April 28, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron review

Thanks to Tammy in collaboration with GSC Cinemas, I received a pair of tickets to watch the latest Avengers sequel! Wee~ I was so excited because I absolutely love all the superheroes in Avengers and I really liked the first Avengers movie. So of course, there's not a doubt that I'll definitely be catching the sequel.

Your favourite superheroes are back!

You may think, with all the superheroes under one roof, who can possibly defeat them? After all, they already have the biggest one among them; The green Hulk and with Iron Man's super technology, what can possibly intrude the Avengers and take them down?

The only answer is that it must come from something within. I thought that introducing this villain in the movie was very clever. It's logical that the only way to get past the circle of superheroes is to create a disunity among them and something that comes from inside of them.

So, this time around the Avengers encounter two experimental twins Pietro, who has superhuman speed, and Wanda Maximoff, who can manipulate minds and throw energy blasts AND of course as the title suggests - Ultron, the Artifical Intelligence that went wrong. 

In this movie, we get to see each of the Avengers' past and how disunity amongst them almost cause the world's destruction. There were some romance between the Avengers as well but I will not reveal who ^_*

The only bad thing I could say was, the storyline was complicated with a bit too much of science information so much so it became quite ridiculous at some point. And sometimes, there's just too much of robot killing LOL

It lacked humour as well and the movie was a wee bit serious than expected. Tony Stark used to be full of wit and humour but somehow during the climax of the movie everyone became so serious. The Avengers' chemistry is best seen when they are kicking back making jokes.

Overall, it was a good movie. It could have been shorter in my opinion (it was a 2 and half hours movie) without so much of robot killing and less fictional ridiculousness (although I know it's supposed to be fiction haha). However, it did deliver albeit a darker sequel with the superheroes fighting a more challenging and menacing enemy and progresses the development of each characters.

Do stay after the credits ^_*

My rating: 3 and a half stars

April 24, 2015

Mr and Ms Cafe @ Oasis Damansara

I absolutely love brunching and cafe hopping to find the best brunch menu and desserts ^^

Mr and Ms Cafe is no stranger to those who love brunch.
It has been around for quite some time and I recently visited their cozy cafe to see what's the hype all about. They have pretty good reviews and now I understood why!

Their brunch menu are absolutely yummy!

Holiday Panini (RM19.90)
This is one meat-a-licious platter. Very fulfilling for the guys!

The Egg Atlantic(RM16.90)
I love my poached egg wrapped with salmon topped with asparagus and bread =)

Orange Cheesecake(RM9.90)
I am in love with this light orange cheesecake. It's not too heavy and just perfect for dessert. For RM9.90 it's worth every bite.

Hot Nutella Chocolate (RM12)
My Nutella Hot Chocolate with a cute bear art hehe Surprisingly it's not too sweet!

This is definitely a place to visit to relax on a weekend or even on weekdays!

Mr & Ms Cafe,
B-G-3A, Block B, Oasis Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7859-6665
Open 10am-5pm, except Mondays.

April 22, 2015

Philips PerfectCare Azur Steam Iron Review

Ironing can often be a time-consuming and frustrating chore especially when one is dealing with different fabric types or sorting through the whole family’s laundry. As the leading brand in garment care, Philips is constantly striving to improve lives in every aspect – and this can often mean helping to make the everyday activities that people find tedious - such as ironing, easier!

I'm so happy to receive Philips newest PerfectCare Azur Steam Iron to make ironing chore much easier and faster. My mom who does most of the housework was also eager to get her hands on this steam iron to try it out *aunty mode on* hehe


Different fabrics have different optimal ironing temperatures to ensure that the material doesn’t burn or lose its texture and pattern. When ironing, it’s advisable to start with the clothing that requires low heat followed by medium heat and finally high heat. However sorting through a pile of clothes according to the ironing temperature requirement and selecting the correct setting can be tedious and time-consuming. 

To help ease this chore, Philips has created the Optimal Temp technology. This innovative technology cancels out the need to separate your clothes according to fabric type and to adjust the temperature and setting according to fabric, making the task of ironing much easier and more efficient. The PerfectCare Azur iron range is easy to use with no adjustments needed for all clothes, regardless of fabric type. You can go from ironing linen to silk to cotton to cashmere without any waiting in between.

So there is no need to change temperature. Just one optimal temperature pre-set!

No longer do we have to worry about burning our clothes while ironing as the innovative Optimal Temp technology ensures that the temperature is best suited for the fabric. The Philips PerfectCare Azur can maintain the perfect combination of temperature and steam to deliver an ironing performance that is not only easier and faster but also gentler on all ironable materials. It utilises a Smart Control processor to set the right temperature combined with HeatFlow technology to enable an even stream of steam and temperature balance.

How cool is that? Innovation nowadays are just mind blowing!

All you have to do before ironing clothes is to pour tap water into the water tank lid.

A cup is provided together with the iron for easy use.

Should you need to moisten your clothes before ironing, press the button above and..

...the iron will spray water from the nozzle provided. So you don't need a spray bottle anymore.

During ironing, if you need a steam boost for stubborn creases and wrinkles, press the button below and more steam will be produced for a more effective ironing to smoothen creases.

The Calc Clean function is to clean the iron after a month of usage.

T-ionicGlide is Philip's most premium soleplate delivering a new standard in glide and scratch resistance for OptimalTemp irons. The patented new coating will secure excellent results. The carefully designed shape and vent holes provide an even steam distribution for easy crease removal with the steam iron.

When ironing, set it to 'Max' and when not in use set it to 'no steam'. It's very easy to use.

Once plugged in, the blue SmartLight will start flashing indicating that the iron is heating up. Once it lights up blue steadily, the iron is ready to use.

Putting it to test!
My mom wanted to test this steam iron out with her most stubborn cotton white pants. It's thick and creases and wrinkles like nobody's business. She wanted to test if this steam iron can smoothen the most stubborn creases.

So there she is ironing it out.

Results: Ta-dah!!
She was so satisfied it came out so smooth and ready to wear! She was also very pleased that it didn't take too much of her time to smooth the creases and wrinkles =)
Yes, this is definitely one that mummy approves! hehe

After trying it out a few times, I came to a few pros and cons of this PerfectCare Azur Steam Iron.

The pros:
- Very easy to use, no adjustment required. You can now iron all ironable garments one after the other, without having to wait or to adjust the iron's temperature dial
-No more burnt clothes
-Time efficient. It doesn't take long for the iron to smoothen creases
-The iron shuts off automatically when left unattended. If left on it's heel rest, the steam iron will switch off in 3 minutes, when left resting on the soleplate it will take 2 minutes before the iron shuts off
-The T-ionicGlide makes it easier to glide on any type of fabrics and it's scratch resistant
-Designed with a Quattro Precision Tip, the PerfectCare Azur can even iron out tricky wrinkles in hard-to-reach areas.
-Continuous steam output of up to 50 g/min gives the perfect amount of steam to efficiently remove all creases.
-For very stubborn creases, the iron's 200 g steam boost enables you to easily remove even the most stubborn creases. Very effective for stubborn wrinkles that won't go away
-It is 100% safe and effective on all ironable fabrics – even synthetics and wool, and has been independently tested and approved by authoritative textile organisations such as DWI, IWTO, and Woolmark.

The cons:
-It weighs 1.75kg and for an iron it is quite heavy and bigger as compared to other irons. Can be quite tiring to use but since it cuts ironing time, you wouldn't really feel the pressure afterwards.
-The Calc-Clean function means you need to clean the iron every once a month or more and it may be quite a hassle
-It may be tedious in the beginning when getting use to using this steam iron because you need to pour water in, wait for it to heat up, iron your clothes then pour out any remaining water before keeping it.
-This PerfectCare Azur Steam Iron costs RM599.00 and it can be on the high side- price wise
-This is a 2800 W iron and although it heats up fast and provides powerful performance on all ironable garments, it can use up quite a lot of electricity

Overall, it is still a very good innovation by Philips. One that would make working wives' life easier having to iron clothes faster without the worry of burning or changing temperature each time.

The Philips PerfectCare Azur range is available at major electrical and departmental stores and www.blipmy.com at a recommended price range of RM459 to RM599 (before GST). The range differs from how many grams of steam it can produce.

For more information, please visit http://www.philips.com.my

For more information follow the Philips Malaysia Home Living Facebook page at

April 18, 2015

Empire TV series

I am currently addicted to this new series showing on Astro Starworld.
Empire is a series about a family business in the hip hop world.

Terrence Howard stars as Lucious Lyon and  Taraji P Henson as ex wife Cookie Lyon. I find this series really interesting because every episode has its own drama unfolding plus the exciting new music sung by the family. The hip hop music produced really caught my interest and a veteran like Terrence Howard in a series must be something!

The Lyon family is royalty in the Hip Hop entertainment and the bickering, scandals and the fashion even makes this series a hit. Not surprising that it was renewed for Season 2 after rave reviews. Also, the guest stars are overflowing every episode. Naomi Campbell, Courtney Love, Raven Symone, Estelle, Snoop Dogg just to name a few caught me by surprise in the series.

It's been a long time since a good drama series really interests me. Plus check their music out in youtube and you will see the soundtrack has even been performed on the American Idol stage. Good drama and good music makes a very succesful combination!

This is definitely my newest guilty pleasure!

April 15, 2015

Artsphere @ The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan

The highest amount of mural arts can be found at The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan. There are over 80 mural arts to be found all over the building. Some easily spotted and some hidden; you gota walk around the place and spot all the beautiful creative murals. Some murals look real with the 3D effect and it's amazing how these artists come up with these paintings.

Admission is free so you can just enter the building and start taking pictures with these murals.


Word of advice: Come with a friend because these murals are too big to be taken alone and selfies just won't work. Better still come with a group of friends so that you can take more pictures that looks very real.


We walked the place for almost 2 hours but still didn't manage to find all 80 murals. The place is huge and you can sweat just by finding the arts and taking pictures haha


It's nice to find those beautiful arts around the building. It's a bit like a treasure hunt. Unfortunately, the place is dying. The Atmosphere is not doing well as most shops closed down or are at the brim of closing down. There's no cafes to even sit down after walking around nor any good shops to walk into. The building is practically empty and all are left is just the arts. It's such a waste that these beautiful arts will not be seen by many because the place is not a people attraction.

But, if you're an art lover, you will definitely appreciate these murals =)

April 11, 2015

Russell Peters- Almost Famous in Malaysia

To be very very honest, I don't know who Russell Peters is.
*gasps* Yeah I know I know, where have I been living in this world right? Under the shell? LOL
Not exactly but I have heard of him before. I've never seen any of his videos or his jokes before though.

Didn't even know how he looks like until I saw this poster LMAO.

Anyway, Russell Peters is a super famous stand up comedian and travels the world just to perform 1-2 hours stand up comedy on stage and almost every time he visits Malaysia, all tickets were sold out.
This time is no exception. He was here as part of the pit stop for his Almost Famous world tour.

I had VIP tix for the show on 10th April and since his shows are always a sold out, I gota take the time to see what's all the hype about right? And I mean VIP tix yo! 5 rows from the front right in the middle of him. That's the best seat anyone can ever have ^^

Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam was packed with people to have a good laughing time! 

All video and recording are strictly prohibited, so this is the only picture I could get of him haha

I have never been to any stand up comedy gig before. This was my first and boy did I have a good time laughing. Gregg Rogell was the opening act for Russell and he took up half an hour and he was not too bad. 

The main act, Russell then came in and entertained us for 1 and a half hours. His jokes were audience specific and he made fun of anyone that catches his eyes like the poor guy who was wearing a green shirt and green shoes. Poor guy was made fun of the entire night hehe You will know that his jokes are not recycled because he picks out his audience and make jokes out of them and sometimes it can be mean, vulgar, racist etc but it was all done in the name of laughing LOL

He was brutally honest and his jokes were very real as it touches everyday lives and he stayed to the theme of 'Almost Famous' the entire night by talking about dreams, career and his childhood before becoming famous.

Overall, I had a great time releasing endorphin because I was having a stressful day at work on the Friday and all my stress were relieved and forgotten after laughing for a good 2 hours. My cheeks hurt after that haha

But I cannot believe ONE person could be so famous just doing stand up comedy and people actually came all over places to see him joke. Mind you, tickets were not cheap yet it's sold out every time. It's amazing what laughter can do to people hehe.

April 4, 2015

Fast and Furious 7

If you have not watched this movie, then you just HAVE to watch this movie!
This is the best movie so far.
I felt the Fast & Furious series have never disappointed me. But this 7th movie was mind blowing! All the more it's a hype after Paul Walker's death.

But to be honest, this may not be Paul's best acting. Probably because certain scenes needed a CGI version of him so he was a bit expressionless and quiet most of the time.

But that aside, the stunts, the driving and the cars were all 'out of this world'

The beautiful limited edition Lykan Hypersport even made an appearance in this movie. But you will be sad to know it died a painful death =( but in that short lifespan it flew from one building to the other, so it pretty much lived its life to the fullest hehe

The last we saw in Fast & Furious 6 was Jason Statham killing Hans in Tokyo. No surprises, he's the villain but he messed with the wrong family.
Seeing him in Transporter, he was definitely best suited to be in at least one of the Fast & Furious movies.

Movie goers will be pleased that this is not just an average action movie. The injected humour, the creative stunts, the love story, the sad tribute to Paul Walker at the end of the movie will make you laugh, be wow-ed and tear up all in the span of 2 hours. 

Movie seats were sold out pretty fast but luckily I managed to grab mine on the premiere day. It's soo good that I don't mind watching it a second time hehe

My rating: 4 and a half stars

April 1, 2015

Positive thought

Now I try to make it a point to always thank God for at least ONE good thing in a day no matter how bad the day was. Gotta keep the positive energy going after draining tiring working days...

If things around you don't change, you gotta make that change. Cannot have negative energy bringing you down. If all else fail, well, I turn to laughing hehe ^^