April 8, 2013

Perkins Nail Wrap

Nail Wrap is akin to nail stickers like Sally Hansen and Celeb Beaute and thanks to Vanity Trove's April edition, I can try my hands on Perkins Nail Wrap.

Comes with the nail wraps, a mini filer and instructions.

I like the design! It's horizontal blue stripes with glitters!

It's not as fragile as the Sally Hansen's one but thinner than the average nail stickers. It's a bit more flexible and as you can see, it's a very thin film.

I must say it's not easy to put it on. Firstly, my nails are not that long so the transparent part which was supposed to be for the inner part of the nails with the stripes for the tip of the nails did not happen. I had to cut off the transparent part which was quite a hassle and the shapes have to follow the nail shape >.<

The picture had it like this. 

But after cutting it off, mine's like this. It's still very nice though with the patterns.
Received so many compliments for my nails =) *success*

Taken from my instagram @estherlke

Lovely design, no? Perkins have many other beautiful designs as well! Retails for RM39.90 for 20 strips.


  1. so that's the sticker nail art you mentioned... they look exactly like drawn art.

  2. Yes, that's the one! It's so real yet so fake hehe