December 8, 2017

Komorebi-Store for law related merchandises

Have you ever thought of what to get that lawyer friend of yours for his/her call to the bar? Or for their triumph in an appeal case? Also, it must be hard to know what to buy for occasions such as opening of a law firm or law events other than the usual bouquet of flowers. I mean there's only so much of flowers one can carry!
For situations like these, Komorebi-Store comes in handy designing gifts which are law related with the added geekiness and wittiness into their unique designs making it extra special =)

Looking at the title, you must be wondering what does Komorebi stand for and why does it relate to law *laughs* Well, first of all, Komorebi originates from the graceful Japanese language used to describe the phenomenon of sunlight filtering through the canopy, bathing the otherwise dark cool forest with gentle light and comforting warmth. 

It is a distinct phenomenon, that anyone who spends time among trees would have enjoyed. Which was what one of the founder encountered during his visit to San Francisco.

The founders of Komorebi-store drew inspiration from the legal industry and its many quirks. They sought for a medium to channel this creativity. And so birthed the legal merchandising idea. Like its namesake, their aim is to brighten up the relatively grey legal industry. 

Launched in April 2017, Komorebi-Store is a one stop solution for law related merchandises for admission to the bar gifts, graduation presents etc for lawyers, students, bosses, colleagues, friends and anyone who enjoys witty art with a legal element.

They have a myriad of designs on various articles- mugs, magnets, T shirts, pillows and coasters. Designs are updated regularly and they will continually expand its collection. Much like that sunlight, Komorebi-Store aims to shed light on the otherwise impenetrable legal practice, bringing to you its various characteristics and quirks, with a personal touch!

Their best sellers are their mugs and I received one myself.

Mine is no ordinary mug. It's actually a magic mug. What kind of magic does it do? Well, I wondered myself ^^

 Did a little experiment on how this magic mug turns colour.

The original red colour -->added in hot water and it turns whitish --> the side of the mug and wordings turn into white --> splash with normal temperature water and it turns red again

How cool is that? I was absolutely amazed by this magic mug because I never had one before. Was playing with it for awhile and showed to everyone in my house like a small kid HAHA

 I think these gifts are more useful, practical and long lasting rather than the typical flowers that wilts within a week. I received a pen for my call to the bar few years ago and it's still with me til today and it's a very memorable keepsake.

I love that they incorporated the geeky and witty side to law because people usually think lawyers are proud and snobbish people LOL but we are not and we like to find humour in our profession as well^^

The season of gifting is near as Christmas is just around the corner. Have you thought what to give your friends in the legal industry?
Komorebi-Store recently came out with their new designs which are in Royale rich purple and Sakura blossom pink themes! *squealsss* My favourite colour and wouldn't mind getting any one of these hehe

They are currently hosting designs on Printcious where you can buy the merchandises from:

Printcious is also currently running a promotion where you can get 30% off and enjoy FREE SHIPPING above RM 60!

Do also follow Komorebi-Store on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new designs.

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  1. I wonder if they have t-shirts with "My BF/GF is a lawyer, he/She will sue you" ;)