November 30, 2010


I cannot express how much I love Christmas...I love how the Christmas sale will start at the end of November. I love it when I go to shopping malls, I see all the beautiful Christmas decorations especially the huge and overly decorated Christmas trees. I love it when I hear Christmas carols and I sing along to them. I love it whenever I see a Christmas movie and it is always centred about family, peace and joy. I love it when on Christmas day we celebrate the birth of Jesus and my young cousins could be seen running around my house, opening presents and the house would be filled with laughter and joy!

I especially love it when I put up my Christmas tree in the house. I recently put it up as we do it 1 month before Christmas every year. Whenever I see the tree lights up with blinking colourful lights, my heart will skip a beat because it's so beautiful and it reminds me that Christmas is nearing! I can't wait for underneath the tree to be filled with presents!! But over the years, it seems like presents are getting lesser and lesser LOL coz we all grow big and old and presents are not really a necessity for adults anymore =p

But most of all, the celebration of Jesus is the most important. People often divert the meaning of Christmas and associate it with the birth of Santa Clause! It is so very wrong!! But with Christmas comes the meaning and spirit of Christmas which is peace, hope, joy and love and with these comes Santa Clause who gives joy to kids with presents and the birth of Jesus gives hope to mankind and joy and love is celebrated during Christmas month with families and relatives =))

I love the Christmas spirit! I hope too you will spread the spirit around and make this year's Christmas a truly memorable festival! Here's to the coming of Christmas <3

November 29, 2010

Addicted to this song!

I am a dreamer.
And it's only just a dream...

Nail art

I have been searching high and low to find something round for the polka dots *laughs* Finally, guess what? I used a small nail as in 'paku' to do it =p

My friend actually recommended a small pin but I do not have a pin with round ends. So I used a nail as an alternative =p I've been wanting to do this nail art for quite some time. Previously, I used a cotton bud but failed coz it smeared, then I wanted to draw using a nail pen but failed as well *laughs* Then, I found the small nail with round end and I thought 'Aha!' I found the right instrument this time =)

It didn't turn out as nice coz this is my first time. I'm still an amateur haha

I painted my nails with two colours first. If you see properly, one side is sky blue and the other side is baby pink then I added the red polka dots.

I want to find a good and cheap manicure shop but haven't found yet. I want them to do 3D nail art for me =)

November 28, 2010

Mis Tres Hermanas

I was a soap opera fan back when I was in high school. I watched mainly Phillipines and Spanish dramas with episodes reaching up to more than 100.

But RTM rarely show nice foreign dramas nowadays and I don't really have the time to follow since I'm more addicted to English TV shows. But....imagine my surprise and delight when the most popular spanish drama I was so crazy about in high school is back!!

                                                         MIS TRES HERMANAS!!

It means 'three sisters'. The whole show is about three sisters and one brother as a family going through so many obstacles in life! When I say many obstacles, it is an understatement LOL The show just keeps getting them into trouble and sadness. I mean that's how you keep the show going and viewers glued to the TV, right? *laughs*

Anyway, I've seen this show from the start till the end before as it is a repeat and I'm watching it again haha...Yes, I am that crazy! It's shown on NTV7 from 11.30am-12.30pm from Mondays to Fridays. I follow faithfully if I do not have morning classes. I do remember certain scenes but I've forgotten certain plots. I follow because my favourite Spanish actress and actor is in it:

                                                    Scarlet Ortiz and Ricardo Alamo

She was Miss Venezuela and he's a handsome actor hehe...I like them both together =p They have acted in many other shows before but Mis Tres Hermanas is by far the best show they have acted.

So looks like old habits die hard =p I thought I'm so over my soap opera days but here I am watching the repeat of what I've watched many years ago! Even my mom remembers this show and she was like 'Girl, didn't you watch this when you were in high school?' Haha and she even remembers some of the characters coz she used to watch it sometimes with me. Of all the many dramas I've watched Mis Tres Hermanas and Sanay' Wala Nang Wakas(Phillipines) are the most interesting!

Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales acted in 'Pangako Sayo' before but this show made them even more famous. I remembered it was published in the newspaper once that Malaysian fans went crazy over this show and when the finale was shown it, it recorded the highest rating in a foreign drama show!

So if Sanay wala nang wakas were to repeat on Terrestial TV, I think I'll watch it again LOL But only these two shows. Other dramas were not as interesting and were very cliche- trust me, I've watched more than 10 soap operas to know!

So, if you have the time, do follow Mis Tres Hermanas airing currently on NTV7 =) You'll get hooked in no time *laughs*

November 25, 2010

Stop Child Abuse!

People close to me and those who followed my blog, would know how much I love kids and how much I despise people who abuse their kids! I'm so very against child abuse- period! So, when I came about this 'Stop Child Abuse' campaign by UNICEF, I was very interested on going on board.

Did you know that an average of 7 children in Malaysia suffered abuse every day in 2008, and these were only the reported cases? Many more experience abuse in silence and behind closed doors. Like all children, they too have a right to a happy childhood, free of abuse. Abuse robs a child of their health, development and dignity. It can also leave invisible scars on children, their families and society that last lifetimes, if not generations.

Actually time and again, I really cannot understand why would people abuse innocent and vulnerable children?  Kids, to me, bring joy to my life. I have 11 young cousins and I'm like a big sister to all of them. I can never scold them if they do anything wrong, rather just give them a soft pep talk. I was also a kindergarten part time teacher and I would never ever lay a hand on any of 'my kids'! I just never had a heart to do that. So, if I, a 19 year old knows that 'Hands are for caring and not hitting', I'm sure others out there especially adults could think the same!

Many are ignorant of child abuse cases and if they know about it, they do not know how to deal with it. Therefore, UNICEF wants to provide the Malaysian public with the knowledge, insights and resources to stop child abuse. The digitally-driven campaign, a first by UNICEF in the region, aims to unite 100,000 supporters to raise their hand in support of children. They hope the Malaysian public will embrace this campaign as their own, and support and promote it in their own unique ways to ensure a safe and protected childhood for every child in Malaysia.

So, do your part as a caring Malaysian to STOP CHILD ABUSE!! I have raised my hand to stop child abuse. What about you?

You can become a Campaigner for Children by hopping on the bus, and rallying others to join on the journey to end child abuse in Malaysia.

                                                                 CLICK ON IT TO JOIN!

November 22, 2010

American Music Awards 2010

The American Music Awards 2010 just ended. I have to say, the fashion is just awesome!! After few red carpet awards disaster, this one was a sight to sore eyes.

Taylor Swift is simply gorgeous with her straightened hair. She looked so much younger and her signature sparkly dress suited perfectly on the young lass.

Katy Perry is always flawless with her perfect skin and hair. The soft pink cocktail dress by Badgley Mischka made her one of the best dressed of the night.

Jessica Alba rocked the red carpet with a classic one shoulder black dress. This mom of one is still maintaining her svelte figure =)

I actually liked this dress on Miley Cyrus. The train may be weird, but that's her, daring to wear something different. I love the colour, the body hugging bodice, the beautiful train, her hair and make up! Everything is right for Miley this time!

Kelly Osbourne has lost so much of weight and now she can flaunt her thin figure in this tight fitting dress. Very classic and a far fetched from what she used to wear in her early days!

The dress really suits Avril Lavigne's rocker chic personality. It's simple and nice but I don't think her shoes are appropriate though.

Rihanna's upper part of the dress really reminds me of Halle Berry's red dress below...

It is just covered by some flower patterns LOL...Halle wore this dress at one of the Oscar award and gained a lot of attention for wearing such a sexy dress. Rihanna looked fine in that dress only her hair is terrible! I loved her long hair last time XD

Anyway, Justin Bieber took home four awards. His popularity is killing me! I cannot understand how he became so popular or rather how can he bag the male artist for pop/rock! He is what? 12 years old? LOL (he's 16 by the way =p)

Shuttlers' dissapointments

Oh well, The Asian Games badminton event is a let down for Malaysia =(

Our team event crashed out when Lee Chong Wei lost to Thailand. Then in the men's doubles Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong lost to Indonesia in the finals and managed to grab the silver medals only.

Yesterday, Lee Chong Wei once again lost to Lin Dan in the rubber set.

Poor him. It seems that he was too upset that he did not even turn up for the post media press XD

There goes our gold medals for badminton. We did not even get a single one unlike in the Commonwealth Games.

I watched all the finals and so 'sakit hati' to see especially the men's doubles when we were so close to winning in the second set but lost out =((

Hmm...better luck next time!

November 19, 2010


Urgh! I deeply suck at bowling. I think in my 19 years of life, I've only bowled twice! That's why I sucked at it LOL

But I found out, it's actually FUN! Hehe only how to brush up on the skill of not letting the ball go inside the 'longkang'?? How? How?

No matter how I try, whether to roll the ball fast or slow, straight or to the side a bit, roll or throw it, run or walk or whatever technique, I cannot get the hang of it LOL So frustrating that it keeps going into the drain -.-

Okay, I did get a few pins down but only a FEW! Probably more practice will make it perfect. I just need to get that 'rolling the ball' technique right first. I don't need a strike. I'm actually happy if I get one or two pins down LOL

Erm, let me nurse my sore arm first *laughs*

November 18, 2010


I have been to Yuen Steamboat quite many times in Bandar Sunway.

And let me tell you, everytime I go there no matter what time, you can always see the true Malaysian colours come out. If foreigners were to say Malaysians are very friendly, they should really go to Yuen to experience how Malaysians are like when it comes to food- ESPECIALLY Yuen's chicken wings!!!

People fight for chicken wings like there's no tomorrow!! My friend actually counted and it only took 16 seconds for a freshly cooked tray of chicken wings to be finished grabbing by Malaysians LOL

I actually do not understand where this kind of culture comes from because of all places I've ever been to, this is the only place I've experienced something like that -.- Never have I seen people fighting for chicken wings *laughs* And because of that, if you want to taste how good it is, you have to fight for it too *smacks head*

But no doubt, it's very delicious. I, for one, can eat more than 10 chicken wings at one time and in fact I did LOL but really, to fight for it is so uncultured, no? Yuen should make some rules about it. Perhaps have more chicken wings cooked because it's limited that's why people fight their hardest for it!!

Anyway if you've never been there before, please go and experience and if you're a girl, I sincerely suggest to bring more guys with you to fight for the chicken wings haha...coz I'm pretty sure girls would lose out!! =p

November 15, 2010

Harry Potter

Harry Potter has gained so much publicity over the last nine years. It all started with J.K Rowling publishing her books where everyone will start lining up to buy them whenever a new edition is out. Then the movies came out where all the die-hard fans would go crazy rushing to the cinemas to watch the premiere. Six movies later, and here we are in 2010 with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

First of, I'm NOT a fan of the Harry Potter series. I'm more of a crazy fan of Twilight. I have never read a single page of HP, neither watched HP with much interest. I think out of the six movies, I've only watched 3 of it only because my friends wanted to.

Part 1 is the first of two movies of the final and seventh book of Harry Potter. I'm sure they broke it into two parts just to make more money although they said the reason behind it was because the story was too long. Yeah right!

Deathly Hallows has premiered in London and it has yet to come to Malaysia. If I'm not mistaken it will premiere here next week. It is said to portray a much darker side and it has since received quite good reviews.

I mean I'm not against watching it but  I don't think I'll watch it merely because I'm not a fan. All those magic- boy wizard thing does not interest me. I prefer supernatural movies hehe

                                              Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint

Here are the three main characters made famous by the Harry Potter series. It's the World Premiere night in London. They're surely gona earn so much more on top of their huge paycheck from this movie. Looks like Harry Potter is going to bomb the box office everywhere!

November 12, 2010

Asian Games

After around one month since the Commonwealth Games ended, the Asian Games is here!! This is the 16th edition of the Asian Games which would be held in Guangzhou, China.

The Malaysian team must be super tired because after playing in the Commonwealth, they did not have much rest and have to continue training for the Asian Games XD

As usual, I can't wait for the gymnastics, badminton, diving and athletics events. Astro will show all of it live! That's the best part hehe But to those who don't have Astro, TV1 will show certain events.

Today is the opening ceremony and it'll surely be very colourful and happening. From China's successful hosting during the previous Olympics in Beijing, I'm sure this would be a successful event too.

The Asian Games will go on from 12-27 November. Good luck to Malaysia =)))

November 11, 2010

Starbucks Christmas tradition

Every nearing Christmas, Starbucks will offer some new additions to their beverages. And this Christmas it's...

Toffee Nut and Peppermint Mocha!! I was really curious about the peppermint mocha because the only peppermint I've ever eaten is either chewing gum or ice cream. But I've never drank a peppermint drink =p

So, I tried it the other day and boy, was it really REFRESHING!! It has that peppermint icy cool feeling plus ice and coffee equals Starbucks making my day hehe Also, not forgetting my favourite whipped cream with chocolate syrup...YUMMEH!!

I swear by Starbucks and will never enter any other shops to get my cup of coffee other than Starbucks LOL...I'm that particular! I nearly tried most of the drinks there be it hot or cold and it never failed to impress me. Besides, the people working there are very friendly at all places I've been to. I think they've been specifically told to be nice or they're fired haha

Anyway, go try the new beverages. I'm not really a fan of toffee nut so I don't think I'll try that but I heard it's as nice as well =)                

November 9, 2010

MTV EMA 2010

MTV European Music Awards 2010 just ended yesterday. Lady Gaga, as usual won big again with three awards! But this time because of her other engagements she couldn't make it to the awards. Well, that's too bad because then she can't portray her outrageous fashion *laughs*

Anyway here are some peeks into the red carpet. This year's fashion was a DISASTER!! See it for youself and you'll agree with me!

                                                     Taylor Momsen and the Pretty Reckless

Ermm....SLUTTY? Hello...your bra should be inside not to be showed out. And, what's with that goth makeup and diva look? I don't get her...

                                                                  Eva Longoria- Parker

She's the host for the night. Btw, the girl can rap! haha Not a fan of that pointy shoulders, though XD But she did change into numerous gorgeous dresses throughout the night.                    


She won Best New Act. This singer undoubtedly has great songs, but her fashion sense- not so great! I'm actually speechless -.-      

                                                                           Miley Cyrus

Hire. A. Stylist. Period. And please, for goodness sake, do something about your hair already!


Errr...yup, speechless as well

On the other hand, the bearable ones are:

                                        The happily married couple- Russell Brand with Katy Perry

Love Katy's dress colour and shoe colour haha...She loves her colours. Her hair is tied back up nicely and she had that 'just married' glow. Russell, is only one of the very few men who turned up in a suit. He looked sleek.


The dress may be a little overwhelming but it's definitely better than some of the thrashy outfits worn by others.


Simple and nice. Nuff' said!

My best dressed will go to...

                                                                     Emily Osment

I love electric blue colour and the dress is gorgeous. Everything fits perfectly on her. She's young and vibrant and definitely pulled it off well.

Well, that's it. There's not really much that happened in the event and also not many awards given out. When awards are given out, the winners were not there like Lady Gaga and Eminem. The only big hoo-ha was Justin Bieber being a 'digital host' for the night alongside Eva Longoria. That guy, sure is everywhere! LOL Even Katy Perry's performance of 'Fireworks' was not interesting but I still love her =) Rihanna and Miley's performances were also so-so...Overall, it was a 'blah' night...

November 8, 2010

Short hairstyles

Many celebrities are donning that 'bob' look. It has become a recent trend in Hollywood. It actually became famous with Victoria Beckham then Katie Holmes followed suit. It was that year where I saw so many girls spotting that hairstyle. Now, the short hairstyle trend has come back.

Scarlett Johansson(left) has recently chopped off her lustrous long blonde hair, Keira Knightley as well and Nicole Richie. I think among those three, Keira (centre) looked best. Previously, her longer hair were quite unkempt as she had it curly and now she looked neater. But I cannot say the same for Scarlett and Nicole. They looked older to me XD

Emma Watson surprised the world when she had her beautiful long hair cut into a pixie style. It's soooo SHORT! Only a brave girl could do that. She definitely looked more matured now. I think after the Harry Potter finale wrapped, she wanted to ditch that Hermione look and wanted something different.

I've always seen Carey Mulligan with short hair and I think she looked really cute with it. If anyone could pull off that Pixie look, it's her. She's quite a petite person and her short hair makes her look young and vibrant.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz just had her hair chopped off. Now, it's super short. She never had her hair this short before. I really love her long hair because it was really healthy looking especially when she dyed it red. So I'm not really a fan her donning this hairstyle.

Certain people look good in short hair while others in long hair. My personal preference has to be long hair. I've had that bob look once and I didn't like it at all. Probably because my hair is the wavy kind and getting a bob hairstyle is not suitable. It was really hard to maintain. Only people with straight hair could pull it off better.

I'm definitely a sucker for long wavy hair. I think it looks sexy =p just like the picture of Miranda Kerr below

                              Doesn't she look so much better than any of the celebrities above??

She's a Victoria's Secret model by the way. I love her hair!! I permed my hair for the last two years just to get that 'to-die-for' hair hehe And I loved it =)

November 7, 2010

More movies

Okay, okay I promise this will be my last movie review for this month, I guess LOL Well, it's just that this Deepavali break has been like a movie marathon for me =) So far, all the movies I've watched were fantastic except for some exceptionally weird ones haha...I've actually went to the cinema 3 times in 5 days and watched 6 movies this week including DVDs. Aside from that, not forgetting my TV shows too...WOW! After this, I'm so gona lay off movies for awhile and gota keep up with studying LOL

Anyway, watched Life As We Know It

It was hilarious *laughs* Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel actually had good comedy chemistry =) It also helped that the baby girl was soo adorable. She had that signature 'tilt of her head' whenever she smiles and that just melt anyone's heart! It also definitely helped that the eye candy whom I was soo drooling over was soo handsome in the movie...

                                                                      Josh Duhamel

Even all the women in the movie were going ga-ga over him *laughs* Overall, it was a good comedy. Nice movie for leisure time =)

The best part of the whole movie is actually the cinema. My friends and I went to a new mall, Harbour place, Klang. First impression of it wasn't very nice but when we entered into the cinema floor, it was like a whole new dimension there. MBO cinemas have the best lounges, seats and ticketing counter. When I was in Kuching, MBO cinemas were very popular there and it was just as gorgeous. I went to MBO in Malacca too and now I find GSC and TGV are not as luxurious XD

                                                           MBO at Harbour place, Klang

My goodness, the seats were too comfortable it felt like I was in my own house sitting on my very own sofa LOL If you see the above picture properly, you could see the floor is super shining! Going up the elevator, it's railings have beautiful designs haha I'm in love with MBO! The best part is, if you watch movies on Wednesday, their ticket prices are RM5!!!! Freaking 5 ringgit for a movie ticket....No kidding! TGV and GSC will never offer movies at such a price! The only thing is, it was super duper truper COLD in the cinema. We were freezing and my sweater didn't help much either. Also there were almost no one in the cinema because it was a new place.

Anyway, I hope MBO set up more branches around KL...I'm already a fan!

Moving on, watched Charlie St.Cloud on DVD

It was a moving story. It's nice to see Zac Efron acting in a non-musical show haha He did well to me, acting wise =) This story had a twist so it was not a cliche melodramatic death story. I liked it. Safe to say, this movie was good!

I did watch many others but I'll just end my reviews for now. I'm not working as a movie critic anyway =p Although, I would LOVE to be one. How nice it is, to watch movies for work and get paid? Yeah, well, one can only dream hehe

November 6, 2010

Movies, movies

I'm all about movies these days, so be prepared for more movie reviews LOL

RED = Retired Extremely Dangerous

One word: WEIRD! I felt this show was weird LOL I don't know why but for one the entire show is just shooting, shooting, shooting till the bullets finish. The funny part is, after wasting thousands of bullets, our dear hero, Bruce Willis is still alive *laughs*

Okay, it was kinda funny but action wise, I don't think it was a good movie =( There are some parts I didn't understand...

Next, is Unstoppable..

I watched it in THX so the sound effect was GREAT! The entire movie was about a runaway train without a driver so it may be boring for some people. But to me, this movie was different. I have never seen a movie like this. Normally, action movies will be all about killing or comedies will be about lifestyle but this movie is nothing like that. It does have some comedic time but mostly it's about the unstoppable train =p

So, if you want a different slant to your normal movies, go watch this =)

November 4, 2010

Happy Deepavali

The festival of lights is tomorrow!! It's a public holiday and it conveniently falls on a Friday so most people would have 3 days off 1 shot =)

I just want to extend my greetings to all Indians out there and hope all of you would a have a memorable day spent with families and friends. Drive safely, aite?

Now, who can spare me some mutton curry? *laughs*