October 31, 2011

In Time

In Time is such a unique show. Never knew you could live base on just how much time you have because normally how much time we have on this earth is unpredictable.

This is Justin Timberlake's breakout movie. He is the lead actor together with Amanda Seyfried. Throughout the show I felt that, their partnership is abit weird because he was supposed to be kidnapping her but somehow she doesn't feel like she's being kidnapped *laughs* It's confusing, I know...

Amanda, however, looked super HOT in this movie. I so prefer her brunette rather than blonde! Justin, looked sleek as always =)

Overall, interesting show to watch. It just reminds us that you can do so much in just ONE day and you should not waste your time! Storyline, however, could have done so much better...The way they finished it was quite dissapointing actually XD


I have never attended any Halloween costume party =((
Sad, right? I've always wanted to, but my college or any other people I'm around do not organise any such parties.

If I could dress up, I would probably be Red Riding Hood. There's something mysterious about the hood and the colour red is sexy!! *laughs* Hmm...If only...

Anyway, to the people who are celebrating, have a great time dressing up!!

October 27, 2011

Mobile Blogging

This is the first time I'm blogging through my mobile phone =p

Anyway, I'm outstation and without my beloved laptop, I was bored so decided to try blogging with my phone hehe

This blogspot app is very cool. You can blog even while on the go =) just like me!! *laughs*

So, these few days it has been raining, weather's not good, and I guess I caught the flu bug =(

Aside from that, I hear Deepavali fire crackers almost every night this week..I'm sure all of you heard too..

Well, that's as much from me for now! Hope all of you are well =)


October 25, 2011

Happy Deepavali!!

Dear Readers,

Tomorrow, the festival of lights will be celebrated... To those celebrating, have a safe and fun time!
Those who are not, Happy Holidays!!


iphone 4 covers

I'm kinda obsessed with iphone4 covers- especially those bling ones!! I know I know, normally people are obsessed with the phone itself but since I'm the all girly type, I so love those awesome covers which makes the phone extra special =)

Other phones do not normally have cool covers, but iphone4 does...hmm..discrimination much? LOL! Not only you have to spend so much on the phone and the bill but to make it pretty you have to add in some extra cash -.- *laughs*

Here are some very cool bling covers which I totally L-O-V-E!!

My fave!!

COOL huh? I also like the ones which have fur and some bling =)
But all of these are quite costly...It ranges from RM60 to over RM100...

October 24, 2011

sports' bad day

Yesterday was a bad day for sports. MotoGP's Simoncelli was killed in Sepang, Manchester United lost terribly to Manchester City, Chelsea lost to QPR with two men sent off and Lee Chong Wei lost to Chen Jin in the Denmark Open=(

That was as much I could take for yesterday's night XD

Rider Simoncelli died after a horrific crash at the Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix held in Sepang. It was a fatal crash and the first in Sepang! RIP and condolences to his family =(

Man Utd were 1-0 down when Jonny Evans got sent off then Man City took the opportunity by winning 6-1...It was a shocker!! Although I'm not a fan, it was a first BAD lost for the season for MU!

Then Chelsea gave away a penalty in the early minutes and two players were sent off. They lost 1-0 to Queens Park Rangers. They did play well, but I guess luck wasn't on their side..

In the meantime, our very own Malaysian, Datuk Lee Chong Wei lost to Chen Jin in the Denmark Open Finals. Once again, he lost the gold to that youngster...

And then, I was too tired and went to sleep *laughs*

Overall, not a very good day for sports' fan! On the other hand, Arsenal won against Stoke 3-1! I guess Arsene Wenger may still get to keep his job =)

October 19, 2011

nails again!

Pink nails with white flowers =) Simple and nice!
Done at V' Artz Salon, Bandar Baru Klang..

October 18, 2011

Giuliana and Bill

I love watching G&B on E! Their squabbles are clean unlike the Kardashians LOL

She's the E! news anchor and he was The Apprentice of Donald Trump and now a motivational speaker. They just look so good together!

If you watch the reality show, you would know they are struggling to get a baby. It saddens me that they cannot complete their family life after trials of IVF treatment =(

In the recent IVF treatment, Giuliana had to go for a mammogram and the doctors found out she had breast cancer- but in the early stage. I was shocked! I do follow the ups and downs of this couple on reality TV and I always thought they WILL definitely by God's will to get pregnant.

Giuliana Rancic

Now that she has breast cancer, she will have to undergo a different treatment and getting pregnant will have to be on hold XD Oh, no!

But she is very optimistic about the whole thing and because it's at an early stage the cancer is curable. We all hope for the best for them!

Catch new episodes of them on E! channel 712 on Astro!

October 17, 2011

Style A to Zoe

I just purchased this book and I'm falling in love with it =)
Rachel Zoe is a very famous stylist who styles for Hollywood celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Garner among many many others!

She is a style guru and loves glamour...In this book, she gives you tips on fashion, beauty and not forgetting glamour!!

I have not yet finished reading it but I just have to share with you about why this book captured my heart at first read!

Firstly, Rachel Zoe recognises dream is not only an important part of life but also essential to FASHION!!

Dream and be inspired about getting the look that you desire! From these dreams that your style is created and how you would like to wear your cocktail dresses or your ball gown or whether that sparkling clutch matches your outfit!

Everything starts with a dream!

You, know what- I could not agree more =)

Rachel Zoe

So, readers...Start dreaming- about everything!!


October 14, 2011

Spotted: figure hugging edition!

If you want to look like you mean business, then take it from these women this week with chic figure hugging  knee length skirts.

Kim Kardashian with a dash of spring/summer colours(although it's fall) perfectly tight fitting! I love that adorable blouse with the huge bow and her Louboutins! 

Julianne Hough at the premiere of Footloose with a baby blue dress. I love the pop of colour!

Sofia Vergara looks sophisticated in an LBD. With the black pantyhose and black pumps, this woman really look like she means business!

Though matured looking, sometimes dressing conservatively business- like may make people take you more seriously..
Perfect for working outfits!

October 11, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale!

I know I'm late announcing this, but the Big Bad Wolf Book sale is BAAAACKKK!!!
I never had a chance to go to this sale before because of the location but I am going this year!! YAY!! =)

This is the biggest book sale in the world!! There are 1.5 million books on sale this year!

Not only cheap clothes and shoes make me weak, but cheap books as well!!
Oh, all these warehouse sales are bad for my purse XD

If you're going, see you around =)

October 8, 2011


This fall, I'm quite seeing the trend of blush! I never use blush probably because I'm more on the eye make-up but I found out blush has this contouring effect which makes you look you have a defined cheekbone eventhough you don't have one!

I have a round face and no defined cheekbones, so with the help of a blush worn it high on the cheekbones, it makes my face a little more angular. It also has that glowing effect and the flush makes your face healthy looking rather than pale.

There are many colours and different types of blushes out there. There are powder blush, cream blush, tint, shimmer and many more.

There's the heavy pink blush..

And if you have a darker skin, orange blush is suitable..

If you like it glowing, a shimmer liquid blush is the best..

But if you're like me and you like it subtle, a slight tint will do...

There are so many ways to wear a blush but the most important thing is the colour which suits your skin best so that you don't look too red like you had your cheeks sunburnt.

Also, before applying, smile and use a circular motion on the apple of your cheeks and brush it up on the cheekbones!

I'm lovin' the effect of a blush =))

October 7, 2011

Nose warehouse sales!

I totally forgot to blog about this due to much excitement *laughs*
Nose is currently having their warehouse sales from 5th-9th October 2011.

I went there very early yesterday with my BFF because I heard the day before, people were complaining about the queue and the crowd! Because we were the early birds, the crowd was just nice, not too suffocating and the payment counters were quite fast.

Nose is having their shoes, bags, clutches and accessories on sale! The clutches are so popular that people just crowd that section and you have to literally fight for it!

There are shoes for RM10 and RM20, bags and clutches RM30 and accessories RM10. So cheap huh??

I really needed comfy high heels and  really liked the two heels that I bought *loves* Also, I bought a bag and accessory..

Let's just say... total damage: Less than RM100...So worth it right?

I say, go check it out during the weekends girls!! Warning: Be early!!

The map


October 5, 2011

Johnson's 24 hour lasting moisture body lotion

Johnson's came out with their newest lotion range and I have tried the 24 hour lasting moisture lotion.
The first thing after squeezing out the lotion, there is a very noticeable aroma that is very calming =) I don't know, it's like a peachy smell to me which is so yummy!! *laughs* I just love the fragrant and it lingers on the whole day!

This is a moisture rich lotion which contains shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E as the key ingredients. However, it is not thick and non-greasy. It's very light and absorbs rather quickly. I realise lotion products nowadays like to come out with this light texture because people really dislike sticky, thick lotion which sticks on to your body-especially ME!

It is long lasting and makes your skin soft and smooth all day. What can I say? I'm in love especially it's in a cute pink bottle =p

October 4, 2011

Horrible bosses

Have you had a horrible boss in your lifetime? Until you actually daydream every single day of killing him/her? *laughs* Then you should watch Horrible Bosses =p

It's actually quite funny to see how three employees plot three murders for their bosses LOL
On top of that, it's a celeb-filled movie with Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudekis, Jamie Foxx, Colin Farrel, Kevin Spacey and Donald Sutherland! Wow! So many familiar faces, huh!

But seriously, if I ever had these kind of bosses when I'm working, I would totally quit! I'm quite lucky in my course of part time employments for the last three years, all my employers have been very kind to me =)

But I'm sure some of you out there have the same dilemma as the guys in Horrible Bosses. Then it's going to be a stress reliever movie- not a movie to inspire you to plot a murder!! =p

Also, I must say Jennifer Aniston looks HOT in brunette!