August 20, 2017

Nanowhite all new Dark Spot Corrective Serum

Do you have dark spots, acne scars, uneven skin tone, blemishes, and a dresser table crammed with products to combat each of these problems? Research showed that women list dark spots, acne scars, and uneven skin tone as their top skin dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to escape these skin woes, because they are mostly caused by the environment. Exposure to harsh UV rays and pollution leads to excessive melanin production in the skin, which results in blemishes or formation of spots. Acne also becomes an issue, especially the scars it leaves behind.

Time to clear them away with Nanowhite!!

Thanks to Nanowhite, they sent me a care package to give me a brighter looking and fairer skin.
I am naturally darker than most Chinese and people used to mistaken me as a Malay, Sabahan etc Also no thanks to previous acne scars, blemishes and dark spots, my skin is even more dull looking =(

Yay a full set of products for daily use. Can't wait to see results on my skin!

Saw the latest product from Nanowhite? It immediately caught my eyes.

It's the Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum.
Nanowhite’s latest serum takes on women’s top skin issues– the one corrector for various skin concerns! Formulated to reveal spotless clarity, it acts as both a corrector and protector. It visibly reduces dark spots and discoloration, lightens acne scars, as well as delivers an overall appearance of brighter and even skin tone. On top of that, regular usage will help prevent dark-spot formation in the future as well.

Suitable for all skin types, this serum is an advanced solution to complement women’s skin care regime for clearer and brighter skin, specifically targeting dark spots.

But first, the skincare regime must also complement the Dark Spot Corrective Serum to reveal an all round brightening effect. Here's my skincare regime using Nanowhite products.

Nanowhite Awakening Snow Wash
This is a unique snowy cool cleanser that moisturises as it cleanses and does not strip your skin off its natural protective film. HappyDermalogy and nano-technology gives skin a happy glow, leaving it fairer, refreshed and renewed.

Lather on and massage gently then rinse off leaving skin rejuvenated.

Next step is the Nanowhite Refining Treatment Toner.
It tightens and refines pores. It is powerpacked with HappyDermalogy, nano technology, Omega White-C, Allantoin, Orange Extract, Lemon Extract and Bilberry Extract to balance and work as an astringent, minimising pores and removing excess oil without drying skin.

Use a cotton pad to apply on face and neck.

Now, an important step is the Dark Spot Corrective Serum.

It is infused with Nanotechnology, Omega White-C & Natural Extract to act as an effective whitening concentrate that penetrates deep into the skin for better absorption of active ingredients to clear dark spots and other skin discoloration, resulting in brighter and more even skin tone which results in luminous and longer-lasting fairness..

Take a few drops and apply evenly on face. Apply another layer over areas with dark spots.

Lastly, don't forget to slap on moisturiser to keep the mosture intact with Nanowhite Double Action Whitening Gel-Cream.

If you look closely, there are tiny beads within the gel-cream.
The unique capsules contains concentrated Vitamin C & Vitamin E to deliver maximum brightening effect and prevent oxidation for longer lasting use. It releases upon application to ensure maximum efficacy to deliver double action whitening for smoother and more moisturised skin at the same time minimising appearance of dark spots and brighten overall skin tone.

After using the Nanowhite series skin regime for 2 weeks, honestly I didn't really see a significant difference but I noticed my skin is a bit brighter if you see the comparison picture below:

Left (before) Right (After)

It's probably because is just 2 weeks and you will need to continuously apply for a period of time for a more significant effect. But at least I have the comfort of knowing that it prevent dark spots formation in the future.

To achieve spotless and even complexion is easy with the Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum! Just one bottle which is easy to insert in your skin regime. As an expert in whitening beauty, Nanowhite goes beyond providing fairness to ensure skin brightness lasts. 

For a brighter and spotless you, try the Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum today!

Each 30ml bottle retails at RM69.90 at major pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide. Don't forget to complement it with the other Nanowhite skin regime =)

For more information, check out the Nanowhite Facebook page at

August 6, 2017

Water Lip Tone Up CC

You have heard of CC cream.
But have you heard of CC lipbalm? Me neither haha until now.

While CC cream colour corrects the skin's uneven skin tone, Water Lip Tone Up CC is a lipbalm that color corrects your lip colour while it nourishes and moisturizes your lips for an intense and long-lasting moisturization. It comes in a unique formulation that has been created with three colour correcting functions. How cool is that?

Water Lip Tone Up CC in 2 different shades.

CC, or color correcting concept are multi-purpose products that correct color using light-diffusing particles to give the skin a healthy look. With the invention of the Water Lip Tone Up CC, you can now enjoy the benefits of the colour-correcting function in your lip balm too! Apart from that, it also revives dull lips, enhances and restores lip colour as well as brightens the lips. Its formula is further enhanced with 3D PEARL to vividly enhance your natural lip colour, thereby improving one’s overall appearance.

The formula combines powerful nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin C derivative, Vitamin E and Vitamin E derivative to keep lips feeling soft and hydrated. It also contains Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil that nourish the lips.

Made in Japan, the Water Lip Tone Up CC comes in 2 variants namely Pure Red and Rose Pink. Its formula is fragrance free and contains SPF 20 PA++ to protect lips against UVA and UVB rays.

Rose Pink

Pure Red.

Honestly, I don't really see the difference in this Lip Tone Up CC and a normal coloured lipbalm. I mean while it does function to revive dull lips, enhance and restore lip colour as well as brightens the lips, if you're looking for a more coloured lip, this is not for you. The colour doesn't pop and it's function as a CC lipbalm can not really be seen. It's like any other coloured lipbalm in the market sans the hype of the CC functions. If you're looking for a lipbalm with moisturising properties and a hint of colour then by all means, this is a good buy.

The Water Lip Tone Up CC is priced at RM16.90 and will be available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets.

July 29, 2017

July's roller coaster

July was also a roller coaster month for me. Some were good some were down days and mostly it was down. Can't wait for it to be over and for August to come in. So anyway, I always turn to food as usual hehe and visited a couple of new restaurants this month.

Shichirin, Taman Paramount

A new Japanese BBQ restaurant just opened and if you love Japanese Yakiniku, you might like this place.

Grill your own!

Beef tongue hehe Not bad actually

Yup, they have my favorite waffle ice cream <3

Hot pot at Fong Lye Fusion, Gardens Mall

First time trying out Chicken House, Mont Kiara

Mm yummy garlic chicken

Best part? 
The cheeeseee of course.

Dip your chicken in this melted cheese and it's food heaven!
We loved it so much we ordered 2 plates of cheese haha

Fried pancake.

Thereafter, walked across the street for Tsujiri

I thought it was a bit over priced and overrated. The shaved ice was the better one than the rest.

Rockcliffe wine tasting at Butcher's Cafe, Publika.

Thereafter, a super expensive Macallan =.=

I wana share with you a very reasonably priced steamboat buffet.

Pak John Steamboat @ Ecurve

Only RM29.90 for lunch and RM39.90 for dinner. Super worth it okay.

The best part is their broth.
You can choose either miso, prawn, tomyam or chicken.
I absolutely love the prawn soup and tomyam.

Their fried stuffs are good too.

They have my fave!! Stuffed crabs <3

Sambal balls and chicken

Wide variety of raw stuffs and fresh seafood. 

So many sauces to choose from.
I love this part because I am so Malaysian and I need my sauces hehe

You can grill and boil.

Waffle with ice cream for the win!

 Drinks to ease weekday stress lol

Oh I digress, I was playing Monopoly the other day #boardgameaddict

I didn't know Monopoly so canggih already. Cashless and only need to use machine as 'banker'. #superaddicted Really good for a few friends' gathering just to lepak hehe

One of those days I decided to be healthy and went full on gung ho with healthy lunch.

First time trying Acai Bowl at Goodness Greens cafe, TTDI.
This is the Pittaya Bowl and I actually loved the dragon fruit smoothie with the fruits and granola. Pricey though as it costs around RM20 for a bowl of this. Nevertheless, I think I may even come back for more!

Just down the street from Goodness Greens is Paperfish.

Poke Bowl!

I think I prefer The Fish Bowl over this because I was unable to pick my own ingredients in Paperfish. I was feeling healthy as I said so I went to just salad without any salmon, tuna etc. After that, I was already craving for meat LOL >.<

Also, for the first time ever I have tried Omakase fine dining at Babe, Japas Fun Dining. If you want to go, then don't read below on the menu because I will spoil the surprise. But if you don't plan to go anytime soon, then read further hehe

Overlooking the KL skyline <3

There are two types of set menu- The Intro Japas Tasting Menu (RM300) and The Premium Japas Tasting Menu (RM450)
If you come with a group, you cannot order a different set from the other. Everyone must be synchronized >.<

Drinks are separate and not included with the set. My Peach Bellini.

My friend ordered the Yakult Guinness. Tasted not bad I must say.

So here's the 12 course dining for the Intro Menu which comes in bite sizes.

Japanese Chowder. A very amazing starter.

There's a runny egg in it and the mashed potato was heavenly.

After the great opener, this Caesar Salad Capsule was a miss.
It was some frozen lettuce thing with cheese and it didn't suit our taste buds.

Tai Chazuke.
It's squid with some popping jelly which bursts in your mouth. I loved it.

Another unique dish. Prawn and Curry Leaf Ice Cream.

I kid you not. It was curry leaf ice cream haha. Not bad actually.

Bak Kwa
The Bak Kwa is made of fish though haha and I found it weird and the avocado dip did not go well to me.

Foie Gras & Jacfruit Sushi
Love love this. Everything I like in one dish.
Foie Gras Mmmmm.... and jackfruit? Yumms. Nuff' said.

Yakusugi Hamachi Nigiri.
This melted in my mouth immediately. I wanted moree...

Black Truffle King Crab Chawanmushi.
Another fave! Loved the king crab in it and truffle!

Chie's Azabu Ikura Gohan
Okay this was food porn to me hehe Sooo much ikura. Loved popping them in my mouth. Sooo good. Wished they gave more rice though.

Stanbroke Striploin Yuzu Kosho
My other friend said it was good. To me it was just normal. Nothing special. If you're not a beef eater, they will serve you chicken.

Venus Clam Miso Soup.
Loved this as well. Warm and yummy.

Lastly, Pina Colada as dessert.
It's not ice cream, it's not cream, I couldn't figure out what it was but it was cold and I loved it haha
It was a purrfect ending to the night <3