April 3, 2013

Guardian Customers' Choice Award is back!

Guardian is in its 13th year running the Customers' Choice Award!
And this time they have 90 categories, over 200 brands with 360 nominees!!
They had a media preview for the coming Awards at Guardian Pharmacy, Sunway Pyramid.

Ms Adeline briefing us.

So remember every year Guardian will have colourful forms displayed at the counters? Well, these are forms that customers bring back, vote for their favourite brands and hand it back to Guardian. And these votes will determine the Choice Award for each categories at the coming Customers' Choice Award.

Tick to vote for your fave products!

As part of the preview of the participating brands, they had a challenge for us media who were there. Each of us were given a different paper each with a list of four things from the participating brands. And we had to fill up which category they belong to and quickly run and get the actual products from the shelf.

It was so fun yet nerve wrecking because the first two will get a prize *laughs* Imagine all of us running around in the shop looking for items. The newly launched Guardian at Sunway Pyramid is so big somemore. And hint- the participating brands at all outlets will have a star sticker attached to them.

But finally everyone's a winner! Whatever we were supposed to find, we get to keep them and bring home together with other gifts =)

The first two to complete their task received an additional goodie bag each...

Lennox Firm Up for the guy winner!!

And the lucky lady winner, Carol.

You can win amazing prizes as well. Vote for your favourite brands and the ones with the closest result as the actual brand winners will win fantastic prizes!

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Get the forms from any Guardian stores or go to CCA2013 for online participation.
2. Vote by ticking one favourite brand for each product category and complete all 90 categories.
3. Fill in your details and attach a receipt with minimum purchase of RM10 during Contest Period and submit the form to the nearest Guardian store or post to address stated by 6th May 2013.

Prizes include a bonus Honda CR-Z Hybrid 1.5L(automatic), grand prize of RM10,000 Guardian Vouchers plus a 3 day 2 night Holiday Spa for two people at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, KL, 1st prize of RM5,000 Guardian Vouchers and many more!

The competition will run from 1/4/2013 to 29/4/2013.

There are RM150,000 worth of prizes to be won and that Honda CR-Z as welll!!!!

The small group of media. 

Anyway, before the event started, we had some breakfast which looks like hi-tea with yummy-licious food at Delicious restaurant right across Guardian.

3 tiers for a group of four! Imagine that it was wayy too much with juices and tea/coffee!

Scones with chocs.

The red velvet cake with huge strawberries with choc dip that I couldn't wait to get my hands on!! *laughs*

Thanks Guardian and can't wait to find out which brand will win awards!!
Start voting to win your share of prizes as well!

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