May 2, 2013

Cure Natural Aqua Gel official launch

Japan's Legendary skincare product, 'Cure Natural Aqua Gel' is officially launched in Malaysia! A handful of bloggers were invited to SaSa Bangsar Shopping Centre for the launch.

With one bottle sold every 12 seconds in Japan, Japan’s No.1 Skin Care Product 'Cure Natural Aqua Gel' which is also affectionately known as 'Cure' among Japanese models and actresses has finally arrived in Malaysia!

You must be wondering what is 'Cure'? Well, following the name itself, it's actually the most popular exfoliator gel in Japan which cures most skin problems such as spots, pigmentation, pimple, blackhead, dry skin, oily skin, sign of wrinkle, harden and dull skin etc by exfoliating your dead skin. Almost all skin problems are caused by accumulation of dead skin on skin surface. Make-up remover, washing cream and soap cannot remove your dead cell. Only exfoliation can remove dead skin hence Cure is the solution!

Cure gently captures and removes waste dead skin on the surface of skin. It is the Safest & most Effective Exfoliation in the market! Because it is free from ANY chemicals, it is suitable for sensitive skin and read this, can even be used on baby skin! Not like babies need it but yeah it's that gentle on skin =)

1 bottle sold every 12 seconds in Japan! 
It's a proven fact!

And a best seller at SaSa! 
It sells like 1 bottle every hour O.O

The PR team promoting Cure =)

Fiona explaining about Cure.
Cure’s ingredient reacts with only protein and amino acid on your skin. If you try on your skin twice, the second time will result in less dead skin cells. After 3 times usage of Cure, it's been proven that the melanin pigment index will drop. It means Cure has a whitening effect only after a few times of usage. 

It's so easy to use. After cleansing face and before putting lotion or serum on your skin, you only need to add an extra step to remove your dead skin cell.
Make sure your skin is dry when you exfoliate as Cure doesn't work well under wet and cold conditions.

1 250ml bottle can last up to 4 months. Recommended to be used twice a week without any damage to your skin. It can not only exfoliate the face, but the whole body as well! You can have your very own scrub spa at home hehe

It's an aqueous gel and lightweight.

All you need to do is just rub all the dead skin cells away...

...which will result in this. Yes, okay, I know, a lot of dead skin -.-
Skin will also look brighter and smoother.

Although the Japanese beauty market is so very competitive, with one trillion products just on skin care products alone *gasp* Cure is still keeping up as Japan's number one skin care product in the market without any help of paid-media advertisements. Yes, you read that right, although Cure has been exposed to many magazines every year since its launching in Japan for 10 years, it is without paid-advertisement. They never paid a single yen on advertisement yet they are so popular!!!

Besides that, Cure was also chosen as a gift in the goodie bag for those celebrities for the 81st Academy Awards aka Oscars back in 2009 *gasp again* Now, are you convinced?? *laughs*

Photo session with the bloggers.

With the best seller product!
1 bottle of 250ml retails for RM115. They will be launching at all SaSa stores soon.

After that, we had coffee and lunch at Coffee Bean and had some private Q&A session.

Latte, red velvet and salmon bagel.

Thanks so much Cure!!

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  1. when it is gonna be on sale at stores in malaysia? and which stores? where can i find it?

  2. Hai, it should be available at Sasa outlets. Do check them out =)