May 1, 2013

Worthy Book Ladies Edition

I'm sure many of you have heard of Worthy Book where it is a voucher booklet for freebies, deals and discounts at some of Malaysia’s most popular spots. However, did you know Worthy Book came up with a Ladies' Edition book specially for us girls??

As an Only Beauty Official Blogger, I got this Ladies Edition Worthy Book for review!! Wee~ Very excited to make use of the vouchers in there especially so when I'm such a girly girl and can never resist any pampering girls treatment =))

So pinky and girly! Definitely my type hehe

Yess, boys, I'm sorry, you'll have to wait for the next Worthy Book I guess LOL
But, it's such a great buy for your girlfriend, mom etc

^^ My very own for keeps and for use!

First of all, the first thing I came across in the very first pages are the table of contents and I was going through all the brand partners and I was gasping and gushing *laughs* I mean it's all outlets that girls love to visit!! Worthy Book, you had me at your table of contents already LMAO.

Also, their contents are arranged very systematically and by categories which is so user friendly *thumbs up*
I have OCD so I just love things systematically hehe

Check it out! OnlyBeauty made it to one of its pages as well!
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This Ladies Edition book has over RM12,000 in discounts & freebies *mouth hangs open* and there are 110+ vouchers to be used at over 50 shopping malls in Malaysia.

There are so many brands to choose from. Some examples are Bluunis, b.liv, Sinma, Himalaya, Beaubelle, Villa Manja Spa, Xixili and many others. Some vouchers can be used with no purchase necessary to redeem stuffs, while others are cash vouchers and there are many other discount vouchers as well.

Now *drumrolls* the most exciting thing about this book, the vouchers of course!!

Like see for example, the first voucher by Sothys(first above) can be redeemed for a free mystery gift without any purchase. Other Sothys vouchers are discount offers. 
Each brand has four vouchers in total(though you can only see three here)

Free Decleor 30 minutes My Aromatic Ritual and treatment vouchers!

Colour Culture discount vouchers.

New York treatment vouchers.

Mary Chia discount vouchers for treatments.

Some of my favourites which I am eyeing to use already are...

b.seen vouchers. I want to purchase that eye mask. My dark eye circles are terrible *tsk tsk*!

I'm sooo delighted to see Ecoparadise vouchers! I went there once and absolutely loved it. Will definitely visit Ecoparadise again!

And of course, another of my fave! TT mask discount vouchers!! I love using their masks!
Also, you can see the brand concept on the left side of the page. All brand pages include each brand's concept and their recommendation of Best Seller items which is sooo useful!  

And look b.liv voucher which is my very first voucher use!! 

I bought this b.liv stem cell revival mask for only RM4.90. (Normal price: RM6.90)

About my first purchase, since this Ladies Edition book just hit newsstands, hence it's still new, so the salesgirl in SaSa where I bought this mask from, had no idea about this voucher. But not to worry, because they will cross check with their HQ and the voucher can of course be used. 

So, if you've encountered any *blur* faces from those salesgirl at any outlet, fret not because all vouchers are definitely valid. Just ask them to cross check with their manager/HQ/etc and you can eventually use the voucher. 

There are a wide variety of places where you can use the vouchers. You can redeem at almost all leading shopping complexes in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor such as Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid, Pavillion, KLCC, AEON Bukit Tinggi,etc etc. Further, if you're outside Klang Valley, not to worry because you can also redeem your vouchers at Penang, Johor, Kedah, Pahang, Perak, Ng Sembilan, Melaka and even across the sea at Sabah and Sarawak. 

These are 1- year long deals which expires 31st March 2014. The book is very handy and can be tucked into your handbag and when you come across any outlets that the vouchers can be used, just whip it out and tear the coupons and start using it =)

Here are some special offers to those who buy the Ladies Edition book.

Reward 1: Win 5x Free extra vouchers of your choice. T&C applies.

Reward 2: Get RM10 cash off your second copy purchase. T&C applies.

Special Offer to fans: Refer Worthy Book to a friend and you get 5x Free vouchers and your friend gets 20% off her new book.

So many great deals and offers, no? I'm hyperventilating from all of these great vouchers^^ Can't wait to try them all til next year March 2014. So wait up for my reviews of all my buys =)) Only thing I might point out though is that, there are no food vouchers in the ladies edition book. We, ladies, love our desserts too you know *laughs* Well, at least I do haha and it might be nice to have some dessert vouchers but it's okay...Nevertheless, this first ladies edition book was a great job *two thumbs up* 

Worthy Book Ladies Edition retails for RM29.90. It is available at selected bookshops. 

Thank you so much Worthy Book! Like Worthy Book Facebook page or visit Worthy Book's blog page for more info.

Not forgetting, thank you OnlyBeauty for this awesome collaboration with Worthy Book!

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