April 24, 2013

When depression sets in...

You know how on some days when you just can't get up because it's just too depressing to face the world??
When all you want to do is curl up in bed with your fluffy pillow?
You just want to sleep and that no one should disturb you?

Well, I'm sure some of us had those days before. When 'things to do' list is as high as a mountain and that 24 hours is not enough in a day, when everything you do is not right and nothing seems right anymore. Technically, it's probably dysthymia, a low-grade chronic level of unhappiness, but sometimes all these could lead to deep pit depression.

You know what? To not let it fall too deep, just take a moment, tell yourself, 'I have half an hour to be depressed! Half an hour to grumble about how unfair the world is, it just sucks to live here, yada yada yada' and then half an hour later, snap out of it, get up and get on with things because life has to go on!

Half an hour. It's all you need. Life shouldn't be a bout of depression.

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