September 7, 2010

Step Up 3 3D

I watched step up 3 in 3D the other day and boy, it blew my mind away!!

I'm sure Step up in 2D is just as nice because the choreography for the entire movie was superb but in 3D is a whole new different view. I especially like the bubbles and water dancing scenes. You can see the effect of the bubbles floating beside you and I cannot help myself to 'pop' the bubbles hehe

I'm obsessed with the lead actor, Rick Malambri =p

He is super cute! I keep on whispering to my friend on how HOT he is whenever he appears on screen hehe You should see his abs in the movie!!

Overall, I would give Step up 3D the best dancing movie I've ever watched. I'm quite addicted to dancing movies like the Step up franchise, Stomp the Yard, Bring It On franchise, Fired up! and many more because you can see so many talented dancers presenting unbelievable out-of-this-world moves! I'm always in awe whenever I see those dancers perform!

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