September 11, 2010

Justin Hartley

                                                              Do you know this guy?

Well, as the title says it all, he's Justin Hartley. And unless you're a fan of Smallville, the TV series, you may not know him. Alright, let me just say; How bloody handsome is he?????

I'm not really a fan of Smallville but I do catch it sometimes on TV3 and on Astro. He plays another superhero alongside Superman as the Green Arrow. He was contracted to only star in a few episodes before the producers made him a series regular later on.

Green Arrow
I must say after watching an episode with him on it, I fell in love with him just like I do with any handsome guy I find on TV or in movies *laughs* But he's exceptionally cute with his boyish charm =p Anyway, so from now on I only watch Smallville if he's acting in that episode or else it's not ineteresting LOL

I will read the synopsis of the episode first and if I see Justin will be starring in it, only then will I download that episode or watch it on TV haha I'm that obsessed with him =p Also, after you-tubing and googling, I found out he's married and he's such a family man putting his daughter as his priority. I'm so melting right now hehe

But seriously, I've never seen a guy as handsome as him on TV and trust me, I do watch a lot of TV! And dedicating a whole post on him, shows how obsessed am I about him *laughs*

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