September 30, 2010

Damn you, KTM!!!

My relationship with KTM has always been based on hatred. You see, we go wayyyyy back...I have been on the train where it broke down halfway and I had to walk on the rail track to reach another station. I've also been made to wait for the train for more than an hour due to multiple delays. Besides, I have been on the train where it broke down at one station and I had to take the taxi to reach my destination. I was also in a train before without any air cond and it was during rush hour where everyone's stepping on each other and gasping for air. Further, I have been stalked in a station before. I was also been pushed and molested during peak hours where everyone's rushing to get into the train. Finally, the most recent one would have to be falling down while all the chaotic pushing happened during rush hour!!

So, it all started when I was in KL Sentral going to take the KTM to go back at 6.50pm. The board stated that there would be a shuttle train with limited stops to Klang at 6.51pm. However, that shuttle train was cancelled that evening. So, the next train to Pelabuhan Klang will be at 7.06pm. Fine, so I waited with the growing crowd! Then another announcement was made saying there has been a delay and the train will only arrive at 7.15pm. Everyone was starting to get agitated already. When it was 7.15pm the board showed that the train will only arrive at 7.21pm...seriously, WTF!!!

So the train arrived and there was much pushings, shoutings and crammings due to the people inside the train wanting to come out but the people outside are too eager to get a place in the train. Okay, I have no control of how I got my place in the train because the people beside me pushed me and the people behind me pushed me and somehow I got into the train LOL

After surviving two stops, this is where it all happened. This is a station where quite many will go down. I was near the door so I stepped out for the people to go out. But they were all soooo ganas(I think worst than animals) they pushed and pushed and somehow I fell down. Not only did I fall but my left leg was stucked in between the gap of the train and the platform! I thought that's it, my leg is broken!!

Now, I was in the ladies coach and none of the ladies even helped me up. Only one was heard saying 'OMG, faster get up or else the door will close and your leg will get stucked!' In fact, someone was still rushing after it all happened and fell straight on me -.- Her slipper flew to me too!! XD Seriously??

Luckily, I managed to get up but I saw a huge mark on my thigh and felt like needles being pocked into my thigh. I walked inside and I squatted out of pain. Some ladies were saying to the people sitting to give me a seat. But I saw nobody got up. Two ladies just asked whether do I want to sit down. I was thinking I'm fine and since they didn't get up might as well they just continue sitting.

So I stood massaging my thigh and see whether it can move. After awhile, someone got up to go out and they asked me to sit. The woman beside me said why don't I sue KTM. I was already in no mood and I just told her it's not worth it because it will take a really long time for the case to get solved due to our inefficient court system.

The rationale is like this...If I were to sue KTM I might win the case. It is their fault which caused the multiple delays which in turn caused all these pushings and resulted in me getting hurt. However, this is actually a trivial case(I did not suffer any broken bones though the pain is excruciating!) so the damages I might get is too little to cover any of my lawyer's cost, my time and so on! How much are they going to give me due to my pain and suffering? I did not even get medical help...

Perhaps if this happened to me when I'm a lawyer, I might pursue the suit because it's easier when I'm the one handling the case. But when I do become a lawyer I'll swear out KTM as my resort to go to work!! Like seriously!! No way in hell!!

So, the end result is me getting huge arts on my thighs...

                                 This is only one of the 'tattoo', mind you... and it's freaking HUGE!
Well, I can't walk properly without limping because the centre of my thigh hurt so much when I walk. I feel like an old lady now. I think I need a walking stick to help me in walking XD FML!!!

Damn you, KTM!!!!!! You make mine and other commuters' lives a living HELL!!

September 29, 2010


It's been quite long since we've seen anything on Britney Spears, eh? Well, she's actually busy acting on Glee, that is! Yup, Glee's doing a whole Britney episode featuring her and her songs just like they did with a Madonna episode. Difference is that Madonna was not on Glee only her songs!

                          Seeing double? Girl on left is actually Heather Morris dressing like Britney!

I can't wait to see that episode. I'm not really a follower of Glee but I do download episodes when there's a hyped up episode such as this.

No doubt I'm a fan of Britney ever since she bombarded the charts with Opps! I did it again, Hit me baby one more time and her many hits songs...

                                                              During her young days

Then came her melt down, her head shaving, two children, a divorce and she bounced back with a new album. I still like her songs and she definitely has potential to be a huge star once again like her teen days because whenever Britney drops an album there'll be a lot hoo-haa just like this Glee episode.

I can't wait for her to make another album and see her guest starring in other TV shows. She actually did a small appearance in How I Met your Mother at one time and it was a huge hit among viewers! I just hope she doesn't have another melt down like Lindsay Lohan or get married and getting divorced again. She should stick to what she does best: music!

September 27, 2010

teenage dream

I'm addicted to 'Teenage Dream' by Katy Perry..

You make me
Feel like
I'm living a Teenage Dream
The way you turn me on
I can't sleep
Let's runaway
And don't ever look back
Don't ever look back

My heart stops
When you look at me
Just one touch
Now baby I believe
This is real
So take a chance
And don't ever look back
Don't ever look back

I felt that this video was very natural....Definitely a step back from Katy Perry's usual videos with thick make ups and outrageous props..Me likey =))

September 26, 2010

Chelsea got screwed XD

By Manchester City that is...

                                                                      All his fault =p

Carlos Tevez who captained Man City scored the one and only goal against Chelsea...Hmm...They lost in League Cup and now this. Better luck next time then!!

September 25, 2010

Grown Ups!

Grown ups is a pretty good comedy movie. It's not slapstick and it's genuinely humorous with a touch of family-ness in the movie.

I like how Adam Sandler's character is trying to bring his family together and teach his kids to not be too spoilt. I've mostly liked all Adam's movies. I think he's a good comedian. His another movie 'Click' was also very good!

Grown ups was fun to watch with five comedians coming together to make this movie. Each had their own problems and finally it was resolved at the end of this movie. I especially liked the 'arrow roulette' game. If you've watched it, you'll know what I mean *laughs* The waterpark and the family day scenes were really fun to watch too.

Overall, this movie was worth watching!

September 24, 2010

Ladies' coach

KTM has newly introduced the ladies' coach a few months back. The centre coach of the train is reserved specially for ladies at all times. Before my four months break, KTM just started introducing it and when I sat in it the last time, some men were still very ignorant about it. Okay, perhaps it can be forgiven because it was newly introduced and these men may have been sitting KTM for the past 10 years and they needed to be familiarised with the concept.

But now that I'm using KTM once again to go back to college, I thought people would have gotten the idea that the centre coach is ONLY for ladies for so many months!! My gosh, Malaysians sometimes can be soooo uneducated *smacks head* Men can still be seen sitting ignorantly or defiantly in the ladies' coach. Don't they feel a sense of embarassment? It's not that they do not understand....KTM's polis bantuan are stationed at certain stations to constantly remind those men in the ladies' coach to move to a different coach! And yet, some men just refuse to move and they will be like hiding from the police. OMG!! Seriously, for what I don't know!

                             Erm, are you stupid? See also there's another guy not circled on the right.

KTM has also put up ample posters about the ladies' coach such as these:

Besides, they constantly remind people through loudspeakers at the stations and in the train itself that men are not allowed to enter into the ladies' coach. Even I'm getting fed up about those announcements and seeing hundreds of the pink signs everywhere and yet people still do not get it!! So, if I'm KTM I really do not know what to do already. I mean you cannot be reminding people for years about the ladies coach and yet there are men still sitting in it, right? What can you do? I think this ladies' coach might be a failure because of Malaysian's stupidity.

I'm not being a sexist here. I'm very fine with men and women sitting in the same coach. In fact, there are normally three coaches in KTM's trains. Only one coach is reserved for the ladies. The other two coaches are mixed coaches. I'm just annoyed that with ample reminders and signs of the ladies' coach, men make themselves seem so uneducated or rather deaf and blind when entering into the ladies' coach. If you want to be with your girlfriend, there's the other two coaches!

Luckily, however during peak hours, they'll be many police stationed to remind the men not to enter in the coach. Imagine, being squashed in the train with a man among most ladies in the ladies' coach. Speechless!

Probably in a few years time, KTM will get tired of reminding people and this whole thing will just fade away. The stickers and posters may remain that the centre coach is reserved for ladies, but I reckon it'll just be a mixed coach anyway.

September 23, 2010

Mid- autumn festival

Yesterday was the Mid- Autumn Festival. All chinese may have celebrated it with eating mooncakes and playing tanglungs under the full moon.

Mooncakes earned their popularity during the Yuan Dynasty when legends say, the Mongols who had established the Yuan Dynasty were too oppressive, and were overthrown by the Chinese with the help of this simple dessert. Since Mongols did not eat mooncakes, the Chinese took advantage of this cultural difference and planned a revolt against them. Leaders of the revolts distributed mooncakes, under the pretense of celebrating the emperor's longevity, to other Chinese people. The mooncakes held secret messages baked within the skin, informing people to revolt on the 15th of the 8th moon, also the Mid Autumn festival. The rebellion was successful and mooncakes were forever kept a national tradition of China.

The mooncake is traditionally made in the shape of a full moon, symbolizing union and perfection, is usually about the size of a doughnut, and is stuffed with a variety of fillings such as bean paste, egg yolk, lotus seeds, dates, pineapple, walnuts, almonds, and sesame.

I don't know the origins of playing tanglungs but normally during this festival smalls kids will be excited to play their colourful and all kinds of shapes tanglungs. When I was small I used to play it with my family but now that we're all young adults I only sometimes play it with my young cousins or rather they play and I supervise coz of the candles *laughs*

I'm also not a fan of mooncakes and right till yesterday I think I only took one piece of the lotus mooncake. It's too sweet for my taste and besides, mooncake has come up with so many flavours that I'm not used to LOL Though, I did see the full moon and it was very beautiful. It was perfectly round and brightly lit in the dark sky.

I didn't celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival but I hope you had fun celebrating it =)

September 22, 2010

'Vampires suck' sucked!!

As the title mentioned, Vampires Suck is nothing but just a stupid slapstick comedy! I like vampires movie so of course I didn't find many of their scenes funny LOL They were mostly mocking stuffs about Twilight and its characters.

Though, the girl in the movie did a great job mimicking Kristen Stewart's awkwardness and shyness in Twilight. Sometimes, I feel like she's Kristen's twin *laughs* Watch this movie only if you have absolutely nothing better to do. Otherwise, I suggest do not waste your money and time...

September 20, 2010

Binge Eating Disorder

I read an article about Binge Eating Disorder(BED) just recently and I think I have a mild BED *laughs*
Symptoms include:

-Periodically does not exercise control over consumption of food
-Eats until physically uncomfortable and nauseated due to the amount of food just consumed
-Eats large amounts of food even when not really hungry
-Rapid weight gain
-Feeling extremely distressed or upset during or after bingeing
-No regular attempts to “make up” for the binges through vomiting, fasting, or over-exercising.

Yeap, I certainly have mild symptoms of this condition. But only MILD. So, no worries I guess LOL Just that I need to start controlling on my food intake.

Binge Eating Disorder is characterized by compulsive overeating in which people consume huge amounts of food while feeling out of control and powerless to stop. Binge eaters often eat even when they’re not hungry and continue eating long after they’re full. They may also gorge themselves as fast as they can while barely registering what they’re eating or tasting.

It's not unusual to overeat from time to time-most people do. But binge eating is different. People with BED consume large amount of food on a regular basis. BED does not only affect obese people but people with normal weight too. People with this problem don't want to be overweight. They wish they could be trim and control their weight but it's the disorder that stops them from doing so. 

BED can be cured if you seek help from a psychiatrist, psychologist or a nutritionist. Okay, as I said I only have MILD BED...I seriously need to watch my diet from now on so that it doesn't get worst!!

September 19, 2010

Why kill?

Recently, there's much hoo-ha over many murder cases following the murder of Datuk Sosilawati and her associates. Some murder cases are by the same people!! Seriously, what's wrong with these people? To think of killing one person would have been so much guilt and blood on our hands, but to kill many?

Okay, honestly, I cannot even kill a cockroach what more a human. How could one not have any human conscience, pity or even most basic common sense for that matter to torture and murder someone? I don't care how much gazillion money these murderers were being paid, murdering someone is the highest degree of all crimes and if found guilty, he will get a death sentence in Malaysia.

So, then after being paid so much of money, you will be hanged after all. Was it worth it? They would not even have time to spend a single cent of it. It's always about the money or else people will not do such atrocious things. Come on, earn a decent living, for goodness sake! Most of us are doing that and we're doing just fine. We may not be super rich but at least we're living with a good conscience.

I wrote a similar post about the killing of babies. I'm so anti- killing you have no idea how much I despise these people. If they like killing so much, I suggest they do it with their own life first rather than making other people's life a living hell.

How these people live such a life, I have no idea but one day karma will bite them right where it hurts most.

September 18, 2010

Smith's siblings

If you think Justin Bieber is too young to sing, try hearing the Smith's siblings. Yes, I meant Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith's children. Introducing Jaden Smith and Willow Smith. By the way, Willow is only 9 years old and has gotten a recording deal with Jay-Z!!

This is 'Never say never' by Justin Bieber featuring Jaden Smith. Jaden can rap at such a young age!

Below is Willow Smith singing 'Whip my hair'

If I didn't tell you that was Willow, would you think it was Rihanna singing?? No wonder Jay-Z signed her coz  he also signed Rihanna and I'm guessing with the voice resemblance he likes that 'swagger' kind of voice! Oh and Willow's having her own clothing line out soon too. FML!!

With famous parents, Jaden and Willow may have gotten their recording and acting deals quite easily. But I think it may also be due to their talents. No doubt these kids have talents. Karate Kid was good and Jaden did a fantastic job in his kung fu fighting. Listening to Willow doesn't seem like a 9 year old singing at all!

Haihz, kids these days. They grow up so fast, so clever and so talented. If I could earn a recording deal at 9, I might have been a trillionaire by now. FML again!!!

September 17, 2010

VMAs 2010

The MTV Video Music Awards 2010 was held recently and Lady Gaga led the nominations going with 13 and won 8 awards. Somehow, Bad romance won so many awards though I'm not a fan of that song and the video. It just sounds too weird but that's Gaga....Weird is her first name!

Here's some sneak peek at the white carpet..

                                                  Lady Gaga came with this and changed into...

                                                             this controversial meat outfit

Well, let's just say she got into trouble with PETA for the second outfit. But only she could wear something outrageous as that. Whenever she steps foot on the red carpet people are just wondering what would she pull off this time. She never fails to surprise us!

                                     Katy Perry is another lady who never wears normal dresses

She looked like she's going for a skating competition with the skintight top.

                                                                       Selena Gomez

This young girl has emerged into a beautiful young lady. She looked absolutely amazing with this high slit tube dress!

                                                         Justin Timberlake and companions

Justin looked dashing in this leather jacket. He looked very well put together!

But if you asked anyone what's the most memorable thing about this year's VMAs, it's Lady Gaga. She stole the limelight with her crazy outfits and her many awards. Even the radios and newspapers were reporting non-stop on her outfits and its controversy. It's her year and she even landed herself in Guiness World Records for 'Most Searched-for Female' and 'Most Weeks on UK chart on any year'. Anyway, congrats Lady Gaga and keep surprising us!

Resident evil:Afterlife

Bottom line is that the fourth installment of Resident Evil should be watched in 3D. Nuff' said. I watched in 2D however and the effect wasn't so good. But I could see the slow motion action scenes and the water fighting scenes were definitely made for 3D. Resident Evil doesn't have a concrete storyline other than kill or be killed so their saving grace would be the action scenes.

Of course, some eye candies wouldn't hurt. For the guys, there's the hot Ali Larter from Heroes and for the girls, the handsome Wentworth Miller from Prison Break both acting as siblings in the movies. It was funny though to see Wentworth breaking out of prison again =p I'm sure when the script was written it was definitely written for wentworth in mind hehe

The movie was okay so to say but it would be better if watched in 3D!

September 15, 2010

Back from Penang

I was away for a 3 days 2 nights trip to Penang with some of my friends. It was fun, fun, fun!! It's all about the food when you're in Penang and I think I've put on more fats!! Urgh...gota go on a crash diet SOON!

                                                     Penang beach from our resort's view

But Penang is as jam as KL and the food isn't cheap =p Though, it's a good experience!
Now, I need to crash on my bed for some sleep...

September 12, 2010

Couples we love on TV

If you read The Star today and turned to Starmag Variety, you would have read the article on 'Couples We Love'. I was so happy when I saw it coz I love such articles that are TV-related. It was about the Top 10 list of TV's best romantic entanglements.

Guess which couple snagged the number one spot?

                                                    Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl

YAY!! Love 'Chair' and they're my favourite couple too *hearts* Perfect pair indeed on television.

Other couples who made it to Top 10 are...

                             Derek 'McDreamy' Shepherd and Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy

Though I was not pleased that they were given the number 10 spot. They should have been in Top 3!

                                           Stefan-Elena-Damon from The Vampire Diaries

The love triangle but I ship Stefan and Elena dubbed 'Stelena' because Damon, although super hot is the evil one and the third wheel in this relationship =p

I'm not happy that Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott from One Tree Hill did not make the cut.

                                                            True Love~ nuff said!


We, teenagers use a lot of acronyms these days so much so we're so used to it, we even use it without noticing in official use like in exams or typing out formal letters to companies.

Let me just lay out a few:

LOL.................Laugh out loud- the most commonly used and my FAVE =p
LMAO.............Laughing my ass out
ROFL...............Rolling on the floor laughing

Why are there so many 'laughing' acronyms??

BTW................By the way
OTW................On the way(I didn't know this until today coz I never used it*laughs*)
TTYL................Talk to you later

Then, the more vulgar ones...

WTF.................What the F!
STFU................Shut the F up!
FML..................F my life!
FTW..................F the world! or sometimes For The Win!

Okay I rarely use the last two especially the last one coz I don't know how to use it haha So let me write a sentence and see whether I use it right; My neighbours suck! They are inconsiderate and such snobbish a-holes rich people. FML!!!! (For REAL) I showed them the middle finger and called them idiots so LOUD that the whole neighbourhood could hear- FTW(the un-vulgar version) Okay, second sentence wasn't true *laughs* but it'll be true if they get on my nerves one more time.

So, I think I constructed it right, no? I think I know how to use it already haha...I learned acronyms when I started using ICQ chat back in the days. Everyone was LOL-ing, typing, brb, gtg, btw and sort of. I was actually new to it and I was confused about what they were talking about. And the most famous one would be: asl? Unknown people would come and ask asl? I was like 'what the hell is asl?' Only then I found out from a friend that it's age, sex, location? Weird huh people would come asking that....

But anyway, these days acronyms are in our everyday use. Sometimes my mom cannot understand what some acronyms mean especially those smileys I text to her in sms-es *laughs* then I'll have to explain to her XD I'm not surprised if we get older there are many more acronyms to be created and soon we'll be texting something like that: HRU? MIS U LYKE C!!!! CYAS?? MSG ME. KTHXB....

Get it??? No?? Haha
Putting it in full words: How are you? Miss you like crazy!! See you soon? Message me. Okay. Thanks. Bye!

Short and sweet huh for someone you haven't seen for quite long to set a date to meet each other =p

September 11, 2010

Going the distance

Going the distance is quite a distant from any romance comedy =) It's not cliche and it's not cheesy. It's very funny at the same time very heartfelt and real. It really depicts couples with a long distance relationship.

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were lovers and I don't know if they still are because they are on and off and I'm not sure whether they are on or off now LOL But they had wonderful chemistry! They are sweet and funny =))

Though I must say just like Sex and the City there were dirty jokes and the F words were not censored at all *laughs* Well, it just made the movie even more funny!! But seriously very 18SX...Don't say I didn't warn you =p

Justin Hartley

                                                              Do you know this guy?

Well, as the title says it all, he's Justin Hartley. And unless you're a fan of Smallville, the TV series, you may not know him. Alright, let me just say; How bloody handsome is he?????

I'm not really a fan of Smallville but I do catch it sometimes on TV3 and on Astro. He plays another superhero alongside Superman as the Green Arrow. He was contracted to only star in a few episodes before the producers made him a series regular later on.

Green Arrow
I must say after watching an episode with him on it, I fell in love with him just like I do with any handsome guy I find on TV or in movies *laughs* But he's exceptionally cute with his boyish charm =p Anyway, so from now on I only watch Smallville if he's acting in that episode or else it's not ineteresting LOL

I will read the synopsis of the episode first and if I see Justin will be starring in it, only then will I download that episode or watch it on TV haha I'm that obsessed with him =p Also, after you-tubing and googling, I found out he's married and he's such a family man putting his daughter as his priority. I'm so melting right now hehe

But seriously, I've never seen a guy as handsome as him on TV and trust me, I do watch a lot of TV! And dedicating a whole post on him, shows how obsessed am I about him *laughs*

September 10, 2010

The Runaways

The movie Runaways was about a real teenage all-girl rock band of the 1970s. The show mainly follow the lives of Joan Jett and Cherrie Currie. Kristen Stewart played Joan while Dakota Fanning played Cherrie.

I watched it and Kristen was really foul-mouthed in the movie. She kept saying the F bomb every few minutes. I watched it on DVD so it wasn't censored and imagine every sentence is followed by F***! She's soo far fetched from that Bella Swan in Twilight.

Dakota, on the other hand, was so matured in this movie. Hey, I thought I last saw her screaming in War of the Worlds where Tom Cruise was carrying her as his child? What happened to that little girl? All grown up, dressed scantily and kissing another girl!

Yes, Kristen and Dakota shared a kiss, not only once! There were drugs, alcohols and all sorts of stuffs people do back in the days portrayed very well in this movie. Kristen and Dakota really sang for this movie and my favourite has to be the 'Cherry Bomb' song!

                                                           The original Runaways band

I haven't heard of The Runaways until this movie. Although I have heard of Joan Jett before. If you were to compare that picture and the movie poster above, you would realise that Kristen is a spitting image of Joan(the one with the guitar) and Dakota is like Cherrie's(centre) twin sister. The movie people found the right actresses that looked almost exactly like the original band.

This movie is not really my cup of tea. But if you would like to see what happens when rock bands tour like the so called behind-the-scenes, this movie shows it all and doesn't cut back.

September 9, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Tomorrow is Raya where all Muslims will celebrate together after one month of fasting. There was the exodus where everyone were rushing to go back to their hometowns. Even the ones not celebrating are taking this opportunity to 'balik kampung' because it's quite a long holiday especially for the ones schooling and for the ones working Raya falls on a Friday so they have three days off!

Me? I'm just busy going out with family and friends, as usual =p So, to those travelling, have a safe journey and do come back in one piece and not lying on the road splattered with blood...

Finally, to those celebrating, have a lovely Raya, get lots of 'duit raya' and just have a fun time with family, relatives and friends =)

Jam, jam and more jam!!

Driving to Kuala Lumpur is a biatch especially on the Federal Highway! Seriously speaking and if you're working or studying there, you would know what I mean...

                                                    The endless jam in KL

See, when I started driving to KL last year I thought peak hours are where most cars will be stucked on the highway. So, I'll probably drive around 8.30am(I thought people are already at work!) or evening classes I'll drive at 2pm(I thought people have finished their lunchtime and are back at work) or coming back at 4pm(I thought people finish work later and the jam will start around 5pm) Boy, am I soo soo soo soo WRONG!!!

Whatever time you go to KL or come back from KL, you will NEVER miss the jam...There will always be heavy traffic on the road be it weekdays or even WEEKENDS!! Imagine on a Sunday afternoon and it still jams or even 9.30pm on federal??! Seriously! I've tried driving all kinds of times and all days to avoid the crazy jam and yet I'm still stucked in the jam -.- You just cannot escape the jam!

How come there are so many cars on the road? Where do all these cars come from? I don't remember seeing thousands of cars in the last 5 years? The jam is worsening! Oh, and if you do not have a Touch N Go card or a Smart Tag, good luck to you! That adds an extra probably 15 minutes in your already elongated destination time.

The jam will worsened when there is a downpour or an accident, traffic then is virtually at a standstill. It's even 'better' when you're driving a manual car when your car only moves for a few seconds then stop, move a little bit then stop XD

Public transportation is of no help either. It can be even worst than being stucked in the jam. I do not need to elaborate on how 'efficient' our train and bus services are because we all know how is it like. I literally dread going to KL because I'm out of options on how to go there without being stressed out. Too bad all things happening are in KL. Chances are I'll finish studying there, work there, live there, shop there and perhaps get a heart attack after years of stressing during jam!

I think I'm in dire need of this!

September 8, 2010

Online shopping

Since I'm too free now as you know it, I've been browsing through websites to find the cheapest and the best online shopping websites.

I found this:

It is called Carnivalsales. I love this website because if you buy rm20 and above there's FREE SHIPPING. You cannot get any better than this. I was very skeptical on buying clothes through websites because you have to bear the shipping fee which is around RM5-7. Now, there's this website which has reasonable prices clothes and free shipping! How cool! Check out the promotion items! You'll be surprised at how cheap those clothes are!

Check it out:

Another one of my fav is...

Recently featured in The Star, Dainty Dresser is one website which is very easy to navigate. I find some websites very messy with too many pictures, wordings and it gets me confused. The clothings are average priced and I've heard some good reviews from my friends too about her. But her clothes are sold out very fast so if you want to buy it, order it fast!

Check it out:


                                                                      The Attires' Attic

Similar to dainty dresser, very easy to navigate and average priced clothes. She has some really beautiful dresses. Though some are too short for some people's liking, I like mini dresses and it's a good website to find nice minis!

Check it out:

These are my three favourite online shopping websites. There are, however, hundreds of blogshops out there. Blogshops are becoming quite popular these days and the sellers are mostly students doing this as a part time job. Also, beware some may be scams and sometimes you may see a dress really nice but it can turn out to be low quality. Therefore, shop wisely!

TV shows are back from summer hiatus!!!

This is what I've been waiting for all break!! It's kinda gloomy without my usual series to watch...And it has to come back when college gona start?? Haihz

Anyhow, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy are all coming back either this week or next *shouts with joy* The last episode of the previous seasons of all my fave show has almost the same cliffhangers...coincidence??

I'm not revealing much coz some may have not seen it if you're watching these series in terrestial TV. But in OTH, two main casts were shot, in GG one lead actor got shot, in VD someone got stabbed and in Grey's one lead actor got shot too....LOL it looked like all scriptwriters got together somehow and decided that their actors needed to get shot last season -.-

Therefore, I'm really excited to see how all these are resolved and whether these actors will still be alive or dead. I'm really trying hard to not read any spoilers for the past months so that it would not spoil the suspense.

Anyway, there's a new series that I'm really interested in watching hehe It's called Nikita and starring the sexy hot Maggie Q..

It is actually a remake of the 90s French film and television series. It is about Nikita, a spy and assassin who has gone rogue. She is now going to take revenge against the agency who recruited her. I saw the trailer and it seems action-packed and interesting. Sometimes, watching my usual soap opera series can get a bit boring so I thought of following this series.

Maggie Q always act in 'fighting' films. I like her in Mission Impossible 3 alongside Tom Cruise and I've never seen her act without her throwing in some kicks and punches lol...Her newest movie 'The King of Fighters' is also in the same genre. Doesn't she get tired of fighting? Especially in a series where you have to do stunts almost everyday...Oh well, if she's good at it, she must be enjoying it then!

                                                                            Gona watch it?

September 7, 2010

American Idol

I'm not really a fan of American Idol. However, I do watch it once in awhile and normally I will watch when it's ending especially the finale. I love most singers who won AI. My favourite to date has to be Kris Allen, the humble artist. I also like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks and the most recent Lee Dwayze.

If you have read the newspapers, magazines or tabloids you would know that the latest judge from American Idol to quit is Kara DioGuardi.

And unless you've been living under the shell, you must also already know that Simon Cowell quit AI a few months back. Besides that, Ellen Degeneres also quit Idol after only one season! Before Ellen, Paula Abdul left Idol. After 9 seasons, American Idol is undergoing a lot of changes.

                                                      So, who's the last judge standing??

                                                                              HE IS!!

Randy Jackson is still staying strong to Idol after all his counterparts are leaving. Why? guess is that Idol is the only show that would pay him more than any other projects? Yes, he is a bassist and he has been invited to play for many celebrities performances. The recent one would be him playing in the Emmys but as I said being a judge would earn him so much more.

Paula has her own reality show, Simon is moving on to another talent competition, Ellen has her own talk show and a new recording company, Kara is a songwriter-producer who wrote many hits such as No Boundaries(AI), Walk away(Kelly Clarkson) and she's the mentor for Jason Derulo. Well, Randy...he is a nice person and a good judge. Just hope he doesn't become another Samy Vellu(if you know what I mean) I think it's time for him to move on to another project and let Idol make a 360 revamp with all-new judges and host!

Of course it wouldn't be the same without the old judges especially the laser mouthed Simon but some things can't be there forever. A change may be good after all!

Pizza Hut

Recently I ate at Pizza Hut with my family. Normally whenever we eat at Pizza Hut, we'll order the set meal and that's about it. But on that day, somehow I was craving for chicken wings. My latest cravings for now is chicken wings, which I have no idea why!

                                                               Sweet and spicy wings!

I've got to say, that's the best chicken wings I've tasted so far! Even my grandma was saying 'Wah, very sedap lah' *laughs* How come I've never tried the wings before after knowing Pizza Hut all my life LOL From now, I'm gona order the chicken wings whenever I step foot in Pizza =p

I also ordered the mocktail. It's a new recipe so just wanted to try how it taste...

                                                             I ordered the far left one...

                                                                         Fruity Fizz!!

Yeap, delicious as it looks! It has red jelly below with orange and lime juice...Such a thirst quencher! *feeling thirsty now* lol

So, try out the new mocktails in pizza. It's quite cheap actually. One cup is RM3.90 and it's a big glass! Chicken wings are a little pricey though. There's a variety of chicken wings recipes to choose from and the price varies. Anyhow, I'm sharing those delicious food coz staying true to Pizza's tagline: Eat. Laugh. SHARE!! hehe

P/S: My mom knows about my cravings so she cooked 'chicken wings masak merah' especially for me today *hearts* gota go wallop it all now =p