November 29, 2012

Classy meets street fashion

How do you normally dress when you go for a casual day out? In Malaysia, because of the humid weather, there's not really much street fashion. Our dressings are normally simple with jeans or shorts and flats. Nothing fancy or fashionable.

But it's actually quite easy and simple to transform street fashion to something classy with the added 'ommph' and make heads turn =) Just like how celebrities are caught outside with classy street fashion! We don't want to go out looking trashy with too short shorts or too short miniskirts with heels too high you can't even walk. We want to go out looking confident and comfortable yet still fashionable at the same time!

There are many ways to transform a simple street wear to something that will make you get noticed fashionable wise =) This is classy meets street fashion:

For example, a simple shorts and T shirt are mostly worn by many girls out there. You'll ended up with just a simple pairing like this...

Simple street wear.

However, how much different is it when it is worn by Victoria's Secret angel, Miranda Kerr??

Her secret? Well other than her hot bod, it's the accessories that made the whole look classy and fashionable! Hence, with that simple street wear, add a bag, a pump and sunnies to go with it and ta-dah! Also ace that confident walk =)

Next, a simple pair of jeans for a day out...

Nothing special. 

To add a little classines to the whole look, see how Blake Lively did it...

Skinnies are perfect to go with heeled boots. Actually only by pairing it with a nice pair of boots, it'll transform the whole look. Add a bag for an added glam effect and you'll make a good entrance =)

Jumpsuits are pretty comfortable to wear. It can be worn for a casual day out or at night. In fact, by itself it can actually be quite a statement on the streets.

But to glam it up for a classy look, a jacket or a blazer would be perfect!

Charlize Theron added a blazer for a more formal look.

Miranda Kerr here again working her peplum jumpsuit with a long patterned sweater jacket!

So, to transform street fashion to something classy, the key is to accessorize! Add on a bag, sunnies, jacket or wear heels or boots for a classy street fashion! We don't want to look too haggard by being overtly comfortable and just the right amount would make you stand out on the streets!

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