November 5, 2012

Lip Smacker Strawberry lip balm review

Lip balm has always been my best friend ever since I started wearing lipstick/lipgloss. This is because it helps moisturise my lips first before applying a nice shade of gloss on my lips for a long lasting wear. Aside from that, lipbalm is also the best companion during cold weather or air conditioned room where lips tend to crack.

I especially love Lip Smacker because not only it has beautiful packaging, it has a vast range of flavours to choose from as well. Today, thanks to Yuberactive, I'm going to review the Strawberry flavour.

Bright red package!

First thing you notice when you open the cap is that it has a nice strawberry flavour. You know it smells like what? Imagine eating the Fruit Plus sweet in Strawberry flavour! Yeah, smells exactly like that! So yummy =)

Before applying...

Just apply two coats on your lips and you're done!

BEFORE. Dry and dull XD

AFTER! Ta-dah! Moisturised and glossy! It's not tinted and transluscent in colour.

Now, you can show off your kissable lips =)

The flavour is not as strong as the Lip Smacker Cola flavour. So, if you're the kind that likes just a hint of flavour, this would be perfect for you! It's really moisturising as it contains natural oils and keeps your lips soft and plump all day long!

This product is available at Guardian Pharmacy, Parkson, Sa Sa, Watson's Personal Care Store. (RRP RM9.90 - RM26.90)

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