September 12, 2011

Nails, Nails, Nails

Lately, I'm very obsessed with nail arts. I bought the Konad Stamping kit, nail polish and today I just did another set of nail art with my BFF =)

I think I need to enrol myself into a nail art course *laughs*

I wanted turquoise as the base but Nail Artz at Sunway Pyramid didn't have the right colour so it was mixed with blue and light shimmery turquoise. I loved it =) The design was soft blue, white and green.

I love Nail Artz and have been there a few times already. You can read my posts:

Now, since I have nothing much to do, all I do is stare at them. I stare when I'm bored, when I'm typing, while driving, while watching TV, while sms-ing....yeah, you get it =p

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