November 8, 2012

Skyfall 007

One thing I could say about the theme of this newest James Bond film is 'revenge'. Well, whose revenge, I cannot say. You must watch to find out =p The previous film, Quantum of Solace revolves around revenge as well.

Reviews said it's the best James Bond film. In my opinion, after seeing most of the 007 films, it's the most unique film. This is because Skyfall has a very different style of writing. Skyfall is not based on any book by Ian Fleming, who wrote all the Bond books. It's also not a sequel like how Quantum of Solace was a sequel to Casino Royale. It's a stand alone film with it's own plot but same characters nevertheless. The three main; M, Q and Moneypenny were all present.

Judi Dench as 'M' played quite a big role in Skyfall, probably her biggest role in any of the Bond movies. Daniel Craig as cool as ever, running and fighting in his dapper suit yet still being able to crack good jokes. The big surprise was to see Javier Bardem as that (eerie) bad guy. I couldn't believe it when I saw him in that blonde hair and gay personality -.-

It was quite a long film, being 2 and a half hours of much fighting scenes, action sequence and this is one where you can see Bond's soft side for M. If you're expecting romance like most of the Bond movies, I'm sorry to disappoint but Skyfall lacks romance. That's the only thing where there's two girls and not much romance >.<

The people behind Skyfall: Javier Bardem(far left), Judi Dench and Daniel Craig(both in the middle)

I still loved Daniel Craig's first bond movie- Casino Royale. However, Skyfall was pretty entertaining as well. It focuses on a personal part of him which is something you've never seen from this secret agent. The ending might come as a surprise!

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