June 14, 2015

Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set

I have been battling hair fall since I was a teen. 

My room will forever have this sight if I don't sweep it after I wash my hair -_-

My hair loss is quite a big problem in my life and I fear I will be botak when I reach 30. I literally lose a few hundred strands of hair within a week. I don't think it's healthy at all. I know people lose hair but not to this extend. I have been trying all kind of shampoo brands to cure this problem but none works.

So I was given this Bawang hair fall set from the generous people at HiShop to review and let's see if it reduces my hair fall.

But first, there are 3 main causes of female hair loss:
1. Pregnancy
2. Stress, Depress, Weight gain and Weight loss
3.Dye hair, perm and rebonding.

I think mine should be No.2 and 3 >.< 

The principle of Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set is to accelerate blood circulation, nourishing and pressure relief. It is developed and targeted on female hair loss  and contains natural and mild anti-hair fall composite essences on every drop.

The 3 effectiveness contents include:
1.Angelica and Gingko Leaf, which stimulates hair scalp and hair root vitality
2.Polygonum Multiflorum and Medlar, which continuously replenishes nutrients lost in hair.
3.Mint, which relieves scalp pressure

It contains 100% Compounded Natural Essences for Hair Fall Control

Use the combination of both to maximise hair loss control effect.

200ml Ladies Hair Fall Control Shampoo
Contains all natural and mild hair fall control essences, which are vital in stimulating hair scalp to absorb all the nutrients in the shampoo. Such nutrients are essential for hair growth and help to control hair loss and hair breakage to give a stronger, healthy and fuller hair.

Apply to wet hair, gently massage the scalp and roots for 3-5 minutes with finger tips to work in lather. Rinse thoroughly with water.

200ml Ladies Hair Fall Control Conditioner
Use in combination with the shampoo to improve hair tenacity resulting in healthy, stronger and fuller hair.

Apply an adequate amount from mid length to ends of hair and gently massage with finger tips for 3-5 minutes.

These nutrition stimulates hair growing, reducing hair fall, making hair healthier and thicker, 

I felt the mint after washing was very effective in relieving scalp pressure. I felt my scalp thoroughly clean with the cooling effect. And no, it does not smell like Bawang (onion) but a very mild shampoo scent. My hair loss was minorly reduced but of course is not cured. I think hair loss is quite a natural thing only how much loss is a good loss. Continuous usage of this set will hopefully make my hair loss reduced to normal hair loss situation.

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