September 4, 2011


I went to do my complimentary Kerastase hair treatment at Miko Galere @ Empire I'm falling in love with this hair saloon =)

Kerastase is a brand from Paris and is renowned to treat hair problems. The treatment entitled me to one small bottle of Kerastase solution which is for strengthening weakened hair.

                                                             This is how it looks like

It was attached with a nozzle and the hairstylist sprayed it on my hair and rubbed it strand by strand. After that, my hair was steamed for 15-20 minutes.

Then my hair was washed with cold water. According to the sylist, after treatment, hair is best washed with cold water.

The whole process only took 1 hour or so but your hair will feel smooth and silky. I was not allowed to wash my hair for two days so that the treatment will seep in.

Then he blowed and curled my hair just how I wanted it! I totally love the look and received many compliments of my hair =)

It has been a few days already and I have washed my hair. I found out, when I washed my hair, it still felt smooth and I didn't have to put any leave on treatment and my hair was tamed and can be combed smoothly!

The Kerastase treatment really did wonders =)  This treatment, price wise, varies according to which saloon you go to. But it's around the range of RM140-160 for one bottle.


  1. Do you need to pay for the wash& blowdry services during the free treatment session? If do, how much? I have yet to redeem my treatment..

  2. Yes, unfortunately you do. The wash and blow services vary between saloons. At Miko, if I'm not mistaken it's RM35 =)