September 14, 2011

Miss Universe 2011

Miss Universe this year was held in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Malaysia was represented by the beautiful Deborah Henry.

I watched it yesterday and I was crushed that Malaysia did not even make it into the Top 16 =( I thought Deborah had a lot of potential looking at how she involved herself in many charity causes, an all rounder beauty with great personality!

Unfortunately when the Top 16 were announced, Malaysia did not make the cut. Andrea Fonseka, the National Director of Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation(MUMO) was so certain she was going to be the Miss Universe and this was our year and she was upset when that did not happen! She tweeted all the way from Brazil saying she couldn't understand the result XD

But oh well, I still think Deborah Henry is a perfect example of how a beauty queen should be.

Deborah Henry: grace and elegance!

Miss Universe 2011 went to Miss Angola, Miss Leila Lopes..

I was shocked by the results actually! But anyhow, it is what it is!
Congrats I guess to Miss Angola.

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