June 29, 2015

Andalou Naturals skincare range

Do you know that BMS Organics carry skincare products in some of their restaurants?
I was quite surprised by this actually because I have eaten there before but did not know about their skincare range sold. Well, now you know and let me share about their organic skincare products.

They carry a wide range of Andalou Naturals skincare products which is 100% natural origin, containing at least 70% organic certified, non- MGO & vegan products and 30% active substance.

There are four types of range to suit different types of skin; Age Defying, Brightening, Clarifying and Sensitive range.

I was naturally very attracted to the Sensitive range because it's Pink! Haha and also because the smell is heavenly! Everything smells like Rose because it contains Alpine Rose Stem Cells Extracts <3 It is suitable for sensitive skin, those suffering from redness and inflammation.

The purple range is the Age Defying range suitable for dehydrated and pre mature aging skin.

The Brightening range is for pigmented skin and for someone looking for a brighter and whiter complexion.

Clarifying range is for very oily and congested skin.

We were able to try out the products ourselves =)

Prepping for some facial time hehe

First up, remove all makeup with makeup remover from the Brightening range.

This is a very light makeup remover and doesn't strip the skin off its moisture.

Next, I'm using the Foam Cleanser from the Sensitive range.

I love the foam cleanser. It's so fun and easy to use and smells awesome! Highly recommended!

Then exfoliate with Pearl Exfoliator from the Sensitive range. The exfoliator has pearl beads gently lifts away impurities and dull dry surface cells.

Our beautician helped us to do facial also =)

Then Rosewater Mask to hydrate skin.

This is a gel mask delivering deep hydration and cellular support to soothe, nourish and revive skin's moisture barrier for a naturally flawless complexion.

Apply evenly on skin and leave on for 10 minutes.

Thereafter, rinse clean with cool water.
My face was thoroughly clean, moisturised and soothed. 

The Floral Toner contains aromatic rosewater mist that instantly refreshes and revitalises skin's delicate pH balance.

Moroccan Beauty Oil to hydrate skin.

Just 1-2 drops will do leaving skin illuminate and glow.

The Beautiful day Cream to lock in moisture.

This satin soft cream absorbs into skin immediately leaving my skin moisturised and hydrated all day.

Nicole and I doing our own facial and playing with all the products hehe

I really love the products in the Andalou range as it's not harsh on my skin and contains natural fruit stem cells. After using the Sensitive range in the workshop, I went out the entire day and my skin felt refreshed even until night and was not oily. I was really happy about it =)

The Fruit Stem Cells renew, repairs and regenerate the skin.
It contains Bioactive plus 8 types of Berry Complex mainly:

1.Acai Berry- nourish and revitalise
2.Arania Berry- firm & refine
3.Bearberry- boost immunity
4.Billberry- heal & rejuvenate
5.Black elderberry- repair & fortify
6.Goji berry- speed up recovery
7. Rosehips berry- reverse & restore
8. Sea buckthorn berry- support cells

Finally, it also contains certified organic aloe vera and polysaccharides(one of the hydratiing ingredient in hyaluronic acid).

If you want to try out Andalou Naturals products as a first timer, I suggest you go for the trial kit first. It is a trial size set but good enough to test on your skin for a month or two.

Sensitive- RM149

Age Defying- RM129

Clarifying- RM129

Brightening- RM129

Just look closely into BMS Organics and you can find their products in there

Happy Shopping! xoxo

June 27, 2015

Jurassic World movie

I'm a big fan of the Jurassic movies.
Hence, it's a no brainer to catch the latest Jurassic World movie.

I'm always fascinated about how they create a different world where dinosaurs are still alive and we humans treat it like a zoo visit. In Jurassic World, those extinct animals come alive through genetic procedures and of course with science and mad scientists around, things are surely to go wrong.

A hybrid of a dinosaur was created which became very intelligent and that's the adventure of the whole movie. The storyline is pretty simple, but the special effects, the adventure, some romance and the scary parts made the movie very enjoyable.

I see kids in the theater enjoying it so it's a family kind of movie and it's rare to see dinosaurs in movies anyway so it's really cool to watch.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt make good chemistry and are very likeable characters. The whole movie was great to just sit back and enjoy =)

My rating: 3 and a half stars

June 21, 2015

Biore Perfect Cleansing Water

I love oil free products. Because I have oily skin, I normally stay away from oil based makeup remover because it tends to make my skin very sticky. And I found the perfect makeup remover in Biore's Perfect Cleansing Water.

Because this is water based and contains natural mineral water from Japan, this suits my skin the best and for those with oily skin. It removes makeup deep into pores so that skin feels fresh, non oily and non sticky.

It also has anti bacteria properties to control acne, moisturizing properties to moisturize skin and Witch Hazel extract to tighten pores. Perfect for my skin! I really love this Cleansing Water even just after the first use.

So I have a face full of makeup and I'm putting the Cleansing Water to test on half the face.

Just pour some on a cotton pad, and gently wipe the desired area be it eyes, face or lips. Don't even need to rub as it will irritate skin. It has a floral scent which is a plus point!

The makeup was so easy to be removed and...
...my skin felt clean and fresh immediately!
Yeap I look weird here but let's focus on the half where there is no makeup. The entire makeup from the eyebrow, eyeliner and blusher were instantly removed in one cotton pad.

This is like my go to remover from now on!
It saves money, time and cotton hehe and yes following its name it's Perfect!

Biore Perfect Cleansing Water can be found in all pharmacies in Malaysia.

June 17, 2015

Kechara Soup Kitchen

I had a very unique experience one weekend when I spent a Saturday night distributing food to the homeless people in the heart of our city, Kuala Lumpur with the people at Kechara Soup Kitchen. You might be surprised that during the day. our city is busy and filled with people, traffic jams, buzzing with honks and vehicles but at night, at certain areas, it's quiet with many homeless people with no shelter seeking food to eat. 

Kechara has existed for 8 years to date, helping the homeless by distributing food and necessities. Anyone may volunteer themselves and register at Kechara to help distribute food to the homeless. The Saturday night rounds need the most volunteers so I suggest if you are free any one of the Saturdays, instead of clubbing and partying yourself drunk, go volunteer at Kechara and see the vast difference of other people's lives. It will truly be an eye opener.

Saturday night is a reach out programme, meaning to say we reach out to the people to distribute food. Kechara serves food on weekdays as well but only in Kechara's venue. Kechara is inspired by their guru, Tsem Rinpoche who is a monk that was homeless before because he was ostracized by his own family. When he became a monk, he did what was closest to his heart; serve the homeless people because he knew what it was like to be homeless. Kechara's motto is 'Hunger knows no barriers". When you X-Ray someone's stomach, do you see whether it's Chinese, Indian, Malay, etc or whether it's Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, etc? No. We can only see whether it's full or empty. And if it's empty, we feed them.

If you're there for the first time, you will need to go through a one hour orientation on what are the do's and don'ts on feeding the homeless. There you will meet Mr Wong, who is a very funny and noble guy and you will learn from his stories. 

After that, there's a briefing on the location where you will be divided into groups to attend to the 10 locations. If you have gone through the orientation before, you just need to come for this short briefing. Each team has an appointed team leader who will guide you on what to do during the distribution of food.

I was assigned with the group to go to Tun Perak. This is the largest group with the largest amount of homeless people within the area. 

You will be surprised that these people actually line up upon our arrival and politely take food from us. We served a variety of food and each can choose either a packet of nasi lemak or burger plus bottled water, fruit, biscuits, and bread. 

It was a rather unique experience and it's something I've never seen nor done before in my life.
And I'm glad I took the time to volunteer for this.

Want to volunteer as well? 
Check out Kechara FB page for more info =)

June 14, 2015

Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set

I have been battling hair fall since I was a teen. 

My room will forever have this sight if I don't sweep it after I wash my hair -_-

My hair loss is quite a big problem in my life and I fear I will be botak when I reach 30. I literally lose a few hundred strands of hair within a week. I don't think it's healthy at all. I know people lose hair but not to this extend. I have been trying all kind of shampoo brands to cure this problem but none works.

So I was given this Bawang hair fall set from the generous people at HiShop to review and let's see if it reduces my hair fall.

But first, there are 3 main causes of female hair loss:
1. Pregnancy
2. Stress, Depress, Weight gain and Weight loss
3.Dye hair, perm and rebonding.

I think mine should be No.2 and 3 >.< 

The principle of Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set is to accelerate blood circulation, nourishing and pressure relief. It is developed and targeted on female hair loss  and contains natural and mild anti-hair fall composite essences on every drop.

The 3 effectiveness contents include:
1.Angelica and Gingko Leaf, which stimulates hair scalp and hair root vitality
2.Polygonum Multiflorum and Medlar, which continuously replenishes nutrients lost in hair.
3.Mint, which relieves scalp pressure

It contains 100% Compounded Natural Essences for Hair Fall Control

Use the combination of both to maximise hair loss control effect.

200ml Ladies Hair Fall Control Shampoo
Contains all natural and mild hair fall control essences, which are vital in stimulating hair scalp to absorb all the nutrients in the shampoo. Such nutrients are essential for hair growth and help to control hair loss and hair breakage to give a stronger, healthy and fuller hair.

Apply to wet hair, gently massage the scalp and roots for 3-5 minutes with finger tips to work in lather. Rinse thoroughly with water.

200ml Ladies Hair Fall Control Conditioner
Use in combination with the shampoo to improve hair tenacity resulting in healthy, stronger and fuller hair.

Apply an adequate amount from mid length to ends of hair and gently massage with finger tips for 3-5 minutes.

These nutrition stimulates hair growing, reducing hair fall, making hair healthier and thicker, 

I felt the mint after washing was very effective in relieving scalp pressure. I felt my scalp thoroughly clean with the cooling effect. And no, it does not smell like Bawang (onion) but a very mild shampoo scent. My hair loss was minorly reduced but of course is not cured. I think hair loss is quite a natural thing only how much loss is a good loss. Continuous usage of this set will hopefully make my hair loss reduced to normal hair loss situation.

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