November 4, 2012

Officially a graduate!!

As I wrote in my previous post, I have passed my exams and will be graduating!
Well, guess what? I have officially graduated *smiles widely*

First of, I have never been to anyone's graduation before, so it was truly my very first experience and a very memorable one indeed.

It was held at The Gardens Hotel at the Grand Ballroom. The venue was pretty high class I must say, since it's a 5 star hotel.

The day actually started out pretty hectic. Since that day clashed with some fair at Mid Valley, parking was horrendous! I was stucked around Mid Valley/Gardens finding for parking for 30 minutes -.- and I was getting anxious. Further, the jam was terrible and it was raining heavily which caused some Minister who was supposed to officiate our graduation ceremony to be superrr late!!!! We were all kinda grumpy already >.<

However, luckily all was not ruined. Family, friends and finally being able to graduate made up for it =) I was very thankful to have a very patient family and they were all so supportive! 

OOTD- my Outfit of the day is office attire XD

Then we all got our robes and mortar boards and suited up =)

Finally after all the hustling round that 'Harry Potter' robe, I'm ready!

During our procession towards the ballroom.

Me receiving the scroll.

Mummy brought me flowers <3

One liner story behind orchids: It was the wedding flower of my parents as well =) *cries* *thanks mummy*

All done in a day's work =p

So, finally after going through my graduation ceremony, I'm going to lay down some tips on graduation!! I was quite lost myself and was asking people about their own graduation and now...I can give my own advice hehe

1. Outfit

Let me tell you something, NEVER EVER worry about what you're going to wear for your own graduation. You know why? It'll just be covered up with the robe and nobody cares what you're wearing inside! Management were laying down guidelines about what to wear, graduates were worried what they're going to wear, etc etc and it's all a waste of time. Seriously, on that day, just wake up, pick something blindly and cover it up with your robe. Nuff' said!

But remember to bring emergency safety pins. I thought I was very well ready after being suited up although I kept adjusting the robe. Then, my mom came, took one look at me, shook her head(probably wanted to scold me also for being so messy!) and started pinning me up *laughs*

See my red 'scarf' was falling off me!

After she practically pinned myself to the robe, everything stayed in place till the end =)

2. Hair

Don't tie your hair up! It'll just clash with the mortar board. Let your hair down, it's the best way. If you want, you can curl it or straighten it. Either way, it's fine.
The mortar board can be adjusted with a velcro strap so tighten it yourself and just in case, bring hair clips. If you still find the mortar board too loose, clip it with your hair clips.

3. Expectations

Yes, be excited for your own graduation, but, don't expect too much of the ceremony itself. Chances are, you might fall asleep waiting for the VIPs, yawn during boring speeches and...always keep this in mind, you're only having 4 seconds of fame on the stage, probably 7 seconds if you trip and fall. So, above all, cherish that most important 4 seconds out of those hours of preparation and take as many photos for memories =) Also, don't forget to smile ALL the time. It's your happy day!!

4. Shoes and makeup

Well, everyone will make this mistake because it's not everyday you get to dress up in nice sky high heels. But, please remember to at least wear your heels a few times before that day itself. So many graduates, after the long hours, by the time they reach the stage, they wanted to throw their heels away already *laughs* At the end of the day, you can see heels lying around and barefooted graduates hehe

Have natural makeup. My venue was quite cold to me so I wasn't sweating but some were sweating probably with all the rushing and nerves, so it's best to wear waterproof liner, waterproof mascara, waterproof everything and don't make yourself up like you're going for Halloween.

MOTD- My makeup of the day.

5. Flowers

It's OKAY to not have flowers- really! I was actually ready to be flower-less on that day *laughs* until my mom surprised me. Even if you're one of the minorities who is not carrying a bouquet among the sea of huge bouquet of flowers everywhere, it's fine really. Those who have, will have to pass it back to the family anyway during the ceremony. It's more of a picture prop actually. You can actually borrow it from your friends, take a pic with it and pass it back. Done! =)

At the end of the day, people are there to celebrate you so just enjoy the moment and cherish it for the rest of your life =)

After all of it, I yanked my mortar board and robe out(didn't even bother to take out the safety pins LOL) with my shirt bow untied, unstrapped my heels and went back. I was dead exhausted -.-

I wana thank my family again for coming and being patient, to my friends and the laughters and finally, overall it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience to cherish =)

After graduating, I'm still studying though *laughs* It never ends tsk! tsk!

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