September 12, 2010

Couples we love on TV

If you read The Star today and turned to Starmag Variety, you would have read the article on 'Couples We Love'. I was so happy when I saw it coz I love such articles that are TV-related. It was about the Top 10 list of TV's best romantic entanglements.

Guess which couple snagged the number one spot?

                                                    Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl

YAY!! Love 'Chair' and they're my favourite couple too *hearts* Perfect pair indeed on television.

Other couples who made it to Top 10 are...

                             Derek 'McDreamy' Shepherd and Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy

Though I was not pleased that they were given the number 10 spot. They should have been in Top 3!

                                           Stefan-Elena-Damon from The Vampire Diaries

The love triangle but I ship Stefan and Elena dubbed 'Stelena' because Damon, although super hot is the evil one and the third wheel in this relationship =p

I'm not happy that Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott from One Tree Hill did not make the cut.

                                                            True Love~ nuff said!

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