September 24, 2010

Ladies' coach

KTM has newly introduced the ladies' coach a few months back. The centre coach of the train is reserved specially for ladies at all times. Before my four months break, KTM just started introducing it and when I sat in it the last time, some men were still very ignorant about it. Okay, perhaps it can be forgiven because it was newly introduced and these men may have been sitting KTM for the past 10 years and they needed to be familiarised with the concept.

But now that I'm using KTM once again to go back to college, I thought people would have gotten the idea that the centre coach is ONLY for ladies for so many months!! My gosh, Malaysians sometimes can be soooo uneducated *smacks head* Men can still be seen sitting ignorantly or defiantly in the ladies' coach. Don't they feel a sense of embarassment? It's not that they do not understand....KTM's polis bantuan are stationed at certain stations to constantly remind those men in the ladies' coach to move to a different coach! And yet, some men just refuse to move and they will be like hiding from the police. OMG!! Seriously, for what I don't know!

                             Erm, are you stupid? See also there's another guy not circled on the right.

KTM has also put up ample posters about the ladies' coach such as these:

Besides, they constantly remind people through loudspeakers at the stations and in the train itself that men are not allowed to enter into the ladies' coach. Even I'm getting fed up about those announcements and seeing hundreds of the pink signs everywhere and yet people still do not get it!! So, if I'm KTM I really do not know what to do already. I mean you cannot be reminding people for years about the ladies coach and yet there are men still sitting in it, right? What can you do? I think this ladies' coach might be a failure because of Malaysian's stupidity.

I'm not being a sexist here. I'm very fine with men and women sitting in the same coach. In fact, there are normally three coaches in KTM's trains. Only one coach is reserved for the ladies. The other two coaches are mixed coaches. I'm just annoyed that with ample reminders and signs of the ladies' coach, men make themselves seem so uneducated or rather deaf and blind when entering into the ladies' coach. If you want to be with your girlfriend, there's the other two coaches!

Luckily, however during peak hours, they'll be many police stationed to remind the men not to enter in the coach. Imagine, being squashed in the train with a man among most ladies in the ladies' coach. Speechless!

Probably in a few years time, KTM will get tired of reminding people and this whole thing will just fade away. The stickers and posters may remain that the centre coach is reserved for ladies, but I reckon it'll just be a mixed coach anyway.

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