November 30, 2012

L'OREAL Renewal Lash Serum review

You know how we Asians have smaller eyes than most races? And we're always trying out new ways to 'open' up our eyes to make it big like dolls =p And dream of having long and thick lashes and curled up with three coats of mascara for an added 'big eye' effect? Well, dream no more..  

Now we can with the help of L'OREAL Renewal Lash Serum. It not only strengthens lashes but also improves growth of long and thick lashes =)   


And so I put the lash serum to test for one week. I used it day and night everyday for the past 7 days. Here's the results:

BEFORE: Short, weak lashes.

AFTER: Longer, fuller and stronger lashes! 
I was actually quite surprised to see this difference in a such a short time!!

For better comparison:

My barely visible lashes before application.

After one week, see the difference in the length of my lashes!

If it is used constantly for one month, here's the result of a study done by L'OREAL:

Since I definitely did see improvement in just one week, I believe there'll be drastic changes in my lashes in a month's time. So, I can actually throw away all my falsies =p

For best results, apply twice a day; once in the morning and once at night.

Step 1- on the root of lashes.

Step 2- Below the lashes with the curved part of applicator.

Longer lashes with mascara FTW!! Was never a fan of falsies anyway =))

- Not sticky. No clumping of eyelashes.
- No strong scent.
- Shows improvement; eyelashes are thicker and longer.
- Less to none falling of eyelashes when mascara is removed. This is the best part as eyelashes take quite long to grow back after falling off.
- Flexible applicator for smooth application.
- When applied in the morning, it can be used under a mascara(just wait for it to dry)
- It only needs a few seconds to apply on both lashes.

- This product needed to be used day and night everyday to achieve best results. I'm quite a lazy person >.< So, you have to be quite hardworking and remember to apply for the benefit of your lashes hehe But it's not really time consuming.
- The shape of the product made it cannot stand. You'll have to either put it lying down or lean it against something. I'd prefer for the packaging to be flat and square so that it can stand =)

If you're keen to have lashes like mine =) you can always try out this product!!

Thank you Only Beauty- Malaysia's Best Sampling Website that gives beauty product samples for free without any payment needed =))

November 29, 2012

Classy meets street fashion

How do you normally dress when you go for a casual day out? In Malaysia, because of the humid weather, there's not really much street fashion. Our dressings are normally simple with jeans or shorts and flats. Nothing fancy or fashionable.

But it's actually quite easy and simple to transform street fashion to something classy with the added 'ommph' and make heads turn =) Just like how celebrities are caught outside with classy street fashion! We don't want to go out looking trashy with too short shorts or too short miniskirts with heels too high you can't even walk. We want to go out looking confident and comfortable yet still fashionable at the same time!

There are many ways to transform a simple street wear to something that will make you get noticed fashionable wise =) This is classy meets street fashion:

For example, a simple shorts and T shirt are mostly worn by many girls out there. You'll ended up with just a simple pairing like this...

Simple street wear.

However, how much different is it when it is worn by Victoria's Secret angel, Miranda Kerr??

Her secret? Well other than her hot bod, it's the accessories that made the whole look classy and fashionable! Hence, with that simple street wear, add a bag, a pump and sunnies to go with it and ta-dah! Also ace that confident walk =)

Next, a simple pair of jeans for a day out...

Nothing special. 

To add a little classines to the whole look, see how Blake Lively did it...

Skinnies are perfect to go with heeled boots. Actually only by pairing it with a nice pair of boots, it'll transform the whole look. Add a bag for an added glam effect and you'll make a good entrance =)

Jumpsuits are pretty comfortable to wear. It can be worn for a casual day out or at night. In fact, by itself it can actually be quite a statement on the streets.

But to glam it up for a classy look, a jacket or a blazer would be perfect!

Charlize Theron added a blazer for a more formal look.

Miranda Kerr here again working her peplum jumpsuit with a long patterned sweater jacket!

So, to transform street fashion to something classy, the key is to accessorize! Add on a bag, sunnies, jacket or wear heels or boots for a classy street fashion! We don't want to look too haggard by being overtly comfortable and just the right amount would make you stand out on the streets!

November 28, 2012

Of all things fattening..

I have no shame in admitting I have been on a very unhealthy diet these days with fattening food >.< Blame it on my dessert cravings as I'm such a dessert girl!!

Okay, so I've made many stops at different places for awesome food hehe This is like a food combination post!! Good food are to be shared right? =p

Jogoya Buffet at Starhill is pricey and the food is not really good if I must say. However....their desserts....*dies* They have a wide variety of cakes, New Zealand Natural and Haagen Dazs ice creams, marshmellows, jellies, fruits and ice shavings *dessert heaven*

The red velvet cake is to die for!!

They were so many types of desserts that we didn't know which to choose so we took one of everything LOLZ!!

Sunway Pyramid has quite many dessert shops ^^ Since I go there often, I always like to try different different desserts just to experiment hehehe

Gelato fruity. Honey Dew and Raspberry!! The combination was great =)

There's a new Chinese dessert shop which just opened at Sunway Pyramid around one and a half months ago called Hui Lau Shan. Ice shavings are their specialties so if you want a refreshing dessert, you should try this one out =)

Fruit ice balls platter.

Honeydew ice shaving dessert(something like that lol)

And then with McD giving out free Egg Mcmuffin one day and free Sausage McMuffin another day..

Courtesy of my mom getting for me again LOL- this time is the Sausage McMuffin. I tell you she's really trying to make me F-A-T!! >.<

Fast food galore...Just seeing these food equals #fatdieme

Then I'm obsessed with the famous Hokkaido Cake by RT Pastry.

The description *yums*

It comes in a box of three for RM8.50

The sugary top ^^

Chocolate flavour. The delicious soft cream >.<

Are you getting hungry yet? Haha if you're reading this in the middle of the night, ermm sorry to make your stomach growl *laughs*

Then once during tea time, I had a secret recipe cake.

White Dark Chocolate Cheese cake.

Cheesecake on top, dark choc in the middle and bottom and white choc cake below *dies again*

Probably the most healthy food I ate outside this week was at Plan B, Bangsar.

Love Plan B's water in that glass bottle. So unique hehe See! I finally decided to skip those smoothies, blended stuffs and just stick to plain water coz was feeling too guilty already LOL

Beef sandwich.

Pasta Carbonara.

And so with me not controlling my diet, I need to start eating healthy again and start exercising!!
Hence, I would like to thank Slimming Sanctuary for a day of slimming treatment and from then on, I promise to be good with my diet and only eat healthy food =))
Wait till my next post about my day at Slimming Sanctuary!

5 trending beauty trends by celebrities

Like me, I'm sure many of you draw beauty inspirations from celebrities. We pick up on trends made by them and try as best as possible to apply it on ourselves with success at times and failure as well. Beauty is from head to toe so I'm picking 5 most trending ones!

1. Tangerine lips

Celebrities have been spotted with tangerine lips on red carpets recently. That pop of colour is a perfect blend of red and yellow pigment making the lips seem fuller. Tangerine, was actually named Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2012! It is not for the faint hearted but if you're the kind that loves to experiment with colours, this is the colour to choose!

Emmy Rossum.

Jennifer Hudson.

Zooey Deschanel.

2. Dip dye hair

This year is the craze of the dip dye hair. Everyone wants at least some colour on their hair! Celebrities have gone all out in dip dyeing their hair and some like Christina Aguilera, you can see her change her dip dye colour every week on The Voice!

Christina Aguilera with dual toned dip dye.

Dakota Fanning.

Jaime King.

3. Winged eyeliner

Manufacturers of different brands are competing to come out with the thinnest eyeliner brush just so that we can have that 'wing' effect to perfection just like the celebrities! Now, if only we could have those makeup artists to draw that perfect wing with a liquid liner for us as well =)

It seems Lauren Conrad loves her winged eyeliner so much, she even wears it to the gym!

Nicki Minaj.

Taylor Swift.

4. Fake eyelashes

They said the eyes are the windows to the soul. Therefore, the bigger the better =) Celebrities put on falsies for a bit of a dramatic effect on the red carpets. For everyday wear, it is best to stay away from spider lashes  and just a subtle one will do.


Carrie Underwood with her dramatic spider falsies.

Katy Perry.

5. Bold eyebrows

Strong bold eyebrows have been trending on the runways lately. Celebrities have also taken up on it. The structured thick brow helps frame your face and brings attention to your eyes which is a good thing if your eyes are your best features!

Lily Collins the epitome of bushy thick brows.

Camilla Belle.

Ginnifer Goodwin.

So are you up for these trends or are they too much? However, one thing about trends is that only follow if it suits you and your feature best. Don't follow blindly for the sake of following! You can also always nip and tuck certain trends like the colours and shapes to compliment your own features =)