April 5, 2013

Esmeria Organics

Have you heard of Esmeria products?
Esmeria Organics is a complete line of EcoCert certified organic skin care products carefully designed to be effective and everything the woman of today could possibly want from a skin, body and hair care range.

Esmeria uses only mild and safe natural and organic ingredients so it is not only better for the skin, but it is better for the planet too.

Esmeria is sold in most leading pharmacies and they have an online shop as well at Esmeria.com for convenience. They ship for free in Malaysia! And let me tell you, their services are fast using GDex! It only took a day!

Thank you so much Esmeria <3

So what are my goodies?

Alpine Willowherb travel set- cleanser, toner and moisturiser which is good for oily and acne prone skin. Can't wait to use this set because my face is breaking out these days due to lack of sleep and rest =((

Prickly Pear SOS rescue cream for scrapes, bites, pimples, etc.

Esmeria's hair and body care range trial set =)

I love products which are organic because it is safe from all harmful chemicals which is really bad for our skin. Even the perfume in the products for some lovely smell is made from essential oils! Organic products are lesser prone to get allergies which I feel safer to use.

Will review the others at a later day but now, I'm starting to use the Prickly Pear SOS rescue cream coz as I said, I'm breaking out >.< Hence, my face is in need to be rescued!! I like how the name of the cream suits the situation *laughs*

It's actually a multipurpose cream. It can be used for scrapes, bites, pimples and other ailments.

It has organic ingredients(duh!) such as Tea Tree Oil which is fantastic to cure pimples, soothing Aloe Vera and healing Portulaca extract. They work together to suppress harmful organisms, reduce inflammation and promote rapid recovery.

It's a white cream and you actually only need a teeny bit coz it's quite creamy.

It smells a bit like tea tree oil and when put on affected parts, it'll have a minty cooling feeling which lingers for awhile. I like the cooling feeling. It makes me feel like the cream's working it's magic *laughs*

It does soothe the affected parts and especially if you pop a zit, the aloe vera property will help heal it! It's a great cream and since it's organic, you can reapply as much as you want until it heals and won't have side effects =) I also like applying it on my mosquito bites! It's like an all in one cream!

Go check Esmeria out. You'll love it!

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