April 29, 2013

HiShop Beauty Ambassador

I am very excited to join as a HiShop Beauty Ambassador!! Have you heard of HiShop?? All beauty junkies out there like me surely must have come across this awesome online beauty and cosmetics store. HiShop(pronounced as hai-shop) is an online store where they only carry Genuine Products and believe that beauty should be made accessible for everyone-anytime and anywhere!

I received a lovely welcome pack from the HiShop team where they handpicked each product! Very thoughtful =)

Quite a spacious pink box there!! It really stands out among all the plain boxes in my room hehe
Already loving the package *laughs*

Here's what's inside!

Firstly, not only a treat for me but for you readers as well =)
Get 8% off all your purchase with MilkADeal before 31st May 2013.
So readers, browse through any deals that you like and at checkout point, key in 'MAD0513'
This code is valid for multiple transactions!

Next is a sample of Nature&Co Pure White Lotion Light and

And as I said, HiShop handpicked each item and they must have read that my skin is breaking out these days due to my stressful schedule and it's so sweet of them to put in this Snail Street AC Trouble Mask!

It is a premium skincare facial mask which is ideal to heal acne problems. Yay! Would do a review on this mask in a later post.

For now, I'm gushing over this Yadah Natural Body Lotion =))
I have introduced Yadah brand before in a previous post but have not tried their body lotion.
Yadah is a range of natural skincare products formulated with plant extracts and 100% free from artificial colourings, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and parabens. 

First of all, HiShop protected this product so carefully! It was tightly wrapped with bubble wrap notwithstanding that it has another plastic wrapper wrapping the lotion already. 
Good quality control for no leakage or breakage!

The first thing I realised after unwrapping it, is the scent! 
It has a strong tangerine orange scent which is wonderful. But when I saw the product description, it contains 
shea butter, Korean pasque flower, pigweed, green purslane and Japanese pepper fruit but no mention of any tangerine orange scent or some sort. So I'm not sure whether my sense of smell is accurate or not *laughs* Nevertheless, it smells sooo good!!! 

It is a white cream and quite thick but non greasy.

Since it's quite thick, it takes a few more rubs to absorb into the skin but it absorbed rather quickly. 
Further, it's moisturising and makes skin feel supple.
If you're worried whether the scent is overpowering, don't fret because after application, the scent will subside and it just have a slight tangerine smell lingering all day.

You can find all above products at HiShop and their website is very user friendly and very easy to navigate. They have really good sale offers as well and they deliver for free nationwide for purchases above RM50. 

On top of that, HiShop is giving away RM20 off for any purchases above RM100 to all you readers. Just key in the discount code 'LOVEHISHOP' and this code expires on 30th June 2013.

Also, if you do not want to miss any exclusive offers, subscribe now to Hishop's newsletters.

Besides that, you can show them your support by liking HiShop Facebook page.

Thank you so much Hishop <3
So, what are you waiting for? Shop now at www.hishop.my!!

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