September 30, 2010

Damn you, KTM!!!

My relationship with KTM has always been based on hatred. You see, we go wayyyyy back...I have been on the train where it broke down halfway and I had to walk on the rail track to reach another station. I've also been made to wait for the train for more than an hour due to multiple delays. Besides, I have been on the train where it broke down at one station and I had to take the taxi to reach my destination. I was also in a train before without any air cond and it was during rush hour where everyone's stepping on each other and gasping for air. Further, I have been stalked in a station before. I was also been pushed and molested during peak hours where everyone's rushing to get into the train. Finally, the most recent one would have to be falling down while all the chaotic pushing happened during rush hour!!

So, it all started when I was in KL Sentral going to take the KTM to go back at 6.50pm. The board stated that there would be a shuttle train with limited stops to Klang at 6.51pm. However, that shuttle train was cancelled that evening. So, the next train to Pelabuhan Klang will be at 7.06pm. Fine, so I waited with the growing crowd! Then another announcement was made saying there has been a delay and the train will only arrive at 7.15pm. Everyone was starting to get agitated already. When it was 7.15pm the board showed that the train will only arrive at 7.21pm...seriously, WTF!!!

So the train arrived and there was much pushings, shoutings and crammings due to the people inside the train wanting to come out but the people outside are too eager to get a place in the train. Okay, I have no control of how I got my place in the train because the people beside me pushed me and the people behind me pushed me and somehow I got into the train LOL

After surviving two stops, this is where it all happened. This is a station where quite many will go down. I was near the door so I stepped out for the people to go out. But they were all soooo ganas(I think worst than animals) they pushed and pushed and somehow I fell down. Not only did I fall but my left leg was stucked in between the gap of the train and the platform! I thought that's it, my leg is broken!!

Now, I was in the ladies coach and none of the ladies even helped me up. Only one was heard saying 'OMG, faster get up or else the door will close and your leg will get stucked!' In fact, someone was still rushing after it all happened and fell straight on me -.- Her slipper flew to me too!! XD Seriously??

Luckily, I managed to get up but I saw a huge mark on my thigh and felt like needles being pocked into my thigh. I walked inside and I squatted out of pain. Some ladies were saying to the people sitting to give me a seat. But I saw nobody got up. Two ladies just asked whether do I want to sit down. I was thinking I'm fine and since they didn't get up might as well they just continue sitting.

So I stood massaging my thigh and see whether it can move. After awhile, someone got up to go out and they asked me to sit. The woman beside me said why don't I sue KTM. I was already in no mood and I just told her it's not worth it because it will take a really long time for the case to get solved due to our inefficient court system.

The rationale is like this...If I were to sue KTM I might win the case. It is their fault which caused the multiple delays which in turn caused all these pushings and resulted in me getting hurt. However, this is actually a trivial case(I did not suffer any broken bones though the pain is excruciating!) so the damages I might get is too little to cover any of my lawyer's cost, my time and so on! How much are they going to give me due to my pain and suffering? I did not even get medical help...

Perhaps if this happened to me when I'm a lawyer, I might pursue the suit because it's easier when I'm the one handling the case. But when I do become a lawyer I'll swear out KTM as my resort to go to work!! Like seriously!! No way in hell!!

So, the end result is me getting huge arts on my thighs...

                                 This is only one of the 'tattoo', mind you... and it's freaking HUGE!
Well, I can't walk properly without limping because the centre of my thigh hurt so much when I walk. I feel like an old lady now. I think I need a walking stick to help me in walking XD FML!!!

Damn you, KTM!!!!!! You make mine and other commuters' lives a living HELL!!

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