stars(probably bcoz those three have some really good stunts!)

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