May 15, 2013

Mary Kay 'One Woman Can' Voting!

Hai readers, remember my previous post on my Mary Kay 'One Woman Can' makeover experience? Well, my beauty consultant has decided to enter me into the contest as well! She's really enthusiastic about it. Thank you Feexa for this overall experience =)) You can find her on Facebook. She's a very talented and friendly lady!

My entry.

And now it's the voting part.. By voting for me, I'll be in the running to win a chance to go on a Fun & Fabulous 4 Days 3 Nights trip to fashion capital HONG KONG and be trained by Asia's Top Model - plus the opportunity to be the next Mary Kay COVER GIRL in Asia! Is that not a dream come true??? *screams*

Please vote for me HERE

I thank all of you in advance!!!! It's really easy to vote.
One email address can vote up to five times a day and voting ends 27th May 2013.

Read what I have to say and if you think I deserve it, please place your votes for me =))

THANK YOU ALLL *flying kisses*


  1. Just did, but can't see what number I am. All the best !

  2. Awww thank you soo much!!
    Yeah, you can't see how many number of votes lol