May 14, 2013

Iron Man 3

Best.Movie.Ever.  Period!

And I don't think it's because I've been movie deprived or whatever, it's just that Robert Downey Jr portrays Iron Man sooo well, making Iron Man 3 my favourite movie of all time!

My gosh, the highest technology in the movie, the suits, the action, the romance, the humour, the storyline, everything-lah is sooo awesome! I cannot describe how good this movie is unless you watch it. I have heard so many good reviews that I just had to spend some time watching this. 

Even among all Avengers, I like Iron Man the best! And all three installments of Iron Man were really good but of course this last one is the best! The best part of it is how I've seen Tony Stark grow from Iron Man 1 to Iron Man 3. His personality I mean not his height >.< He's so romantic in this last installment and you never knew he could be this way. I guess Pepper Potts(the gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow) really captured his heart that he would do anything to protect her *cries*

Tony Stark as usual with his sarcasm, arrogance and a genius mind really up his game in this movie. You thought Iron Man 2 had great technologies? Wait till you catch this. 

For a 2 and a half hours movie, definitely makes your money worthwhile! Remember to catch the ending after the credit roll.

My rating: 4 and a half stars! (half because no movie is perfect and there's always room for improvement!)