August 8, 2012

Bedak sejuk

If you don't fancy those mask sheets or gel/cream masks, then you should try bedak sejuk! It's a traditional way of masking!

The 'ghost' effect LOL

It's so cheap and it's actually a good way of oil control!

All you need is just two 'biji' of the bedak sejuk and then wet it, crush it and apply it all over your face. It's that easy! I find this bedak sejuk quite good actually. It does not dry up your skin, it's fantastic for oily skin people and it's wayyy cheaper than those sheet masks!

Further, let me tell you, if you find your itchy hands popping your pimples, quickly put this mask on and it will stop the bleeding, reduce scarring and heal faster! True story, ok!

Try it! =)

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