August 29, 2012

Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control Makeup setting spray

I've been wanting to get my hands on this Urban Decay makeup setting spray since forever! I've heard rave reviews about it and I really wanted to try it!

I have oily skin and have a major battle against oil and shine. This spray is just perfect as it is an oil control spray! Malaysia is humid and whenever I go out, my makeup starts to melt and I'll have to keep blotting my face. At the end of the day, my eye shadow, liner, blusher, and powder have all melted =((

The claim: This spray absorbs excess sebum and controls surface shine. This problem-solving formula mists on, feels weightless, and sets makeup so it lasts all day. Imagine makeup that always looks like you just put it on. It also contain ingredients that chills makeup so skin feels fresh, deflect shine and deliver a matte look for up to 16 hours!

Sounds so convincing, right? So I put it to try.

First, you'll have to shake well. Then position the bottle 8"-10" away and mist face.

Mist once before makeup. It is best advised to mist in an 'x' and 't' formation so that your whole face will be covered. It serves as a face primer.

It'll be a bit wet on the face so give around 30 seconds to let it dry. Then go on putting your makeup routine like foundation/BB cream, powder, eye liner, blush and lip gloss.

After that, mist another time after makeup...

It will then set your makeup for the whole day. 

After that, I went out. So happen that day was scorching hot! I was sweating so much and I thought even this makeup spray is not going to help me. My makeup will surely melt by the end of the day. But surprisingly, after 7 hours, my makeup still stayed and didn't melt.

Here's the result:

Before going out, just after applying makeup.

After 7 hours, my makeup still stayed on. Forgive my messy hair(forgot to comb when I came back lol)

Looking at the pictures, I cannot actually see much difference. Yeah, ok excuse the tired eyes and lack of lipgloss in the second pic XD But it's like I've just put my makeup on in the second pic! I'm not going to lie, I blotted once during that 7 hours. But just once and no touch up at all. I was really happy with the results! No shiny oily face like always whenever I come back from long hours outside.

I even used it for 18 hours(partying!) and guess what? No shiny oily face. I was soo happy! I also used it when I was outdoors for 8 whole hours straight and even when I was sweating buckets, there were no traces of oily sticky face. I just wiped my sweat and my sunblock and powder stayed on. It's really quite effective for me.

-Good oil and shine control!
-Sets makeup well
-Not sticky on face and absorbs well
-No pungent smell
-No breakouts
-Refreshes face and feels cooling after application

-I still have to blot but less frequent with this spray
-Need quite long to dry. It'll not be handy when you're in a hurry
-It's on the pricey side. So use wisely!
-So far, I found can only be bought in Sephora 

I really am quite impressed with this makeup setting spray. It's quite a good product for me especially if I'm going out for long hours.

It is very well recommended for people with oily skin!

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