November 27, 2012

KTM Malaysian habits -.-

Malaysian habits can sometimes irk the hell out of me *pulls hair* I already really hate Malaysian timing and this one just adds to another bad Malaysian habit.

Do you see what's wrong with this picture?
Can you see the lines on the floor?
Well, that's where those people were supposed to line up, not wobble and squeeze right in front of the door(before it's even opened fully!) where the arrows show it's for people to go out!
Can you see that the train is quite empty??
Then why do people still rush, push and squeeze in front of the door? To get a freaking SEAT that is!!
Last time when KTM used to have only three coaches, it is understandable for people to rush to the front door to even get a standing place in the train especially rush hour. However, now that they have six coaches with plenty of space, people still rush and squeeze in front. Old ladies who want to go out sometimes get pushed inside, just because those people outside want to have a seat????
Old habits die hard huh?

Can we have some courtesy here please especially in KTM?? Countless times announcement has been made about letting people go out of the train first before going inside, yet they insist on pushing their way in even when there's plenty of space in the train -.-

So anyway, since our PM has announced that for those earning below RM3,000 will get to ride KTM with 50% discount, they have introduced a card.

Please ignore the 'ontime everytime' because it's not XD

Pay RM1 for the card which is valid for a year and then present it together with your IC to get your 50% discount on your train ticket at the counter.

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