November 30, 2013

KLCC Real Estate Market Trends

I’m sure many youngsters are very interested in investing in properties nowadays as it is a great investment for the future! Propwall is Malaysia's most advanced property search website with over 4,000 property analysis articles and 1,000,000 high quality property photos.

If you're looking to buy or rent a property, you can browse their largest Classifieds section with over 600,000 listings to find the latest property for sale and property for rent in your area.

KL Properties are not cheap these days especially if you're living in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. But it's still the most coveted because living in KL means you have access to everywhere and it's so convenient.

Housing in KL City Centre caters exclusively to the upper market because high rises within the area all boast of direct and unimpeded views of the KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers, a view that many pay dearly for. Step out of the illusion of peace and tranquility of their homes and residents will be in the hustle and bustle of the city where all the major businesses and embassies are located.

Propwall even has statistics for average house/condominium prices whether it's for sale or for rent. From there you can browse through properties for sale or rent at KL hot spots! You can browse properties from Pavillion Residences, Dua Residency, The Troika, Idaman Residence and many more!

Gorgeous pictures of the property will follow with updated information such as the asking price, layout, details and facilities provided for the property. If you are interested in any of the properties, you can immediately call the person in charge with information obtained on the website. It's very user friendly and convenient for all.

It is definitely good investment to get any one of the properties listed. However, to get the best price is sometimes a headache. Therefore, with a website like this, it is so much easier to browse through each properties with their prices and characteristics to match your preference!

November 23, 2013

Cure Natural Aqua Gel(with samples giveaway!)

I wrote about the launch of Cure Natural Aqua Gel awhile back. It is the No.1 Skincare in Japan and today I'll be reviewing this product and there's even a giveaway at the end of the post ^^

Cure is an exfoliator gel which exfoliates dead skin cells but is safe and gentle on the skin because it contains 90% hydrogen water! You can use Cure on a weekly basis without damaging your skin =)

250ml bottle of Cure Natural Aqua Gel.

Read the instructions carefully.
Wash face thoroughly and dry face well. It is important to use Cure on dry skin because it will not work on wet skin surface.

Then pump a small amount of Cure gel.
You can apply to face, neck, body or areas that are dry and rough.

In a circular motion, massage gel into skin(not too hard)

There will be white residue which is actually dead skin cells being removed.
Once the gel has dried up and has all turned into residue, rinse with water and continue with your regular skin care routine.
It's as easy as that!

You will notice brighter, clearer and softer skin after using Cure!

Here's a small giveaway to you readers!!

 I have 12 samples to giveaway!!

One sample has two sachets of Cure gel with instructions.

All you have to do is be the first 12 readers to comment with your email below and I will get back to you for an address as I will be posting these samples myself.
Only Malaysian address, please!

Be the first three readers to comment and I will add additional samples from other brands in the parcel as well ^_^

So hurry up and comment below =))

November 20, 2013

Sexiest Man Alive

Gosh, I've been so out of this world. Have not read much news lately. And I somehow missed the all important news of the Sexiest Man Alive!! hehe

Yessss.....Adam Levine is named People's Sexiest Man Alive.
You know how much of a crush I have on Adam after seeing him on 'The Voice'!
He clearly deserved it(duh!)

I mean THAT face!!!
He makes plain polo t-shirts look sexy!

November 16, 2013

Cres Wellness

I was in desperate need of some pampering time. Haven't had any time to pamper myself this month so I was lucky to be invited by Cres Wellness to try out their facial treatment. Their timing could not be any better =)

I went to their outlet at Gardens Mall, Mid Valley. It's quite a huge outlet at the 4th floor!

It is normally quite packed during weekends, so book your facials early.

They mainly use Cellnique products.

This is the hallway to the facial rooms.

There's lockers for your belongings.

And a dressing table for after treatment.

This was my cozy treatment room.

Changed into a tube gown and ready for facial!

My facial was a detox facial and my therapist, Jennifer attended to me the entire time.
So let me list down the entire process of my treatment:
-Double cleanse
-Spray mist
-Exfoliation mask(it has this really nice strawberry scent which was wonderful!)
-Head massage

And then followed by mask with steamer.
This steamer is different because it's not the usual warm steam, but cool steam!
It sprayed out cool mist and relaxes the skin!

-Then the painful extraction was next (cringe!) Poor therapist, she did my face really meticulously meaning she really covered extracting my entire face! Not one blackhead was left haha
And pardon me, due to work lately and long hours of makeup, my face was not at its best and was congested so really after extraction, I was satisfied that all dirt were removed!

 -Next was scrub which was quite harsh on my skin since it was very sensitive after extraction and all its redness. So, I would definitely suggest a minor cleanse instead after extraction.

-Soothing cream was applied
-Radio frequency for anti bacteria
-Ampoule was applied
-Hydrating and calming mask
-Ultrasound for better penetration
-Head and Shoulder massage

Lastly, this calming and soothing cooling mask was applied to ease the redness of my skin and to rejuvenate it.
It lasted for 15 minutes and meanwhile, I drifted off to dreamland haha
Finally, after washing it off, skincare was applied and it was over!

The whole treatment took 2 hours and costs RM220.
Not bad right considering the amount of pampering time and the masks, ampoule, radio frequency and ultrasound!

I was served hot tea with a warm towel before I left.

I really liked that Cres Wellness appreciated me as a blogger and was not pushy into getting me to buy a treatment package or whatsoever unlike other centres. They were friendly and treated me well but don't take my word for it! The number of customers going in and out of their centre really proved it!

So before treatment, my face was congested and oily(shiny face) and after that, it was less oily, less bumpy and pores were less visible =)

Yay!! Thank you Cres Wellness for repairing my face and got me some pampering time from all the work stress. It was truly a friendly environment and they offer a variety of packages. You would definitely want to check them out!!

For more info visit
or Like their Facebook Page: Cres Wellness

November 2, 2013

Happy Deepavali

To all Hindu readers, wishing all of you Happy Deepavali!! May this be a joyous celebration among family and friends =)

P/S: I just wish it fell on a weekday instead of a weekend hehe
Now I know how important weekends and public holidays are for working people hehehe

Guess Luxe leather handbag launch

Guess Luxe officially launched their leather handbag collection at Guess Accessories Store, The Gardens some time last week. 

Guess Luxe presents a range of exclusive leather handbags which are classic, high quality leather pieces that complements the wardrobe of a contemporary, urban chic woman, seeking accessories that complement her style and personality with femininity and a touch of romanticism.

A fusion of design and accessible luxury, the collection offers a range of sophisticated, yet feminine handbags, with European design and refined details, a wonderful blend of elegance and style for both glamorous high-in-fashion looks or to give an extra flair to everyday ensembles.

These were some of the gorgeous bags on display!

Lurve that pink one at the top highest(Primrose Mini Flap Bag in amethyst)

The lovely emcee of the day, Patricia K.

Then the opener was a dance by these four sexy dancers carrying the Guess Luxe handbags.

It was a really fun opener!

After that, they had refreshments for us and gave us 30 minutes for an Instagram contest to pose with any Guess Luxe leather handbags the most creative way!

Here were the 3 winners of the day *drumrolls*

3rd place: Arisa Chow.

2nd place: Sabby Pure.

And first place went to the lucky Reiko Ong!! 
She won a really beautiful black Guess Luxe leather handbag ^^

The lucky winners!

Thank you so much Butterfly Project and Guess for extending the invite to this awesome Guess launch =))