April 24, 2013

TT mask- Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask

Thanks to Butterfly Project and Plusizekitten, I received my package of masks from Timeless Truth(TT) mask!!

3 instantaneous brightening cooling mask for bloggers' review and 1 Q10 caviar nourishing mask from Plusizekitten Easter giveaway. On top of that, TT mask added two discount vouchers! YAY!

I'll be reviewing the cooling masks!

First of all, I've heard many rave reviews about TT masks! It made me so impatient to try on their masks too and see what I've been missing. This is my first time by the way trying out any mask by Timeless Truth.

Besides that, it came at a perfect timing seeing that the weather these days is crazy!! I'm sweating buckets without air cond! Further, with my stressful schedule, I just needed some pampering with a cooling mask on. A few minutes of relaxation time is a luxury these days for me!

TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask.

1. Use after face cleansing.
2. Adjust mask to align the center of the mask with the center of the skin contours positioning openings for eyes and mouth.
3. Remove mask after 15-20 minutes.
4. Gently massage the remaining essence into skin. Post cleansing is not needed.
5. Apply skincare products thereafter to lock in moisture.

It contains STAY-C 50, m-Tranexamic Acid, Calendula, Menthol, Hyaluronic Acid, DI Water.

When you first take out the mask, be careful to let the excess essence drip inside the packet(it's filled with so much essence and so concentrated!) or else you'll have dripping essence on the floor and it'll be wasted. The excess essence can be used for your neck, skin or  body!

It has a plastic layer on top of the face mask. 

Just peel it off and the face mask is the exact proportion to your face!

Great fit and translucent so that you won't really scare people away if someone happens to come into your room =p

Masking time is a short napping time for me hehe

Yes, I added my own cooling cucumber mask pad and hugged my teddy and dreamt away for half an hour =)

The first instant I touched the mask, I felt woah soo cooling! And when it touched my face, it has that icy cool mint feeling which is soo therapeutic! It's such a stress reliever and a break from the scorching hot weather.

So, wana see the effect of this instantaneous brightening cooling mask? It is after all, following the name, supposed to have an instant effect!

My skin has been dehydrated mainly due to lack of rest and sleep lately. So in the 'before' picture, you can see it is dry and my huge pores are visible *bangs head* However, after putting on the mask, my skin is so much more moisturised, pores less visible and brightened! YAY! Loving the mask which is not only fun to put on due to the cooling minty effect but repairs my skin at the same time! Further, the essence absorbed rather quickly.

The next day, I wanted to 'up' the cooling effect and decided to put the mask in the fridge for awhile before putting it on. First thing, 'WOAH! Brain freeze!' Haha I felt like my face is on top of a mountain somewhere *laughs* But it's temporary and after that it's the usual cooling minty feeling! Also, after putting in the fridge, the mask is less 'drippy' from the concentrated essence.

Two days in a row putting on the TT mask and my face seem brighter, clearer and pores not so visible. The best part is the oil control. My face did not feel oily at all after taking out the mask. It's moisturised and oil free for the whole day.

Retails for RM8 for one mask, which is so reasonable for a great mask!
You can buy it online HERE

For more info, visit www.ttmask.my or TT Facebook page

Do support TT mask at the upcoming International Beauty Expo event from 18th to 21st May, 2013 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre at Booth number 2003 and 2005.

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