May 4, 2013

Mary Kay 'One Woman Can' contest

You ladies must have come across this brand Mary Kay®  which originates from the US. Mary Kay is one of the world’s renowned direct selling beauty brand. In fact, Mary Kay products are sold in more than 35 markets worldwide, and the Company’s global independent sales force exceeds 2 million.

Mary Kay is currently organizing a “One Woman Can” beauty contest in conjunction with their 50th anniversary. This makeover contest is to allow you girls to bring out the best in your looks and be given a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Hong Kong to attend the star-studded Asia Pacific Regional Finale Contest where the next cover girl of Mary Kay Asia will be chosen! Yes, you heard that right! Hong Kong and cover girl of Mary Kay Asia!! *gasp*

Want to be Mary Kay's cover girl in Asia?

1. Contact a Mary Kay beauty consultant from their website
2. Attend a colour class and get a self makeover
(purchase is required for participation)
3. Upload your before and after photos
4. Get votes online

And so, I got to experience first hand how the makeover is done.
I contacted my beauty consultant and booked an appointment. My beauty consultant is Feeza and she's so nice and I'm lucky to have met her =) It made my experience all the more enjoyable. 
We met and my makeover journey began...

Mary Kay-enriching women's lives.

Some of the skincare products for me to 'play' with =))
I got to experience all kinds of products displayed to me. I felt like a little girl in a playground full of skincare and makeup products hehe

Firstly, I got to experience some hand pampering session with Mary Kay Satin Hands set which includes softener, scrub and cream.

Made my hands super smooth and bright!!

Then we got to the face with this eye makeup remover to remove any makeup on. 
It's not oily and makes the skin very refreshed.

Then on to MK's 3-in-1 cleanser...

...which is a clear beaded gel. 
Saw the pallete? Love it because you can easily spread products on it and it won't mix. 

Then off to MK's Botanical Effects mask. 

She put half face for me to make me see the difference after.
I didn't take the after pic but the scrub is really effective in removing impurities!

Wiped off all impurities with a washcloth. Skincare regime is really important to prep the face for makeup later. Without a proper regime, skin is not smooth and left with impurities and makeup will be blotchy and pores will be clogged.

After washing my face clean, the oil mattifier, which acts as a primer is applied for makeup to last long, at least 8 hours and to fight shine.

Now, on to the fun part about makeup.
These are many brushes for makeup by MK.

So many types of foundation!!

This is my favourite products among all!
It's MK Mineral Powder Foundation.
It makes the makeup really matte after and have a long lasting effect. 

Next, eyeshadow! My favourite part to play with colours!

Lash primer and mascara.
Yes, Mary Kay carries a wide range of products even for body and perfume.

So, the thing is, this is actually a 'class' to teach ladies to learn how to make up themselves because the 'One Woman Can' contest is not like any beauty contest. It also strives to make women more confident in themselves and teaches them how to apply makeup to enhance their beauty.
Hence, the beauty consultant will do half the face for you and you learn the techniques and do it for the other half of the face!
It's actually really fun!

Here's my comparison picture!! So much difference, no?

Finally, after trying out the skincare and the makeup, felt like a satisfied child *laughs*

Want to enjoy testing and trying out Mary Kay products and get yourself a makeover at the same time?

All you have to do is:

1. Makeover your look. 
Bring out your amazing inner beauty with a makeover! Just contact your Independent Beauty Consultant here to get your makeover today. 

2. Share your photos, tell your story.
What's the best part of a makeover? Seeing the change! So take one “before” photo, one “after” photo, and then upload them on the site. You'll be prompted to tell your story in a few words. It's easy!

3. Tell your friends!
Tell your family. Tell your friends! The only way to become a finalist is to get the votes. And the more votes you get, the closer you are to winning a chance to affect change in a larger sense.

What you'll win is a chance to go on a Fun & Fabulous 4 Days 3 Nights trip to fashion capital Hong Kong and be trained by Asia's Top Model - plus the opportunity to be the next Mary Kay cover girl in Asia!
How amazing is that?!

Interested yet to get yourself a makeover? Hurry because contest ends on 10th May 2013 and after that voting starts. 

Contact Mary Kay: 
Customer Service Hotline : 03-7711 7500
General Line : 03-7711 7555
Fax : 03-7711 7556

Mary Kay's official website:

Thanks Mary Kay for the experience!
Also special thanks to my beauty consultant Feexa for making this very enjoyable!

Update: Do vote for me HERE!! Here's how...Thankiieewwww!!!

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