September 8, 2010

TV shows are back from summer hiatus!!!

This is what I've been waiting for all break!! It's kinda gloomy without my usual series to watch...And it has to come back when college gona start?? Haihz

Anyhow, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy are all coming back either this week or next *shouts with joy* The last episode of the previous seasons of all my fave show has almost the same cliffhangers...coincidence??

I'm not revealing much coz some may have not seen it if you're watching these series in terrestial TV. But in OTH, two main casts were shot, in GG one lead actor got shot, in VD someone got stabbed and in Grey's one lead actor got shot too....LOL it looked like all scriptwriters got together somehow and decided that their actors needed to get shot last season -.-

Therefore, I'm really excited to see how all these are resolved and whether these actors will still be alive or dead. I'm really trying hard to not read any spoilers for the past months so that it would not spoil the suspense.

Anyway, there's a new series that I'm really interested in watching hehe It's called Nikita and starring the sexy hot Maggie Q..

It is actually a remake of the 90s French film and television series. It is about Nikita, a spy and assassin who has gone rogue. She is now going to take revenge against the agency who recruited her. I saw the trailer and it seems action-packed and interesting. Sometimes, watching my usual soap opera series can get a bit boring so I thought of following this series.

Maggie Q always act in 'fighting' films. I like her in Mission Impossible 3 alongside Tom Cruise and I've never seen her act without her throwing in some kicks and punches lol...Her newest movie 'The King of Fighters' is also in the same genre. Doesn't she get tired of fighting? Especially in a series where you have to do stunts almost everyday...Oh well, if she's good at it, she must be enjoying it then!

                                                                            Gona watch it?

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