May 1, 2013

KFC Spicy Korean Crunch

The latest menu on KFC is the Spicy Korean Crunch.

which looks like this in picture.

And here's my takeaway which are essentially two pieces of spicy korean chicken, salad, wedges and a drink.

Actually, from the advertisement and the hype about how spicy this korean crunch chicken is, it's all what you call 'over-exaggeration'. Firstly, you already know KFC has either spicy or original chicken. This is spicy chicken with some chilly gravy poured on the chicken. Mind you, the gravy is just a lil bit poured on top for decoration purposes only -.-

So you see, lil bit gravy on the skin while the inside is just normal.

And the gravy is not even spicy *laughs* Maybe it's my taste bud coz if some who really cannot eat spicy at all like my friend who after eating will say it's spicy while the rest of us said, it's just the normal KFC spicy chicken LOL

And the wedges is not cheesy wedges! And the salad is not coleslaw...It's some weird potato corn and celery salad -.- where even I am quite a fan of vegetables, couldn't finish it coz the celery is overpowering.

I would say, instead of buying this set, I'd rather buy the snack plate and ask for spicy chicken.  

You can either buy the 2 piece combo or 3 piece combo.

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