September 30, 2011

Cheers to the frickin' weekend!!

Yeah, I drink to that!!
Gona be a hectic one!

Have a great weekend everyone =)

September 28, 2011

SaSa One Utama New Shop Opening Celebration!

SaSa will be having their new shop opening at One Utama(Old Wing) on 30th September 2011 which is this coming Friday!!

Exciting activities await all of you!!

1. FREE RM20 Sa Sa Voucher with any storewide purchase of RM100 and above

2. SPECIAL BUY 1 FREE 1 on the following products :



Like SaSa Malaysia on Facebook:


Empire Shopping Gallery exploded??

I cannot believe it. I was just there yesterday and today it exploded? Oh!! No!! I really love Empire and it's clean environment =(

Four people were injured but luckily no death reported...

It was said to be a gas-piping explosion at 3.45am.
Do read the full report here:

September 27, 2011

Smurfs movie

Smurfs are tiny, little, blue 'thing' that can talk and love to sing and are soooo CUTE!!!!!!! Smurfette is the cutest little blue thing ever =))

Together with Neil Patrick Harris from How I met your mother and Jayma Mays from Glee and appearances by Sofia Vergara and Tim Gunn, this is the funniest animation!!!!

I like Smufette, because not only she's cute and the only girl among her 99 brother siblings but also voiced by Katy Perry and the best quote from her is: I kissed a smurf and I like it!! ROFL!!!!!!!

Every person who watches smurf will have that smurf syndrome by adding 'smurf' in almost every sentence just like how I see in Facebook!!

And oh, that song...La-la-lalalala-na-nananana -.- It's been going on in my head!!

Very recommended to watch after a long exhausted day! It'll put a smile on your face =)

I smurf all of you readers!! hehe

September 26, 2011


I am definitely a perfume type of girl. I have many different perfumes with different scents from different brands. I do not just stick to one scent and I love trying a variety of scents, strong or soft, floral or mint and so on.

So, I'm going to review four different perfume scents from different brands. I have just got its samples either through door gifts or off the counter and I'm going to say which one I would most probably buy.

Davidoff Cool Water Woman...

This one has a very light scent and perfect for a day out. It has a relaxing sensation to it with a tinge of floral and fruity smell. It's a casual scent and definitely suited for young ladies who's always on-the-go.

This is how the real perfume looks like..

I'd say the packaging is simple and very cool looking with the blue colour.

Verdict: Yes, this is one that I would totally buy without a doubt. I fell in love from the first spray =)

Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude..

Estee Lauder's newest perfume to date is the Sensuous Nude. It has very strong notes of rose, woody, sandalwood and pepper which blasts at first spray. I thought it was too strong. Even after a few minutes, the scent still stays. However, it's very feminine due to its rosy, musky scent and great for night functions. Very suitable for the strong independent woman.

The bottle is also very simple and feminine with that pink hue. This fragrance definitely brings out the feminine you!

Verdict: I don't think I would purchase it particularly due to its strong scent and it's a little bit too old for me XD

Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker...

Covet was SJP's second fragrance after Lovely which was supposed to be more daring. I would say, this has an amazing sweet scent with lemon and lavender. It's reasonably strong which is good for a date night out and that sweet smell that lingers is very sexy =)

Packaging wise, it's not too simple which I like with that flower design of the cover. Overall nice bottle together with a great scent!

Verdict: I would buy it until I met the next fragrance *laughs*

I kept the best for the last!! As you will know, this is my favourite perfume and if I could choose only one among the four to buy, I would buy THIS!!!
It's the Burberry BODY!

Firstly, I already love Burberry as a brand. Then when I had my first spray, I fell more in love with Burberry *laughs* Even my mom loved the scent! See, what more can you get with mother's approval =p

It's very modern, not too strong and not too light, it was just nice with the rose and vanilla aroma. It's fun, clean, girly and very wearable for day AND night!!

On top of that, the unique packaging is so convenient unlike most heavy, round bottles! It's classic and expensive looking and just suited for the softer gender of all ages!

Burberry Body is reportedly the brand's biggest launch ever with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley cleverly posing centrespread of the ad almost nude!

I would say, Burberry has really gone all out for the launch of Body and it works! Lovely scent with classic packaging together with a sexy model.

Verdict: DUH! Nuff' said!

September 24, 2011


New mom, Ivanka Trump steps out in a long burgundy gown at the New Yorkers for Children gala. Just two months after giving birth to Arabella Rose, she's looking as gorgeous as ever =)

The huge bow at the side of the gown!

A successful businesswoman cum model cum mother and wife and looking this good? Yeap, still my idol of all time =)

September 22, 2011

Johnny English 2 Reborn

Oh, what a movie!! It's an idiotic version of James Bond- literally!

I don't know what to say about this movie. I have mix feelings. On one hand, no doubt, I did laugh my heart out at some of the scenes but on the other, it's soo stupid that you just can't stand the stupidity of the writing!!

Somehow, it's so predictable that my friends keep telling me what's going to happen and it really did happen! So, it's nothing new but the way Rowan Atkinson does it made it quite funny at times *laughs*

However, I do think he's much better in Johnny English than Mr.Bean.
So, I say, if you want a movie just for laughs and no thinking required whatsoever, go ahead and enjoy the movie, shutting out any logical sense you have =p

Otherwise, watch other movie *laughs*

Latest Myvi Cars For Sale

Yeap, you read that right! And where can you get more info on that? Here:

CarSifu is Malaysia'a leading car classifieds website which posts cars for sale online!! Say, if you want to buy a new or a used Myvi, Forte, Vios or any other cars, you can get it all in one website! There are over 2,000 cars for sale, available online!

If you want to buy a car posted online, just click on the info button, where there will be a detailed description of the car, pictures to match, alongside the price or if it's a new car, there's even information on what kind of loan to apply! It's that easy. Then, call the person in charged and enquire further! Or you can also fill in a short form with your name, e-mail and contact and ask the seller to call you!

Either that, or if you want to post an ad online, all you have to do is just register with that website and get this, you can advertise for free =) Easy, huh?

Then if you found a car that matches, you can even bookmark the ad so that you won't lose sight of it. The tabs are designed in a way that it separates the brand of the cars and the sub tab separates the type of the car. It's just so convenient!

Now, you don't have to flip through the pages of the newspapers' classifieds to find your desired car in that small prints. It's all in one click of a website =) Well, everything is now available online and it makes it much more convenient and user-friendly.

Do check the website out!

September 20, 2011

Miss Malaysia Kebaya 2011

The search is on for Miss Malaysia Kebaya 2011!! There will be auditions being held in these two months around Klang Valley and perhaps in other states as well.

Just like this page: and wait for them to post info on the next audition.

The Miss Malaysia Kebaya team were invited for the Malaysia's Women Career Building Association dinner recently held in Sunway Convention Centre.

We were there to usher people in and model the kebaya and also to create awareness about this pageant =)

Pictures ahead:

They are looking for beauty with brains! So, if you think you have what it takes, do audition for this pageant!


Two and a Half Men

Hiatus is over and TV shows are returning..YAHOO!! I've been missing watching all my faves shows..So, anyway the most anticipated return is Two and a Half Men. This is because Season 9 opens without Charlie Sheen as the other MEN as he is now replaced by Ashton Kutcher. Woots!!

I am not an avid follower of this show just that sometimes my family and I would occasionally watch it on Astro for some good laughs! But I couldn't wait for the season opener because Ashton Kutcher has been my all time favourite comedian! Not only he's HOT, he's absolutely FUNNY! It's been a long time since Ashton's been on TV!

The boy is all grown up and with Ashton and Jon Cryer, I'd say Season 9 is going to be hilarious! The first episode was so funny. Ashton is playing Walden Schmidt and I don't want to be a spoiler so all I'm going to say is that be prepared for a lot of nudity by Ashton *laughs* but of course everything is hidden hehe

I would say he was perfectly casted to replace Charlie and his alcholic dramas! Although, I would prefer Ashton to have shorter hair coz now he's a bit unkempt but that's probably due to the character he's playing XD

The first epi ended with a cliffhanger and I can't wait for the second epi already!

Ermm....Charlie who??

September 19, 2011

Emmys 2011

The Emmy Awards are back!! And there's a red alert! Stars came in wearing red dresses after red dresses on the red carpet! See how much red you can get??

Red pictures galore ahead!!

Best dressed hands down got to be Nina Dobrev from the Vampire Diaries in Donna Karan. Not only I'm addicted to that show, Nina never fails to portray a great outfit in the show and off set! With that figure, she can make any dress look gorgeous! That dress fits like a glove and I saw on Twitter, Nina tweeted that she needed instructions on how to use the restroom in that dress! LOLZ!!

Sarah Hyland looked young and vibrant in this one shoulder dress.

Sofia Vergara exudes confidence in this figure hugging Vera Wang! If you could see below her dress, there's some cute ruffles underneath *laughs* Very unique!

E! host Giuliana Rancic also caught the red fever! Like Nina, she's also beautiful in this tube dress. Only thing, I didn't like that hairstyle XD

Glee star, Lea Michele in a Marchesa gown. I think it's very subtle with that rosette sleeves, very unlike Lea's style. Anyhow, she's still pretty in red!

Kate Winslet in an Ellie Saab creation with some plunging neckline. If you're at her age and still look this good, you should thank your lucky stars! She won lead actress in a miniseries for Mildred Pierce.

Kerry Washington in red! The dress is beautiful. The only thing wrong with this look is her hairtsyle!! It's too flat and just spoils the whole red carpet look XD

The Blues..

I, for some reason, like this dress Heather Morris is wearing. It's very unique unlike the normal plain flowing dresses. There's some edge to it!

Claire Danes in a mix of blue....Simple yet elegant!

Katie Holmes look unkempt in this look. Her hair is messy and her dress is not figure hugging at all even with the help of that belt..

Paula Abdul nailed it in blue! This is one of the best dress I've seen her in! The shimmery tiered look is beautiful!


Evan Rachel Wood in a sparkling Ellie Saab gown! Wow! I just love it. Though I think, this would be a better choice for a night event.

The Fashion Police would definitely agree with what Kelly Osbourne is wearing! Very elegant and graceful!

Emmy host, Jane Lynch in a simple purple tube gown! I want to see the Emmys and see how hilarious Jane is as a host!!

Wow! It's been a long time since I've seen Julia Stiles and she is lovely in this light purple lacey gown!

Heidi Klum in Christian Siriano, contestant winner of Project Runway Season 4! Heidi Klum likes to be different and although that ruffles is a bit too much, but that's just her style and it suits her bubbly personality!

Gwyneth Paltrow in Pucci, Indian style! If she's one of the belly dancer performer, I would understand but she's not!

Sadly, this pretty Armani Prive gown does not look good on Julianna Margulies. She looked washed out! But she won lead actress in a drama for Good Wife. Love that show!

Overall, I think everyone looked their best and put in a lot of effort for this Emmys!

That's all folks and till the next red carpet event!!