September 9, 2010

Jam, jam and more jam!!

Driving to Kuala Lumpur is a biatch especially on the Federal Highway! Seriously speaking and if you're working or studying there, you would know what I mean...

                                                    The endless jam in KL

See, when I started driving to KL last year I thought peak hours are where most cars will be stucked on the highway. So, I'll probably drive around 8.30am(I thought people are already at work!) or evening classes I'll drive at 2pm(I thought people have finished their lunchtime and are back at work) or coming back at 4pm(I thought people finish work later and the jam will start around 5pm) Boy, am I soo soo soo soo WRONG!!!

Whatever time you go to KL or come back from KL, you will NEVER miss the jam...There will always be heavy traffic on the road be it weekdays or even WEEKENDS!! Imagine on a Sunday afternoon and it still jams or even 9.30pm on federal??! Seriously! I've tried driving all kinds of times and all days to avoid the crazy jam and yet I'm still stucked in the jam -.- You just cannot escape the jam!

How come there are so many cars on the road? Where do all these cars come from? I don't remember seeing thousands of cars in the last 5 years? The jam is worsening! Oh, and if you do not have a Touch N Go card or a Smart Tag, good luck to you! That adds an extra probably 15 minutes in your already elongated destination time.

The jam will worsened when there is a downpour or an accident, traffic then is virtually at a standstill. It's even 'better' when you're driving a manual car when your car only moves for a few seconds then stop, move a little bit then stop XD

Public transportation is of no help either. It can be even worst than being stucked in the jam. I do not need to elaborate on how 'efficient' our train and bus services are because we all know how is it like. I literally dread going to KL because I'm out of options on how to go there without being stressed out. Too bad all things happening are in KL. Chances are I'll finish studying there, work there, live there, shop there and perhaps get a heart attack after years of stressing during jam!

I think I'm in dire need of this!

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