August 21, 2012

Freshlook Colorblends in Honey

I did my previous full review on the Freshlook Colorblends in True Sapphire.
This time, I'm going to review the contacts in Honey colour! These are all thanks to MrLens!!

Honey colour!

Again, if you're not sure, which colours to choose under the Freshlook Colorblends range, you can go to this website: You can try on the colours and here's my experiment:

I loved how natural I looked online so I decided to choose this colour ^^

Here are the comparisons:

No contacts

Honey contacts without flash

Honey contacts with flash

Here are more camwhore pictures without flash *laughs* 
If you notice, it's actually quite natural looking, yet very beautiful nonetheless. Something like 'mat salleh' eyes  LOL

With flash, the colour is more prominent. The honey colour really pops! If you are in a room with bright lighting, people can really spot how hazel your eyes are! So many have complimented me on my eyes. Love coloured contacts =))

I'm loving this colour so much! It's really beautiful =))

This can be used as an everyday wear. The colour is not so extravagant and you can even wear it to work! I also realised this Honey colour is bright looking so it makes your eyes bright. If you didn't have enough sleep or your eyes are tired, this contacts can transform your eyes to look bigger and brighter. Not to mention, Freshlook contacts are comfortable as well!

Comfy, beautiful and affordable! What more can a girl ask for??

I'm going leave you guys to feast on some photoshopped pics hehe Focus on the eyes' colour...

Pic without flash

Pic with flash

Loving this colour? You can order yours HERE


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  1. Really beautiful, I had already tried the green and the pure hazel ones. I think I'm going to buy this colour. What do you think about the grey one? (My eyes are black)