April 11, 2015

Russell Peters- Almost Famous in Malaysia

To be very very honest, I don't know who Russell Peters is.
*gasps* Yeah I know I know, where have I been living in this world right? Under the shell? LOL
Not exactly but I have heard of him before. I've never seen any of his videos or his jokes before though.

Didn't even know how he looks like until I saw this poster LMAO.

Anyway, Russell Peters is a super famous stand up comedian and travels the world just to perform 1-2 hours stand up comedy on stage and almost every time he visits Malaysia, all tickets were sold out.
This time is no exception. He was here as part of the pit stop for his Almost Famous world tour.

I had VIP tix for the show on 10th April and since his shows are always a sold out, I gota take the time to see what's all the hype about right? And I mean VIP tix yo! 5 rows from the front right in the middle of him. That's the best seat anyone can ever have ^^

Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam was packed with people to have a good laughing time! 

All video and recording are strictly prohibited, so this is the only picture I could get of him haha

I have never been to any stand up comedy gig before. This was my first and boy did I have a good time laughing. Gregg Rogell was the opening act for Russell and he took up half an hour and he was not too bad. 

The main act, Russell then came in and entertained us for 1 and a half hours. His jokes were audience specific and he made fun of anyone that catches his eyes like the poor guy who was wearing a green shirt and green shoes. Poor guy was made fun of the entire night hehe You will know that his jokes are not recycled because he picks out his audience and make jokes out of them and sometimes it can be mean, vulgar, racist etc but it was all done in the name of laughing LOL

He was brutally honest and his jokes were very real as it touches everyday lives and he stayed to the theme of 'Almost Famous' the entire night by talking about dreams, career and his childhood before becoming famous.

Overall, I had a great time releasing endorphin because I was having a stressful day at work on the Friday and all my stress were relieved and forgotten after laughing for a good 2 hours. My cheeks hurt after that haha

But I cannot believe ONE person could be so famous just doing stand up comedy and people actually came all over places to see him joke. Mind you, tickets were not cheap yet it's sold out every time. It's amazing what laughter can do to people hehe.

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